Why Apple Watch will Lead way in Music Streaming Service Market?

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By: Sagar Sharma

Why Apple Watch will Lead the way in Music Streaming Service Market?

Apple may be one of the biggest players in the computer industry.

And, unwavering faith of people in Apple and its gadgets is like nowhere!

Yet, when it comes to music streaming, the user-friendly brand has not in the past lived up to its promise. There have been fits and starts over the years.

Most prominently, Apple launched the Ping social media application. Users could set up profiles and communicate with others interested in music. Unfortunately for Apple, Ping failed to attract a solid base of users.

Now, the famous maker of Macintosh, ipod and iPad is in a position to not only enter, but also dominate, the online music streaming industry with its Apple Watch.

What Apple Has in Its Favor?

Apple has some advantages that make its planned entry into the music business look good. First, the company has a large database of potential customers. There are over 800 million Apple users who could be converted into streaming clients.

In fact, Apple already has the payment information of most of these people on file. One can easily see lots of one-click streaming purchases using the stored credit cards. Few new companies have such a head start.

There are, of course, other music streaming enterprises. Spotify and Pandora instantly comes to mind. What makes Apple so special, one may wonder? Well, the two current leaders in the music streaming field have a total of about 140 million regular customers. Apple would only need 18% of its current users to subscribe to its streaming service to match the total market share held by giants Spotify and Pandora.

Last, Apple is in talks with music artists to sign them to exclusive music streaming deals. These negotiations coincide with its release of the much anticipated Apple Watch. According to sources, there have been talks with about a dozen performers, including country music star Taylor Swift. Apple also approached Florence and the Machine, a British band.

The Difference that Apple Watch create

Perhaps the most important advantage Apple has in its music arsenal is the Apple Watch. This fashion accessory will only grow in popularity as people come to find uses for it. The Apple Watch gives the buying public a convenient way to stream music on their wrists, wherever they maybe.

The Apple Watch is IOS compatible and linked with the Cloud sharing technology. This means that users have access to their Apple-stored music playlists. The other streaming companies cannot provide such a guarantee of technological compatibility across various platforms.

Added to all of this is the acquisition by Apple of the Beats streaming service that will likely be a mandatory application on all Apple Watches.

Apple Watch Streaming Convenience

Anyone who has wanted to make changes to their Iphone playlist while sitting or standing on a crowded bus knows it is not easy. Listeners have to reach into pockets, withdraw the phone, press the unlock switch (and maybe enter the password), all before even getting to the playlist.

The Apple Watch is the solution. In a second, all one has to do is flip their wrist and swipe the watch face to access the Iphone playlist. It is that simple. It is easy to envision the Apple Watch becoming the preferred gadget music lovers on the go use to control their listening experiences.

Searching through a music playlist is a cinch, as well. Developers added a new digital crown to the side of the Apple Watch. This dial allows owners to rotate easily through lists without having to touch the screen or enter information on a keypad.

The Future Looks Bright

So, with a large and loyal customer base, an already well-known streaming service and technological superiority on its side, the Apple Watch can dominate the music streaming market.

What do you think? Weigh in on whether Apple watch will rule the market or again it unable to live up to their promise.

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