Top 12 Web Development Frameworks for Web App Development

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Web App Development
By: Manish Shewaramani

[Infographic] Top 12 Frameworks for Web App Development to Look Forward !!

Web development frameworks are the most crucial elements in Web app development. They do the job to facilitate the development of websites, web portals, e-commerce platforms and every other type of web applications. Choosing from hundreds of web development frameworks might be tough. One must select a web development framework based on his/her goal and what he/she wants to achieve at the end of web app development.

Once the goals are clear, the developers need to select the right front-end and back-end frameworks which suites best to their application. Before choosing the frameworks for your next web app development project here are a few questions you should keep in mind.
1. Does the framework provide support for rapid app development?
2. Does the architecture of the selected framework match your goals?
3. Does it support all the features required in your project?
4. Does it have a massive community to back the development process?

Below is the list of top 12 front-end and back-end frameworks from which you’ll need to select the ones who answer all the above questions and meets your technical goals.


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