Get Ready to Transform Your Digital Journey with Pimcore Development

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By: Sagar Sharma

Get Ready to Transform Your Digital Journey with Pimcore Development

A company without a digital presence, do you think it makes a remarkable success? Of course not. There is no way to build a business without going digital. The time has changed and so the conventional approaches of doing the business and the equation of success too.

Developing a digital platform, that could be a website or web application or mobile app, requires a lot of effort and integration of different systems. You need to manage different attributes of products/items, customer data, digital assets, content, e-commerce, data, and more.

I am so sure you are having a system that contains elements by combining the different software.

Don’t you tired with updating every single software to keep it up-to-the-mark in order to deliver a seamless user experience and streamline business processes.

I guess it is a tedious and time-consuming process for you. Isn’t it?

Here I come up with a consolidated technology platform Pimcore that contains all these attributes to create and deliver next-level digital experiences for you as well as your customers.

Let’s delve into exploring the Pimcore as an emerging technology and its essential attributes.

What is Pimcore?

Pimcore is an open-source software that enables companies with significant business values through effective customer experience and data management. The technology provides companies complete control over their intellectual properties, groundbreaking flexibility for data management, improved time to market of your digital platform.

What is technology stack for Pimcore development?

Pimcore is developed using the latest technology stack and open and service-oriented architecture. The technology is compatible with web browsers such as Chrome, Bing, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and more. Thus, Pimcore based applications can be accessed and operated on any web browser. It allows managing and working on the data and building the context-sensitive and user-friendly interface of applications.

Pimcore Technology Architecture

Infrastructure: Amazone AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Docker, vCloud Air, Digital Ocean

Database: MySQL, MariaDB, Parcona Server

Web Server: Apache, NGinx

Application Server: PHP, HHVM, Zend Server

Search & C: Apache, NGinx

API: Rest Webservice API, Pimcore PHP Core API

Frontend: Symfony, HTML 5, CSS3, JSON, Vue.js, Bootstrap, XML

Key Modules of Pimcore Technology

The technology covers different aspects of web development and mobile development. Pimcore allows businesses to manage data, customers, products, content, eCommerce functionality, intellectual property, etc. from a single platform.

Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

This is the only open-source platform that comes with experience management and data management capabilities. It allows businesses to deliver a better customer experience throughout their journey by offering a consolidated setup.

It integrates data, services, and content so that organizations can create and deliver a truly personalized experience to the customers. The technology also contains e-commerce, AI, and ML capabilities that too even no licensing cost.

Data Management

An organization has to manage so much information about the products and customers in a harmonized way. You might be managing customer data in a third-party CRM and product data in a 3rd party PIM software.
What if you can manage the data in a centralized platform and access it at any point in time?

Pimcore offers three different modules to manage the data of your product, customers, and content. Let’s see, which modules I am talking about.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Managing your sales, marketing, and technical product information. Companies can add, edit or remove any information about the product. This data could be about product attributes, material, appearance, cross-selling products, product-specific attributes, data quality, and base data.

All you need to take care of present the information that helps customers in making a buying decision in no time in terms of the product description, prices, images, and any other data.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Master Data Management Architecture

You must have a question of what type of data you can manage in this module. Well, I am coming to this point only.

In MDM, you can manage every aspect of each master record in a well-defined hierarchy, versioning, validation, and structure. It also manages data about product attributes translations, descriptions, documentation, and other components of the data.

Centralized data management enables organizations with reduced data redundancy, improved data reliability, boosted operational efficiency, reduced data silos, and actionable insights.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

I can say this is the most impressive module for the business as it drives a lot of opportunities for them. More than customer data management, it contains the capabilities of customer segmentation, personalization, and ultimately marketing automation.

Get a consistent, clear, and unified view of all the activities performed by the customers in your applications from the different platforms. Undoubtedly, it’s a complete marketing package as aggregate customer profiles, link social profiles, trigger events, create an audience, deliver a personalized customer experience, execute marketing campaigns based on enriched data, and more.

Content Management

Manage your web content from a consolidated platform with advanced planning harnessing the potential of Pimcore. It helps in creating transparency across the team, individuals, processes, and tools.

The technology also accelerates task completion and makes parallel content development workflow possible. It also helps in making the content tracking seamless by standardizing the content authoring and delivery processes along with analytics. Thus, Content Management module of Pimcore improves the time-to-market of content publishing.

Pimcore web content management system allows to send the right content to the right target audience at the right time with complete personalization. Additionally, organizations can utilize the web-2-print feature to get the print of your product catalog, marketing & sales collaterals, and other content.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Whether you are developing a website or eCommerce platform, you need to use a lot of images, documents, graphics, videos, audio files, logos, and other media content. To manage all your media content in a centralized place, Pimcore offers a Digital Asset Management system where organizations can store and manage any amount and any type of digital assets.

Companies can use these assets for any channel at any point in time from the DAM. The technology helps businesses improve accuracy and consistency by using the right media file at the place to deliver a better brand experience.

Digital Commerce Platform

Digital Commerce Platform

Create an outstanding B2B and B2C eCommerce customer experiences with Pimcore. Leverage the omnichannel retail by enabling customers with personalized experiences by developing a custom eCommerce platform. You can integrate their existing software systems such as CRM, ERP, and others easily.

In the consolidated system of Pimcore, companies can manage the product images, content and media files harnessing the capabilities of CMS, DAM ad PIM. Drive more sales opportunities by enabling customers with personalized shopping experiences and delivering real-time omnichannel environment.

In Nutshell

Why consider different technology platforms when you can use one for all your requirements?

Pimcore helps you develop a website or eCommerce portal and manage all the aspects of your online platform seamlessly from a centralized system. Bring your digital experiences to the next by using Pimcore technology and architecture of the online platform.

It not only delivers unmatchable user experiences to your customers but also allows you to manage all your data effortlessly just by login into the single system.

Credencys helps businesses go digital embracing Pimcore development

Credencys is a Pimcore’s Strategic Partner and has a team of well-trained and skilled Pimcore developers. We have proven the experience of developing and delivering next-gen applications for the Fortune 500 companies. We offer end to end Pimcore development services including strategy, prototype, design, development, deployment, testing, enhancement, and support and maintenance.

Harness our potential to build a feature-rich website or application or eCommerce important that helps you to bring your business to the next level by opening up new opportunities for you. Get in touch with our Pimcore developers to utilize their capabilities of PIM, DAM, CMS, eCommerce, workflow management, personalized marketing, data modeling, and web-to-print.

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