Top 12 Reasons Why Enterprises Should Embrace Cloud & Big Data

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By: Sandeep Agrawal

Top 12 Reasons Why Enterprises Should Embrace Big Data

With exponential increase in data, it has become extremely challenging for the organizations to systematically arrange the data, analyze it and compute actions out of it. Adoption of BigData technology is the panacea to all industries’ data storage and computation struggle. That’s why BigData is gaining momentum and increasingly making inroads in the enterprise.

According to IDG Enterprise Big Data research, 70% of enterprise organizations have either deployed or are planning to deploy big data-related projects and programs.

Enterprises ahead in big data initiatives

It’s a large share of the market! It implies ignoring or not utilizing the power of technology means a big deal to ignore. Simultaneously, there are also companies that suspect using and making something better leveraging bigdata.

To answer all the critical questions, here 12 reasons are outlined that strengthens the decision made by the enterprises to adopt BigData technology

1) With the intelligent tool, you can manage the growing variety of raw data hassle-free.

2) Extract the useful data for specific purpose from distinct data resources that’s unstructured and in different format like- audio, text or video.

3) It is cost savvy as without investing in single high-end hardware, enterprises can have multiple cheap hardware to store and analyze the massive data sets.

4) It enables working at speed. Bigdata hosted model abstract the complexity that enables immediate deployment and preconfigured sandbox environment make the developers set up the necessary configurations from scratch in a shorter span.

5) BigData applications let users visualize the data in real-time. Showcases the business intelligence data in easy-to-read charts, graphs, and slideshows which user can easily envision.

6) After getting insights out of the stored data, enterprises can get 360° view of their customers which aids in understanding customer’s needs and behavior.

7) Also, this valuable data creates business opportunities and helpful in taking new merchandising decision at right time, which in turns improves the productivity of an organization.

8) Enterprises can smartly capitalize on the analytics and generate more revenue and profitability.

9) Embracing ERP system in cloud, results in improved reliability, support, no ownership, low manageable costs and speedy setup.

10) Big data insights diminish the risk by optimizing the complex decisions involved in unplanned event or business decisions.

11) Searching the data from data warehouse is time consuming, but that could be done in no more time with big data.

12) Check the veracity of data by analyzing and drawing insights from the volume of data.

Wrap up

With magical bullet: big data, managing voluminous data, mining the required information and processing it on the fly is now no more daunting.

Big data that’s widely known for 3V’s: large Volume of data, huge Variety of data and Velocity at which data can be processed, impacts the enterprises from internal operations to the supply chain.

For instance, storing massive data by the manufacturing industry in traditional database is difficult to process that’s increasing day by day and identifying the valuable data instantly seems impossible. Also, industry has to spend a good amount of time and resources to extract the information and compute the action.

Consequently, in the absence of real-time insights, strategizing and initiating new merchandising decision promptly is not possible. However, embracing big data technology, things can be turned upside down and manufacturing industry would gain a performance edge.

In distinct ways, every industry is reaping the rewards and becoming more productive.

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