Types of Modern Companies Harvesting Full Benefits of PIM Software

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By: Manish Shewaramani

Types of Modern Companies Harvesting Full Benefits of PIM Software

Many companies have started using the Product Information Management (PIM) system. If you own any size of business in any sector at this time, then you can research how to efficiently use the PIM system and achieve your business development goals.

You can get 100% satisfaction from the product information management system and make positive changes in your business development activities.

What Is A PIM? Why Is It So Important?

Product Information Management is the practice of successfully managing the product data like collection, centralization, refinement, maintenance, and distribution of all the consumer-facing information and data required for marketing and selling products.

What is PIM software?

PIM Software is an application designed to enhance your business in today’s digital retail market. It empowers retailers as well as brands to make the overall eCommerce selling hassle-free.

Every user of this application is satisfied with accurate product information and assets designed to enrich and also optimize the distribution across marketing and sales channels.

Consumers spend the majority of their time researching products online before making a purchase. The overall requirements for high-quality product content have become very important for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Retailers worldwide in recent years give preferences to digital experience platforms like content management systems, product information management systems, and digital asset management systems over other tools like personalization tools and A/B testing tools.

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Benefits of PIM Software

The overall product life cycle involves a ton of data supporting the majority of offerings like essential product data, taxonomy and relationships, technical specifications, digital assets, marketing data, sales information, design specifications, channel-specific information, localized information, and production data.

Every user of the best PIM software gets remarkable benefits like reduction of errors and redundancies by relying on a single source of truth. They use this system to eliminate manual data input and updating.

You can invest in and use the suitable PIM system to integrate data from several sources and channels in several formats. You will be comfortable and happy to export optimized product details to the suitable sales channels and platforms quickly to get to market.

Regular users of the PIM software eliminate bottlenecks and data silos. They create consistent and rich content optimized for each sales channel. They sell a variety of products mainly because of very good content and accessible data. They expand product offerings in the sustainable method. They import and sort supplier data without delay.

The first-class elements of the PIM software increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with high-quality and up-to-the-minute product content. The whole team behind the business can get so many benefits from properly using the PIM software. For example, sales teams of businesses can use the PIM software to get accurate product content and materials on the go.

The customer support team can access information on time from the PIM software without difficulty and ensure the appropriate service to all customers. Ecommerce managers use the PIM software and keep products up-to-date to enhance the conversion rate.

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Types of Companies That Achieve Benefits of PIM Software

You may be in a situation to achieve great benefits and the maximum return on investment through the implementation of the product information management system for handling the product information when you answer yes to any of the following statements.

1. Your company’s product is complex with so many variants

If your product has large data sets in various systems or your product comes with different features, then you can benefit from the data inheritance nature of the PIM system. This is because the particular data differs for new product variants entered manually. You can also model your data as per your wishes.

2. You have various product information associated with the company products

This is because of the maximum amount of information and product descriptions. You can properly use the product metadata or complex relationships between data.

3. You sell your company products in different markets and languages

Each new language layer includes complexity. This is the main reason behind the difficulties in managing the marketing in manual and cost-effective ways.

4. You pursue the company’s growth targets and increase the marketing activities to new markets

High activity is all about several actions for optimization. The product information system quickly demonstrates the maximum return on investment.

5. You publish your company’s product information in so many sales and marketing channels

The e-commerce development options are used to strengthen the business case further. You can expect maximum gains when you produce digital and printed price lists, catalogs, and data sheets as per requirements.

6. You wish to work with maximum product data from suppliers

Business people get much difficulty with a resource-demanding piece of work that is handling the information import from several suppliers without the PIM system. They understand that data is often supplied in so many formats with inconsistent nature of quality. They handle the supplier data in efficient ways with the modules that come with important PIM systems.

You can contact and consult with regular users of the most outstanding PIM system at any time you like to be smart and successful in your approach to decide on and use such a system as per your requirements. You will get remarkable benefits from successfully using the right PIM system.

How To Choose The Right PIM System?

All beginners to the product information management system are advised to consider and make certain so many important things at any time they like to decide on and buy the suitable PIM system. They research the important aspects of the PIM system and make certain how to be successful in their approach to decide on and use this system based on their requirements.

You must know what is PIM software and how can you use it for your online business development purpose.

1. Focus on your business goals

You can develop key performance indicators to maintain your PIM integration on track when you use the PIM system which impacts your business goals on the whole. Business development factors differ by company.

However, the main things are aligning the complete products across channels by X date, reducing the time to market by X percent, reducing time spent updating product content by X percent, establishing an easy onboarding process for products on every channel, and other important things.

2. PIM system on-site or on the cloud

On-premise product information management systems have to be properly hosted on the computer or server. This is very important for any small business without a good IT team. The cloud-based product information management system is offered as a software as service which is centrally hosted. This system can be accessed on-demand through the browser.

3. PIM system comes with the standard or customizable exports

Standard exports are connections with the distribution channels designed to map the product data as per their specifications. If your business uses distinctive naming conventions and also fields, then you have to seek out a product information management system that lets you personalize such exports.

Personalized exports offer some flexibility as well as control. They let the product information management system adapt the data naming and formatting while exporting product data to various channels.

4. The PIM system lets upload and manages digital assets

You may like to keep your data and images connected to the right product. You have to choose the PIM system which comes with suitable asset management. This is vital when media-heavy product descriptions are very important for winning conversions.

5. Support packages along with the PIM tool

The overall support levels can be varied from Do-It-Yourself knowledgeable base to responsive live support. You may be a beginner to the PIM software and seek PIM practices altogether. You have to choose the level of assistance you require during the setup and maintain your tool as per your needs.

6. Decide on where to publish and distribute product data

If you publish your business content in the maximum number of formats, channels, and languages, then you can assist everyone in your team to use the product information management system as efficiently as possible.

You have to make certain that you can select a suitable product information management system that is capable of handling applications, email marketing, catalogs, and other channels as per your wishes to distribute.

7. Where to get the product data from?

You are required to take stock of all the sources from which your data come. This is because you can ensure that the product information management system you select is enough to handle the complete sources devoid of causing your team to have to do so much manual data entry and rewriting as per requirements.

8. The complex level of product information

The majority of the product information management systems in recent years are capable of handling so many categories of complex data around products. Your products may need a lot of information and you require maintaining the complete structure of the product information.

You can contact and consult with experts in the product information management system at any time you like to use it as per your wishes to shine in the business sector online further.

It is a suitable time to note whether all your products are highly configurable or not. You must spend enough time to find the complexity level of the product information and be very careful that the product information management system you select lets your team manages it efficiently.

9. PIM workflows and processes need to be developed

Everyone with an interest to reap benefits from properly using the product information management system can concentrate on different aspects of the workflows in detail at first. They can contact and consult with an experienced team behind the design and development of the product information management system at any time they wish to start a step to excel in the competitive business world.

A good tool designed to handle the product content production as well as distribution workflow gives an array of benefits to every user. You can spend enough time focusing on the way you do different things to find what requires changing and what processes must be adapted for making the majority of your new product information management system.

The complete new cases and also processes get developed when you carry on along the path to the product information management enlightenment. However, such considerations give you a good starting point to know who must interact with the product information, what must they have to do, how they have to do it, and when they have to achieve the goals one after another.

10. How closely the product information management system has to interact with the enterprise resource planning system

Similar to the product information management system, the enterprise resource planning system uses a singular database for successfully storing different types of data all through the company. You may have already started using the enterprise resource planning system. You must be very conscious about how and how closely to integrate both the enterprise resource planning system and product information management system.

This is worthwhile to consider whether the lifestyle of the product begins in the enterprise resource planning or product information management system. You have to keep up-to-date with the prices, inventory status, and other types of data associated with the enterprise resource planning visible in the PIM system.

You may require maintaining the PIM data in the ERP devoid of opening the PIM tool. You can seek advice from experts in the ERP and PIM systems to clarify your doubtful things on the whole. You must make certain whether you have to generate data sheets or related outputs in the enterprise resource planning system or not.

Bottom Line

Renowned and reliable companies worldwide nowadays prefer and use the best-in-class nature of the product information management system. You can make contact with experts in the PIM system and discuss anything related to it.

You will get absolute guidance and fulfill your wishes about the hassle-free method to use the PIM system and achieve the business development goals. You will become one among regular users of the effective PIM system to shine in the competitive business world.

Say goodbye to data chaos and embrace the power of PIM/MDM to supercharge your business growth!