By: Sagar Sharma

Top 11 Web Application Ideas you need to consider for your startup in 2019

In the initial days of the internet, businesses could easily make an online presence by building a simple website. However, the story has changed now. With the increasing use and emergence of technologies, competition has increased. As a result, companies have to walk an extra mile to grab their users’ attention.

Being an entrepreneur, SME, or product company, you need to offer something unique to establish your brand and increase marketability. Be it a ravishing design, working with the latest technology or coming up with a remarkable business model, your business has to catch maximum eyeballs. Many web development services providers have hit the market to help you in this relevance.

A plethora of websites are available in the digital space, and they seem to be too much cluttered to get users’ attention. Companies and entrepreneurs have now started to build their own web applications to make a significant online presence.

Having said that, let us help you achieve your desired business goals by giving a kickstart.

In the beginning, you need to research and gather some web application ideas and then shortlist the one you think would be the best for you.

It does not seem easy. Right? That is quite true. Too many questions may pop-up while you perform the task of finding the best web app idea for your startup.

Will it work? Have I done sufficient research? Are there any competitors? What should be the budget? Whom should I hire to build it?

Yes, we all have been through these set of questions. In this blog, we have shared the top 11 simple web application ideas, which are unquestionably going to be useful. Let us dive in there!

Top 11 Web App Ideas for your Startup

1. AI-Browser Cookies

Building a web app that adds to your browser and tracks everything intelligently can be a great web app idea for your startup. Artificial Intelligence has started to live everywhere with its growing popularity and usage.

Browser-based AI offers various benefits such as sentiment analysis, hand gesture detection, and style transfer when it runs in the browser. It can drop the need for background application programming interface requests to cloud-based resources. As a result, it simplifies and accelerates AI apps’ end-to-end flow.

By developing such a web app, you can use its properties to utilize cookies to enhance online user experience.

2. YouTube Radio

Today, YouTube has been a big sensation among a wide range of users. You can take advantage of this trend effectively by building an app that picks the best content of YouTube and plays them for the audience.

Moreover, it is one of the most popular search-based video platforms that almost everyone follows. Therefore, you can make the most of it for your business by developing a web app. It can prove to be one of the best web app ideas that require very low investment. You do not need to search or take the pain to make a playlist. Play the radio, and the party is on.

3. Dating

Dating has become popular in recent times with people engaging with each other through various social networking platforms. Emerging technologies and applications have given an effective boost to this trend.

In this situation, you can come up with an app that allows people to find other people through a medium. A dating web app can be the best solution in this case. It uses algorithms to match specific traits as well as behaviors. Moreover, it can provide a stable set of paying customers, provided you have a well-planned and supportive advertising campaign to back it up.

4. A Social Platform for Hobbyists

Today, people lead a busy lifestyle with hectic work schedules. In this situation, they hardly find enough time for their hobbies. However, in the tech-era, you can help people fulfill their desires by building a social platform app.

A web app that will connect people with others who enjoy the same thing is essential. It will enable users to chat with people, share information, read news & blogs, or possibly write their own. In this case, you can come up with an app that will fulfill their requirements.

You can’t expect your users to pay for your app. However, you can serve them ads, which will provide potentially valuable data for advertisers.

5. Astrology with Machine Learning

Astrology may not be a thing for everyone, but several people, particularly in Asian countries strongly believe in the practice of astrology. In this case, a machine learning based astrological advisor can help them get real-time horoscopes and related stuff in a more personalized pattern. The users will not require to visit an astrologer manually.

6. Quickly Connect to a Professional

You may have heard of apps that provide professional assistance for specific tasks. But, what if you need to get emergency professional support over the phone call? There might be an opportunity to come up with a paid app that connects people seeking advice from professionals of any field without any delay. It can prove to be a profitable web app idea for your startup.

7. Automated Customer Service Chatbots

Automation has replaced a large part of customer service by chat. It may not occur to you as a cool web app idea. However, you can come up with chatbots that leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence libraries. Further, these libraries are sold to potential clients who build a support app to answer the most common customer questions. It can be a successful idea for your startup web application.

8. Browser Tracker

Many companies intend to exercise control over the usage of computers and the internet by their employees during office hours. Developing such an app that will help employers fulfill such a requirement can be suitable for desktops than mobile devices.

You can come up with a web app that will assist enterprises with features such as time limits for websites, alerts for suspicious activity, and notifications, and more. Moreover, businesses often look for this kind of web solution and are willing to pay for such an app.

9. Startup Club

You can create a Startup Club in the form of a social network web application, wherein you can allow your users to submit their self-produced articles, products, and YouTube videos for promoting their own business on the platform. Moreover, you can review the list of submissions and promote whichever you like onto the front page of the app and on social media. People seek to promote their startups, and others explore upcoming interesting things.

10. Website Builder

Most of the entrepreneurs intend to build their website to have their online presence. Also, many of them do not wish to hire professionals for their own reasons. In this situation, you can come up with a website builder application using a WYSIWYG editor. Moreover, smaller businesses who have the necessity of blogs and personal sites will look for these kinds of tools.

11. Book Review Platform

There are millions of book lovers around the globe, who are always curious to find the next book on their list. You can come up with an application that curates and offers reviews of the best and latest books. The startup idea could be a hit with countless avid readers.

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