[Infographic] How to Select A Technology Stack for Web App Development?

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By: Sagar Sharma

[Infographic] How to Select A Technology Stack for Web App Development?

Usually, clients are least concerned about the technologies that web app development service provider going to use in their application or software due to lack of technical knowledge.

They believe the choice of technology is the developers’ business. Especially, for SMEs and startups, it is a challenge to select the right tech stack that fits into their budget and enables them with a great value for money.

Selection of the right set of technologies defines the success and failure of your web application. An experienced web development services company can definitely help you in picking the best tech stack that serves to your development requirements and budgetary constraints.

Still, it is important to have a basic understanding of different technologies as it gives you better insights to make the right decision.

When I say understand technologies, that doesn’t mean to deep dive into coding part. But you need to perform some basic research that provides basic knowledge in terms of

  • Which technologies deliver seamless performance?
  • Why use certain technologies to build cost-effective applications?
  • What is the ideal process for developing a robust web application?
  • Which are the widely used technology stack?

Having more than a decade long experience in offering end-to-end web development services, we have in-depth knowledge of industry-leading and processes. Through the below infographic, we are going to share varied ingredients of web development such as programming languages, frameworks, servers, database and more. It helps organizations to take a proper mix for their next web development project.

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