Oculus Rift - Experience the Virtual World Like Never Before

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Wearable Technology
By: Vishal Kulshrestha

Using Oculus Rift - Experience the Virtual World Like Never Before

Virtual reality has the immense potential and makes the people believe what they are seeing virtually.

It’s the reality of virtual reality not a hyperbole!

With these amazing headset applications, you can go nowhere, but transported anywhere.

Virtual reality technology has wide scope across various verticals like- health, real estate, gaming, tourism, real-time cinema and a lot more. Different enterprises are stepping ahead and embracing the technology of tomorrow to offer breathtaking experience to the user and revamp their businesses.

 Let’s take a closer look at Oculus Virtual Reality set to triumph anew.

Oculus VR is the virtual reality technology that provides an immersive experience to the user when they wear the headset (Rift). The custom tracking technology provides ultra low-latency 360 degree head tracking and creates stereoscopic 3D view with great depth.

It is achieved by presenting parallel images for each eye which allow the viewer to seamlessly look around intuitively and offers the unique experience as if they are in the real world. After wearing the headsets, one is completely stepped into a new world where the senses are completely invested rather than engaged.

 Now, scratch the surface of remarkable technology and view how distinct sectors can reap its rewards!

Health and Fitness Regime

Without a pricey trainer, doing exercise or workout at gym or home is very difficult. Although mobility solutions are great approach that will become the trainer, tracker, provide the feedback and assess fitness level, but at times they are distracting as well.

Oculus VR technology brings the solution of this problem and promising to strengthen your exercise with a virtual trainer that might seem a bit awkward. However, Runtastic made it possible by letting the one hands free and following what the virtual trainer is doing.

Even, a hovering stats display the user how well they are doing in the mid-lunge. It’s really a next big thing in health industry and providing a low-cost way to workout at home.

Real Estate Industry

Well, it becomes easy to visualize the future buildings pre-construction using wearable or mobility solutions. Instead, they don’t give such one-of-a-kind experience which is now possible with Oculus VR. Oculus VR apps can revolutionize the resident sales market.

The technology is especially useful when people are looking for the international property and could have virtual site visits along with latest construction updates. Customers can virtually walk through their dream home, sit on the furniture, look out the windows, check the closets and more, in an engaging way.

Even, emergent technology show build schedules, temperature, time and upcoming events going to happen around real world location that thrills them.

Gaming Space

When different businesses are coming ahead to embrace the incredible technology, then how gaming space can stay back. Overwhelming experience of Oculus games is simply amazing that blows away the gamers completely.

The technology could benefit almost every game genre with ultimate graphics and outstanding sound. One-time experience of virtual reality game would make gamers want such game. Crowd pleaser tech knock the socks off and take the gaming experience to a whole new level.


Oculus VR is powered to fool the mind and body of the wearer, and let them think what they are actually in a virtual world. Different organizations have started adopting this solution to offer an experience like never before!

At Credencys, team of industry veterans is ready to tackle and develop the Oculus VR app projects. Our team would use robust Oculus SDK to integrate the rift with new applications. Also, we have expertise on working out-of-box engine like- Unity 3D. So, don’t wait anymore and get started right away!

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