21 Trending Web App Ideas for Your Startup to Consider

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By: Sagar Sharma

21 Trending Web App Ideas for Your Startup to Consider

In the initial days of the internet, businesses could easily make an online presence by building a simple website. However, the story has changed now. With the increasing use and emergence of advanced technologies, competition has increased. As a result, companies have to walk an extra mile to grab users’ attention.

With conventional app ideas, it becomes difficult for startups to meet their competitive goals. Whether it’s a web app idea or mobile app idea, they need to think out of the box. Only with a solution-centric app concept, they engage a larger customer base, streamline & automate business processes, improve conversion rate, and boost revenue stream.

Being an entrepreneur, you need to offer something unique to establish your brand and increase marketability. Be it a ravishing design, working with the latest technology, or coming up with a remarkable business model, your business has to catch maximum eyeballs. Many web development services providers have hit the market to help you with this relevance.

A plethora of ready to use web apps are available in the digital space, and they seem to be too cluttered to users to complete their intended actions. Thus, companies have now started to build custom web applications to make a significant online presence.

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What Is A Web Application?

A web application or web app is a client-server computer program that runs using web technologies and web browsers. It is stored on a remote server and delivered over the internet through a web browser. It allows users to perform tasks over the internet.

To build the right web application, in the beginning, you need to research and gather some ideas and then shortlist the one you think would be the best for you.

How to Find Effective Web App Ideas? 4 Activities You Need to Consider

1. Research and Analysis

If you want to explore innovative web project ideas, then you need to perform detailed research and analysis in the current market. You need to check what customers are expecting and what your competitors’ are delivering to them. Identify the gap and build an app that fills the gap and satisfies the customers’ needs.

2. Social Media

Social Media helps you profound insights into the burning issues of customers and web apps that address the demands of the consumers. It gives you a more realistic perspective of customers’ challenges that help you build more effective web solutions.

You can check out what people are commenting on a post and which social media posts they like or dislike. It helps you to get better visibility about the pain points of the customers.

3. Analyze Other Domains

Analyze the web applications of other domains that match with your business nature. Identify the best features and functionality from the businesses of other industries that you feel relevant to your organization.

Check out whether any of your competitors have utilized these features. If not, then take advantage of being an early adopter of such unique features in your domain by bringing them up.

4. Select A Right Technology Partner

Connect with a reliable web app development company that has a team of experienced and skilled web app developers. Share and discuss your idea with them during a brainstorming session with them.

They enable you with a complete team that consists of the project manager, business analyst, designers, developers, and quality analyst. Thus, the tech partner helps you in accomplishing your goals by providing a robust digital solution.

It does not seem easy. Right? Too many questions may pop-up in your mind while you find out the best web app ideas for your startup. Will it work? Have I done sufficient research? Are there any competitors? What should be the budget? Whom should I hire to build it?

Yes, we all have been through these set of questions. In this blog, we have shared the top 11 simple web application ideas, which are unquestionably going to be useful. Let us dive in there!

Top 21 Web App Ideas for Your Startup to Consider in This Year

1. AI-Browser Cookies

AI-Browser Cookies

Building a web app that adds to your browser and tracks everything intelligently can be a great app idea for your startup. Artificial Intelligence has started to live everywhere with its growing popularity and usage.

Browser-based AI offers various benefits such as sentiment analysis, hand gesture detection, and style transfer when it runs in the browser. It can drop the need for background application programming interface requests to cloud-based resources. As a result, it simplifies and accelerates AI apps’ end-to-end flow.

By developing such a web app, you can use its properties to utilize cookies to enhance online user experience.

2. Docket Management System

Docket Management System

Law firms need to manage a lot of documents. Document storage is not possible on Google Drive, Dropbox any other platform as they are confidential and require high-end security. So, law firms prefer to store it on their own server space. Thus, the development of a custom docket management system could be a web app idea for law firms to effective document management in a hassle-free way.

3. YouTube Radio

YouTube Radio

Today, YouTube has been a big sensation among a wide range of users. You can take advantage of this trend effectively by building an app that picks the best content of YouTube and plays them for the audience.

Moreover, it is one of the most popular search-based video platforms that almost everyone follows. Therefore, you can make the most of it for your business by developing a web app. It can prove to be one of the best web app ideas that require very low investment. You do not need to search or take the pain to make a playlist. Play the radio, and the party is on.

4. Dating Web Application

Dating Web Apps

Dating has become popular in recent times with people engaging with each other through various social networking platforms. Emerging technologies and applications have given an effective boost to this trend. The mobile app market is highly competitive as a lot of Tinder like dating apps are used by the users.

In this situation, you can come up with an app that allows people to find other people through a medium. A dating web app can be the best solution in this case. It uses algorithms to match specific traits as well as behaviors.

Moreover, it can provide a stable set of paying customers, provided you have a well-planned and supportive advertising campaign to back it up.

5. A Social Platform for Hobbyists

Today, people lead a busy lifestyle with hectic work schedules. In this situation, they hardly find enough time for their hobbies. However, in the tech-era, you can help people fulfill their desires by building a social platform app.

A web app that will connect people with others who enjoy the same thing is essential. It will enable users to chat with people, share information, read news & blogs, or possibly write their own. In this case, you can come up with an app that will fulfill their requirements.

You can’t expect your users to pay for your app. However, you can serve them ads, which will provide potentially valuable data for advertisers.

6. Customizable Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

This a quite interesting web app idea where businesses can create customized payment gateway and integrate into their website or web application. Mostly, e-commerce websites are willing to use a custom payment gateway for their application. The application allows organizations to add or remove fields and functionality from the payment gateway form based on the custom requirements of merchants/retailers.

The web-based form securely collects payment information of shoppers and redirect the data to the defined page to view transaction details or continue shopping. It allows customers to make payments using different payment options such as Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH/electronic check, and more.

7. Astrology with Machine Learning

Astrology with Machine Learning

Astrology may not be a thing for everyone, but several people, particularly in Asian countries strongly believe in the practice of astrology. Machine Learning-based Astrology could be one of the unique web app ideas. In this case, a machine learning-based astrological advisor can help them get real-time horoscopes and related stuff in a more personalized pattern. The users will not require to visit an astrologer manually.

8. Quickly Connect to a Professional

You may have heard of apps that provide professional assistance for specific tasks. But, what if you need to get emergency professional support over the phone call? There might be an opportunity to come up with a paid app that connects people seeking advice from professionals of any field without any delay. It can prove to be a profitable web app idea for your startup.

9. Automated Customer Service Chatbots

Automated Customer Service Chatbots

Automation has replaced a large part of customer service by chat. It allows organizations to be available to the customers and respond to their queries 24/7. This is a highly adopted and popular web app idea.

However, you can come up with chatbots that leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence libraries.

Further, these libraries are sold to potential clients who build a support app to answer the most common customer questions. It can be a successful idea for your startup web application.

10. Browser Tracker

Many companies intend to exercise control over the usage of computers and the internet by their employees during office hours. Developing such an app that will help employers fulfill such a requirement can be suitable for desktops than mobile devices.

You can come up with a web app that will assist enterprises with features such as time limits for websites, alerts for suspicious activity, and notifications, and more. Moreover, businesses often look for this kind of web solution and are willing to pay for such an app.

11. Workflow Management Web Application

Workflow Management Application

Construction companies need to manage a lot of information related to the property. They need to take approvals of different applications from the different government agencies and track the status of applications to speed up the approval process.

With a custom workflow management web app, they can raise Request for Proposal, generate invoices, manage tasks, get real-time updates about the application approval, and more. Enabling employees and customers with real-time updates, the app allows them to take needful actions to get the approval of an application and track the progress of their application respectively.

12. Startup Club Web Application

This is a quite unique web app idea where you can create a Startup Club in the form of a social network web application, wherein you can allow your users to submit their self-produced articles, products, and YouTube videos for promoting their own business on the platform.

Moreover, you can review the list of submissions and promote whichever you like onto the front page of the app and on social media. People seek to promote their startups, and others explore upcoming interesting things.

13. Website Builder

Most of the entrepreneurs intend to build their website to have their online presence. Also, many of them do not wish to hire professionals for their own reasons. In this situation, you can come up with a website builder application using a WYSIWYG editor. Moreover, smaller businesses that have the necessity of blogs and personal sites will look for these kinds of tools.

14. Medicine Review Web App

Medicine Review App

It is always important to cross-check the medicine before taking it. Developing a medical review is the most essential web app idea that enables users with real-time information about the medicine. It should also provide information about the content, side effects, when it is good to take it, and more.

15. Reminder Web App

Today, we all have a busy life with hectic schedules. We always run out of time and so we forget important things to do in our daily routine.

Sometimes, we forgot to take care of very basic things of our life such as drinking water, buying groceries, pay premiums of insurance, renewal of bank investment, utility bills, and more. These activities you need to do on time to time to avoid the consequences.

Reminder web app reminds you about certain activities that you need to perform in your daily routine life. It is one of the best web app ideas as it helps users to perform their different things in time. Moreover, the remind app can be used by all age groups.

16. Meme Generator Web Application

These days, GIFs and Memes are getting tremendous popularity on the internet. So, you can develop a platform where people can find funny GIFSs and interesting memes.

Furthermore, allowing them to create their own personalized memes would be one of the most interesting web app ideas hat startups should consider in 2020.

17. Book Review Web App

Book Review App

A booklover looks for not only the best selling books but they refer reviews before making a purchase. Thus, they look for a reliable platform that produces them trusted revered by genuine readers.

A few businesses understood this need of the book lovers. They developed a web app with effective UI and advanced features and functionality. The app is popular as IMDB for Books and It is a great alternative to Goodreads.

What makes a book review the best web application ideas?

Such web apps allow readers to create a database of books and share reviews about the books they read. Using the app, readers can

  • Enter the books their own
  • Enter books they want to purchase
  • Post review for the book their own

This is one of the top web project ideas that allow you to reach to the very targeted market and engage with them effectively.

18. Family App

Family is an inseparable part of our lives. Actually its a base of our existence. No matter how we dislike each other but we always love and care for each other. Well, the larger the family, the harder to manage everything whether it’s going for grocery shopping, cooking dinner, etc.

The family web apps consist of family calendar, a forum, a gally to store family photos, a list taking app, and more. All these features help users save timing and organize the family in a better way.

It is one of the most potential web application ideas having a large and moderately competitive market. The rare few market leaders in this domain, but there is room to enter and taste the success.

Accessing a family web app from a desktop or laptop, users can stay connected with their family while working. Though the essence of mobile apps is quite high in the current time, it doesn’t give you such a luxury.

If you consider the market size of the family app, it will generate tremendous revenue for your business. But, make sure you develop a web application that contains multiple features and functionality.

19. Truck Loader Services Web App

To move the giant industrial machinery from one location to another is very difficult without the help of truck loaders. This is one of the unique and popular web app ideas, as it allows you to find truck loader services quickly.

There are many web applications are available in the market. Still, it is difficult for people to find reliable truck loader services within their budget.

You can develop a truck loader web app where loader service provider or truck drivers register themselves. They can connect with people who need loader services for machinery transportation.

Any industry or any person that wants to use truck loader services, they can contact truck drivers and hire them immediately.

As an app owner, you can earn commission on per order.

20. Event Planner Web Application

We all celebrate the precious moments of our life such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, baby showers, holiday parties, and more. To organize the perfect party as per the occasion, we used to contact event planners. Thus, the event planner is one of the hottest web app ideas of this time.

They plan and organize parties on behalf of us by providing creative themes and ideas. They ensure their concepts are unique and match the scale and nature of the party. The event planners are connected with decoration and other source material vendors. Moreover, they perform the job of creating and sending invitations to guests.

The event planner web apps connect users with the creative event planner where they can discuss their ideas with a person instead of a machine.

21. Food Delivery Web App

Undoubtedly, this is one of the proven and best web app ideas that guarantee a higher return on your investment. It is a booming concept of this time. It connects restaurants and users with each other,

Nearly 56% of the population is using the on-demand food delivery services as they find it comfortable to order the food using their smartphone and receive the food at their doorstep within a matter of an hour.

The best on-demand food delivery service providers like Zomato, UberEATS, and Swiggy are earning in billion by developing such applications.

While building a food delivery web app, you need to allow restaurants to register with the application and upload their menu. You cna also earn extra money by enabling the restaurants with the delivery services if they don’t have a food delivery staff.

Moreover, you can get extra perks by posting advertisements and charging a commission on every order. If you provide delivery services to them, then you change the commission for that as well.

How Credencys Can Help in Bringing Your Web App Idea to Life?

There are many cool startup web application ideas for your business that can be successful. If you are looking for a dedicated team to develop your startup web application, then you have come to the right place.

Yes, you read that right. We, at Credencys, strive to help our clients achieve their desired results and offer them excellent web app development services. Our team consists of skilled and experienced developers and designers who are dedicated to building high-end applications that fulfill your business requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Web App Ideas

What is the web app development process?

The web application development process starts with discovery and followed by strategic consultation, UI/UX design, app development, software testing, deployment and support, and maintenance.

How to select a web app technology stack?

To develop a web application for your startup, you need to select technologies to build app front-end, back-end, database, and server. To get more insights about web tech stack, visit How to Select A Technology Stack for Web App Development?

What is a simple web application?

A web application runs on the server and accessible through web browsers over the intranet or internet. It is not very compatible with the mobile platform. The software application runs on a remote server.

How do I start a startup web app?

Note down your web app idea in a paper with the extreme clarity and understanding you have. Create a detailed prototype of the app and design a screen by screen wireframe ow mockups of it. Once you are confident that you have covered all the requirements and output about your web applications then look for a reliable web development services provider who can transform your web app idea into a successful product.

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