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By: Sandeep Agrawal

Sphero – It’s Not Just A ball

There is always a fine line between stupid & clever. Just constantly seeing a ball rooming is stupid, but getting to do many things with it, is indeed clever, isn’t it?
We all love playing games. No matter at what age a ball has always fascinated us. In other words, ‘the ball’ has been a part of our lives in many ways but we have never noticed it. I mean when most of us were toddlers including me the only thing that was easy to play with was the ball, coming to teens it were ball-based games like baseball, basketball, football and even cricket and the list goes on. Soon I had to play with my pet and his favorite toy was also a ball.
Now since I am a grown up and become a full techno freak, here’s a small gadget that takes me into my past memories reminding me about that favorite ball that I loved playing with. A robotic engineering company – Orbotix has created Sphero.

Sphero is a robotic ball, which can be controlled remotely by an Android or iOS device and unlike other seen games this gaming gadget can be controlled with a tilt, touch or swing of your tablet or smart phone. Sphero gives you a “mixed- reality” experience. You get this experience as the ball is real and one can see its augmented form through some amazing apps. Wow, it looks as if I can enjoy my young memories still, with my favorite gadgets and so let’s have a look at the specialty of Sphero.

Both iOS & Android users can use Sphero. Sphero’s Bluetooth connection makes him ready to play as fast as you can launch an app. He also glows in thousands of colors. Now this is amazing but what I feel the best is its speed, Sphero speeds up of up to 3ft per second and a 50ft plus range. Also all the classic games that we all loved playing, are mixed with technology and can be played with Sphero

Well only, these handful features have impressed me and I want to know more features, more apps, more games and many more things about Sphero and so I shall stop here and start researching and soon let you know my detailed research.

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