Things to Consider When Choosing Digital Experience Platform

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By: Sagar Sharma

Things to Consider When Choosing Digital Experience Platform

An effective digital experience platform is designed to help you interact with customers across their overall digital journey. All interactions customers have with your business online are part of this digital experience.

You have to be very conscious about how to successfully employ a digital experience platform and DXP solution that lets your service maximum touchpoints with consistent branding and messaging. You will get 100% satisfaction from properly using the DXP.

What is the DXP? What does it do?

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a set of technologies designed to make and deliver all messages across the digital journey of all customers. It works across every digital channel, device, and platform anywhere that all customers are likely to interact with the product, brand, or company.

As a natural evolution of the traditional content management system, DXP gives enough assistance to users in managing and delivering their content. This platform also tracks and interacts with the complete digital customer lifecycle. Essential components of the fully-featured DXP are as follows.

  • Content management for serving as the central repository for the core content
  • Asset management for the overall digital assets
  • Commerce to let digital storefronts, order tracking, and payment processing
  • Customer relationship management for tracking, managing and exploiting customer data
  • Insights and analytics for analyzing content and channel performance in real-time
  • Customization and automation for automatically creating custom customer experiences
  • Experimentation that is used to run A/B tests on the content for optimizing the performance
  • APIs and integrations for sharing digital assets with 3rd party websites and devices

To explore the digital experience platform in detail, don’t miss to visit An Ultimate Guide to Digital Experience Platform (DXP). It enriches your knowledge and understanding of DXP.

Three Types of DXPs

All beginners to the digital experience platform must know about its types in detail and make a good decision to use the suitable DXP as per their requirements. The three types of DXPs are as follows.


Marketing and advertising firms engaged in the business-to-customer initiatives require the maximum capabilities when compared to the main things provided by the basic content management system.

CMS DXPs provide analytics and persona-based segmentation for pre-purchase consumer-facing endeavors in particular customer acquisition, accelerating the sales funnels, demand generation, and delivering customized promotions.

Read How Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Helpful for Successful Marketing? to get exclusive insights into how DXP empowers the operations of your marketing team.

2. Portal DXPs

These platforms are created for business to business and business to customers in fintech as well as manufacturing for the complete post-sale customer relationship management and customer support initiatives focused on retention, loyalty, and renewal.

These platforms integrate with the corporate intranet platforms for leveraging the support of suppliers and partners. They include features like mobile support, content management system, workflow automation, and mobile support along with the front-end presentation.

3. Commercial DXPs

Commercial DXPs are platforms used by retail brands for pushing promotional content to their eCommerce websites. They provide pre-purchase, product return initiatives, fulfillment, shopping carts, inventory management, and payment system-related things.

You can research everything about the commercial DXP services offered by reliable companies and make a good decision to use the best suitable service on time.

Top Components of Modern Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

The main components of the modern DXP are as follows.

Content Management

The latest capacities for administrating web content permit businesses to build, organize and hand out a variety of high-quality content for mobile applications, websites, gateways, and other web-based arrangements. This is because the business can control content and also resources as per requirements.

Architecture and Platform Design

Digital experience platforms nowadays have a specialized establishment and different applications that make it are successfully built on time. They help the business to get central control over the customer details and how customers move from one device to another for a consistent digital experience.

This is very helpful while developing a new website or application with a digital experience platform.


Digital experience platforms support user interface advances that convey the main encounters in particular holders, part models, page systems, and gadgets.

You have to correctly use these components together with the responsive nature of the website composition and reformist web application developments. This is because to make the best presence that suits well for the business

Search, Navigation, and Discovery

The overall digital encounters based on a digital experience have to allow visitors to find the content they require. This approach improves all customers’ search experience while visiting websites or using applications successfully set on a DXP.


Digital experience platforms must build up inward business correspondence by properly gathering important representative data and coordinating efforts on projects, reports, and schedules, for very good content.

End-user Customization

Visitors to the business online using a digital experience platform nowadays have the choice to manage and modify their encounters as per needs. Be conscious about group upon business guidelines as it can include a dashboard, saved inquiries, website format notices, and memberships.

Integration and Aggregation

Administrators of the digital experience platforms in our time can totally different applications. They can coordinate programming with outsider frameworks. This is mainly because of powerful administrations and influencing the information given by clients and the business.


You can adapt the content in websites, entrances, and other places to suit the last conduct and inclinations of a singular customer that can be found by dissecting the available data.

Analytics and Optimization

Proper addition of outsider investigation information or creation of examination arrangements inside the stage is vital for observing execution and creating resources for effective computerized encounters.

Security Administration

System security is a vital aspect of advanced business upheld by digital experience platform apparatuses in particular single sign-on, character the board, client privileges control, and record access to the executives.

Workflow Management

A DXP can support content endorsement and distribution. It is similar to work processes for the complete business structures and other measures for authority over regular work.

User Experience

Business clients can successfully handle website page format and content. They get complete control over the components.

Digital Commerce

Commerce programming can be synchronized with and also based on the digital experience platform. Thus, businesses can oversee all the exchanges, deliver orders, and shop bushels.

Customer Data Management

Effective DXPs unite a client profile and synchronize client data gathered from reliable digital channels to customize customer interaction.

Cloud Support

Administrations of DXP can run the business in a cloud-based environment. They do it at a stage level with numerous brands and manage them easily. They are happy about the absolute assistance for sending via 3rd party foundation as-a-specialist co-ops.


You can use the DXP and develop portable applications in particular versatile programming advancement pack (SDK), notice support, voice communication, and disconnected help using a versatile application development stage. You will be happy to get a DXP solution for portable applications.

Content Interaction

Any audience viewing the content using a digital experience platform must have customized enough abilities to rate and also share the content they have accessed.

If you are looking for a digital experience platform that enables you with advanced features and components, then you should explore the different DXPs available in the market. To discover the leading DXP in the technology world, don’t miss to read 11 Best Digital Experience Platforms to check out for Digital Transformation.

What Benefits Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Offers to Modern Businesses?

Modern businesses using the DXP services nowadays get so many benefits. As a beginner to the digital experience platform, you can focus on the following details explaining such benefits.

1. Build highly complex websites with efficient and manageable nature

An advanced digital experience platform with a strong content repository provides distinctive abilities for organizing, managing, and visualizing information architecture. You can use the content repository for organizing information in content trees and applying so many discoverability options in particular search and taxonomy.

2. Design and develop user-friendly websites

In the latest DXP, WYSIWYG tools let editors create and manage complex online experiences in particular landing pages, editorial workflows, and registration forms without developer intervention. Digital agencies prepare templates and clients define and customize the content type.

3. Operate secure websites with enough confidence

Enterprise DXP code can be successfully architecture around the centralized kernel with the help of a robust framework for ensuring the core security principles and routines. This is dissimilar to the community-driven open-source solution where every feature is independently developed by the community without the usage of similar core components.

4. Enable short time-to-market for content as well as commerce websites

A fully-featured e-commerce feature-set is an integral part of the digital experience platform and is integrated with the content management solution. There is no need to integrate separate content as well as e-commerce solutions.

Thus, managing large volumes of content and contextualizing e-commerce by embedding actionable product information in the editorial format is easy.

5. Provide agile and scalable websites with the CI/CD and DevOps

A digital experience platform is designed to be personalized, extended, and integrated with other systems. You can complement the DXP and reap benefits from the platform as a service hosting solution for proactively scaling up or down while allowing continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows.

6. Manage highly customized multi-sites

An advanced DXP lets the development and management of multi-sites of a highly distributed or highly customized nature. This is performed from a single installation supporting several languages, websites, and customization. There is an option to run it from one or multiple content repository systems as per the strategy.

7. Operate critically efficient nature of front-office or web applications

A modern DXP architecture decouples content, presentation expenses content as well as services in the complete headless mode with remote application programming interfaces.

This supports businesses to efficiently develop headless content hubs consuming the complete content from and delivering such content to external apps, progressive web applications, and custom JavaScript websites.

Expert’s Tips on Choosing the Right Digital Experience Platform for Your Business

Everyone in the competitive business sector with ever-increasing requirements for an effective DXP solution can contact and consult with an experienced team in the reliable company recommended for its DXP services. They are advised to focus on the following details and get an overview of how to select the right DXP for their business.

1. Know Thy Technology Stack

You have to document your current technology architecture, especially what you have, for what, who uses it, and how it is connected. Do not forget to document what technologies are used in what parts of the journey of buyers.

You have to create a defined buyer journey map before discussing how to deliver digital experiences. You must determine what parts of the buyer journey map can improve by applying extra resources.

2. Determine Use Cases

It is a suitable time to define and document the use cases for the technology and get enough assistance for the selected buying journey stage.

You must know who uses it, how it lets them accomplish new things or make them productive, how to enhance the customer experience in it, parts of the buyer journey, what other systems and platforms this technology has to connect to, and how easy or difficult such things are, and other things.

You can choose and deploy effective technology that fulfills use cases.

3. Recognize Why You May Need a DXP

The market has made a very good transition from web-oriented platforms to digital platforms in recent years.

Competitive businesses online demand comprehensive capabilities and unified platforms when they move from web-only to digital experiences. You can contact and discuss with specialists in the DXP services at any time you wish to find and make certain of the overall importance of a DXP.

4. Measure a Vendor’s Product Integrity

In vendor selection, product integrity is an important thing beyond doubt. You have to be conscious about whether it is integrated and rationalized, it overlaps with another product, and it is integrated when there are analytics and web content management.

5. Recognize the Culture Aspect

Digital experience is a cultural problem rather than a technology problem. Buying a DXP does not let your company into a customer-obsessed brand. It is useful to take an honest look at the relationship with customers.

Bottom Line

Every user of the digital experience platform gets the most outstanding benefits and fulfills their wishes about the enhanced method to access and engage in the business world online. You can spend enough time and enhance your proficiency in the DXP before investing in this professional service. You will make an informed decision to efficiently use the DXP.

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