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By: Sandeep Agrawal

Top 7 launch Tactics That Make Your Mobile App Go Viral at First Day

Creating a brilliant mobile app and uploading it on the app store is not a surefire step to success. As, simply by doing so, you cannot bring the app into the top charts and mostly, people download the apps that are on the top charts only.

Getting large number of downloads does not come unless users know about your app. You need to turn the spotlight on new mobile app & ensure it gets the deserved attention. This is the place where 80% developers either get stuck or fail!

Jean Hsu said, “Unless people like to use it or feel the need to install and share it, reaching 100 million downloads is tough.”

How can your apps recognition be improved?

What’s the hitch there?

At the launch, the first 72 hours are very critical for mobile apps as app store algorithms notice them to make it to top ranking. Having the right marketing strategies in place is a pre-requisite for the success of your app launch.

Let’s take a look at 7 things to remember at the first day of app launch that most rarely practice!

1) Firstly, launch your app on Tuesday, instead of Monday, Friday or weekend as in these days, people would be up to their neck and positive effect won’t be seen. Tuesday is recommended as four days before weekend can bring the app in category ranks by weekend.

2) Uploading the apps only on Google or Apple app store is not enough, while you should distribute your app worldwide with different alternative app stores. Get your apps also featured on alternative app stores like- Windows, Amazon, Opera and a lot more.

In app promotion summit, Stefan Bielau said, by distributing apps on different app store, your app can get an edge over competitors. In China, download volume from new app stores is quarter of the Google play downloads.

final graph

Freebies attract everyone and there is nothing different with your app. The alternative app stores such as Amazon allows you to make paid app free at the first day of launch. The strategy helps in providing more exposure and boosts the download volume.

3) Generate a lot of buzz by getting social. Using social media websites specially Facebook & Twitter you can get early reviews, extra downloads and more eyeballs. Also, try a retweet campaign coupled with specific hashtags when appropriate or respond with simple ‘Thanks’ that will boost your social media activity

Virgin mobile launched Virgin mobile live app and spread word about its rich features through Facebook, Instagram, Buzzfeed and Twitter. This approach helped Virgin Mobile get over 50,000 shares on Facebook & Twitter. And, now it gets an average of one million unique views every month.

4) You can create the hype of your app by cross-promotion from a network of applications or buying the users with PPI (Pay per install) program. It sparks the attention among people and pumps in the traffic.

Research shows that developers using cross-promotion would have 181,800 active users as compared to 76,600 for those not using them. There are many in-app cross-promotional tools available like- Chartboost, Fiksu, Admob, Tapjoy and more, which can ascend the visibility of your app.

5) Less often, people pitch their app to distinct app review sites such as Cnet, 148apps, Mashable, Techcrunch, IGN wireless, etc. Submit your app there and if the sites mention your app in their review, then this tested strategy will help your app getting noticed by masses.

There are tens of thousands App review websites available online, so try to go with the sites that have Alexa rating of more than 50k. It helps gain a lot of traction for your app.

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”
– Henry Ford

6) If you have the budget, then you can extend the visibility of your app with premium services like-NewsWire PR, PRWeb, eReleases and a lot more that has thousands of industry influencers.

7) People avoid taking the pain in reading the content about an app, so it is better to shoot a video of your app with a catchy background score. 1-2 minute long video showcasing all the features can be shared on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

Real-world example

The epic success of reaching 1 billion downloads of Angry bird game is not an overnight success while it’s due to huge efforts made in marketing. After releasing 52 failed games, Rovio Entertainment (Developer of the game) redirected its marketing strategy and then the success they got was iconic.

With the optimum use of media rich advertising, online marketing, social media website, content and PR, game created its position in top-25 charts. And, now it is still ruling the world of games!


Sound marketing strategy for the launch of mobile app defines the iconic failure or epic success. Effectively using the above-discussed tactics can help your app gain one of the top 25 slots on the app stores. Remember, how you market matters a lot!
Good luck!

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