What is React JS? Why Startups and Enterprises love React JS for Front-End Development?

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By: Manish Shewaramani

What is React JS? Why Startups and Enterprises love React JS for Front-End Development?

React, React, React! It has now become a buzzword among the front-end developer community. React JS has become a synonym of front-end development. Be it a startup or an enterprise; everyone is rushing towards React for front-end development.

According to a survey by Stack Overflow, React has been the most loved front-end framework by developers all over the world.

Before understanding why and how React JS can upscale your business by increasing customer engagement 2x, it is paramount that you first understand what is React JS.

What is React JS?

Maintained by Facebook and a community of millions of developers, React JS is a JavaScript library. It is mainly used to develop user interfaces of web and mobile applications. It works on the aspect of Model View Controller or MVC.

Developers often use React as a base for developing single-page web applications and then use other libraries to provide extra support to their web application.

Why Startups and Enterprises love React JS (Top 10 Reasons)?

#1 Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM is a modern-day marvel for businesses. It helps you create a data structure cache memory within a memory unit, which allows you to update the browser DOM more efficiently.

#2 Development Speed

Time-to-market is one of the most crucial elements of any business, be it a startup or an enterprise.

Businesses are always looking for using technologies that help them to complete software development projects on-time and within the defined budget.

React JS has a plethora of reusable components which help developers to develop and maintain an application faster. Moreover, React powers React Native, which is a robust cross-platform mobile app development tool.

Having such interoperability helps businesses to build a strong mobile presence as well, along with the web.

#3 Stability

The technology used to develop web or mobile applications must remain relevant for at least a few years. With technology growing so fast, it is evident that the tools used to create applications may get obsolete in the future.

Having been backed by millions of developers and enterprises like Facebook and Instagram, the chances of it getting obsolete are negligible. React JS has been a stable technology even in the face of growing competition, such as Vue JS and Angular JS.

#4 Interactive Interface

React JS provides an opportunity to manipulate the interface flows and designing features in a fast and easy way.

You can hire React JS developers to update or develop an interface based on your tastes, desires, and principles. It can be done in two ways: loop and nest view.

#5 Advance Performance

React JS is a pro when it comes to handling graphics on a variety of devices such as a tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

It seamlessly loads any webpage on either of the devices mentioned above. React does it by automatically updating the on-page apps that do not require a reload for redrawing UI.

#6 Simple to use

One of the prominent reasons why React is one of the most loved libraries among developers is because of its simplicity. According to many developers, it is simpler than Angular JS.

React JS development simplifies the process of programming, development, and hence, administration of resources. React JS is not only a perfect framework for newbie developers but also an ideal framework for experts and experienced programmers.

Although React JS is simple to use, it has got all the advanced level functions and capability that can help pro-developers to create stunning webpages.

#7 Alternatives

Being an open-source library, React JS acts as a stone that can kill two birds at a time.

Developers can use React JS as the base library as well as an alternative to other libraries such as Angular, Backbone, jQuery, and more. React JS extensions comprise of all the functions available in these libraries.

Moreover, these extensions are prolonged with a broad spectrum of other functions, simplifications, additions, and useful changes, which have been implemented in React.

#8 Flexible Development

Businesses took the arrival of React JS for granted. They thought that it was just another library which would give its share in simplifying web development.

But, the truth is that React does more than simplifying web development. It has helped many developers to reduce several restrictions that hindered the process of web development.

React help developers to deal with future problems and strategy to govern the web development project one of the most comfortable and flexible ways.

#9 SEO-Friendly

Excluding the enterprises and startups in a monopoly business, every company requires to do SEO on their websites. They must rank higher on search engines. Using Node JS, React can render on servers easily.

It helps search engines to crawl the web application in its final form, making it simpler for webpages to index it properly.

Although some techniques and technologies can produce similar results, they are unstable and unsuitable for mission-critical applications.

React JS has been tried and tested by several organizations in the world for creating high-quality and reliable front-end and making the site SEO-friendly.

#10 Access to Developers

Being one of the most popular frameworks among the developer community, React JS is a framework which many developers opt to learn.

Hence, finding a React JS developer will be easier for you. Moreover, it is simpler to train a developer with React JS, who has a basic knowledge of JavaScript and front-end development.

Concluding Thoughts

It is quite evidential that React JS is your way to go for front-end development. Start from searching for an appropriate developer to maintaining and deploying the application, React JS provides a flawless experience to businesses.

Whether you are a startup looking to cut development costs or an enterprise looking to increase the conversion rate, React JS has all the capabilities to help you achieve your business goals.

FAQs on What is React JS

Q:1 – Is React JS a frontend or backend framework?

Ans: React JS is a frontend framework created by Facebook. Like any other frontend framework, it can work with most backends including Rails, PHP, Node.js, etc and can be served through any web server such as NGINX, Apache, and so on.

Q:2 – Why is React better?

Ans: One of the main reasons why React is better is because it provides developers with an ability to work on a virtual browser, which is more friendly than the actual internet browser. This virtual browser, in fact, acts as an agent between the actual browser and the developer.

Q:3 – What are the advantages of using React JS?

Ans: There are many advantages of using React JS and we’ve listed the key advantages below:

  • Guarantees stable code
  • SEO-friendly
  • Provides faster rendering
  • Boosts developers’ productivity
  • Helpful developer toolset
  • And so on…

Q:4 – Who uses React JS?

Ans: React JS is created and maintained by Facebook and today it is being used by 8183 companies worldwide out of which there are many reputed companies like Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, Twitter, and so on.

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