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Android App development
By: Sagar Sharma

On-demand App Development: Why You Should Consider Android First?

Since the inception of smartphones, a new era of digital ecosystem has begun. The world has started experiencing a dramatic change using mobile applications. There is a plethora of apps available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store that has improved day-to-day lives of the people and opened up better opportunities for the businesses.

Mobile apps have not only empowered the traditional industry verticals but also raised a few new domains that have contributed a lot to boost the world’s economy. One of such industries is on-demand services.

Are you excited to delve into on-demand app development? This blog post helps you explore on-demand apps and its expansion. Additionally, it enables you with pros of preferring Android platform for your next on-demand application.

What are the On-demand Apps?

On-demand apps connect the end users with the service provider. Basically, they play the role of mediators.

Earlier, we need to call a service provider and wait until the concerned person respond. With the on-demand applications, this process becomes quite simple. Users can book the service/orders using an on-demand app and service provider’s response (in real-time) & deliver orders/service at the customers’ doorstep.

The concept of on-demand helps users to achieve their requests quickly, and service providers to enhance their business by tenfold that is even with least investment.

Rise of On-demand Economy

Uber can be considered as the inventor of this concept. It was the first company who understood the essence of on-demand services in the end users’ lives and fill the gaps by offering on-demand ride-hailing services. Airbnb is the successor who has successfully adopted and implemented on-demand concept.

It was the beginning of on-demand economy. Today, there are hundreds of on-demand mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms for varied categories. Now everything starts with groceries, taxi, food, medicines, logistics, courier, home care services, babysitting, and many more services are easily accessible to the users through different on-demand applications.

According to Harvard Business Review, “The on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion in spending.”

“By 2025, the total revenues from all the sectors are expected to go up to $335 billion that has grown from $14 billion in 2014”, stated by The Innovation Enterprise.

Also, on-demand apps connect customers with professionals of different services that involve beauticians, plumbers, equipment repairing service providers and so on. Thus, apps enable professionals to leverage more and better opportunities.

As per the prediction of The Innovation Enterprise, “7.6 million people are expected to be working as providers in the on-demand economy by 2020. That is almost double today’s workers of 3.2 million people.”

Along with empowering the economy, on-demand apps improve the life of people who were previously struggling to get work and earn their bread and butter.

Key Reasons that Make Android Prime Choice for On-demand App Development

As the on-demand industry is growing leaps and bounce, more and more startups are looking forward to invest in on-demand app development for their unique business ideas and enable end users with the next level of comfort and convenience. But, most of them are not able to execute their avant-garde business concepts due to budget issues.

They are struggling to define from Android and iOS which platform they should consider first for on-demand app development. Due to the limited budget, they cannot pursue to build apps for both platforms. They have to select the one that allows them to build a technically robust app by investing less time and efforts. Of course, it must accelerate the revenue stream.

Are you going through the same dilemma?

Let me help you in making the right and profitable decision. I would suggest to go with the Android platform first. Here’re the reasons why.

Large Market Share

The mobile app market has two market leaders Android and iOS. Obviously, they are strong rivals of each other too. When you compare both the platforms, it is clear that Android holds a larger market share than iOS. Different facts and figures have proved that Android rules the mobile app market and there are no strong competitors of it.

According to Statcounter, Android was leading the mobile app market with 74.85% share while iOS held the second position with 22.94 % until April 2019.

Mobile Operating System Market Share

As per Statista, Google Play Store held the first position with 2.1 million Android apps while the App Store remained the second-largest app store with almost 1.8 million available apps.

Number of Apps on Different Platforms

If we consider demographic and geographic presence, then the coverage of Android app across the globe is higher than iOS, mentioned by Deviceatlas.

All the above facts and figures clearly communicate the potential of Android platforms. Considering Android for your on-demand app, you can expand the business in many folds by connecting with a large customer base.

Extensive Customization

On-demand apps are targeting end users whose requirements are continuously evolving. To address customers ever-changing needs and contemporary market trends successfully, it is important to keep updating the app by introducing advanced and custom functionality.

When it comes to customization, Android is much better than iOS. The platform offers the next level of flexibility to Android developers to update the app on a regular interval in order to meet users’ expectations. Easy modification in on-demand app increases the app retention ration too.

Lenient Google Play Store Policies

Google is more lenient on Android app developers in terms of guidelines for app publishing and rejection. The app review time at the Play Store is quite faster as developers do not need to follow any stringent terms and conditions. Moreover, Google takes lesser time for app approval compared to Apple.

If you are a startup or a new enterprise and developing an on-demand app for the first time, then you need to pay only 25$ registration fee before making it live on Play Store. While Apple charges $99 registration fee to launch an app on the App Store.

Voice Assistance/Google Assistance

With Android app development, you can get the support of Google Assistance, an advanced voice-based digital assistance. It enables users with access to several data points that make Google’s voice assistance more effective than Apple’s Siri. The data gets encrypted when Android users give the command. Thus, app users can easily find a particular item.

Data Storage

Another reason for choosing Android platforms is, it provides 15GB free storage capacity and extended facility of cross-platform. Additionally, you can store and manage the data on Google Drive. Google also owns a cloud platform that makes users’ life easier by allowing them to access the data quickly.

On-demand apps contain a large amount of customer data. To manage the data effectively and securely, they need a big storage house. It also helps your sales team in revenue generation by enabling them with user data.

Access to Advanced Features

On-demand mobile apps are having a few must have features such as GPS, Google Map, Push Notifications, and more. Businesses can reach out and engage targeted customers. When it comes to advanced features, the Android platform has an edge over iOS.

Using inbuilt Google Map, users can track the exact location of the product in real-time. With messenger feature, Android-based on-demand apps also enhance communication between company and customers.

Closing Lines

On-demand mobile apps are gaining tremendous popularity with each passing day as the new and unique business concepts emerge to improve the users’ life. Hope the post has given you enough reason to consider Android Operating System for your on-demand mobile apps.

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