Why is Pimcore the Right Platform for Your Online Business

Do I Need a PIM?

By: Sagar Sharma

Why is Pimcore the Right Platform to Ensure the Success of Your Online Business?

When it comes to digital business, organizations are having cut-throat competition. Obviously, it is tough to attain remarkable success and maintain it without the right digital strategy.

Embracing the right digital platforms like Pimcore that are powered by advanced technologies, brands can definitely stay competitive and deal effectively in the ever-changing digital space.

The right digital solution changes the way you operate across the company. Most importantly, it helps organizations to work in more agile, faster, and communicative ways.

For the success of an online business, you need the right set of solutions for not only the operational department but also for other departments too. Here, I mean it is equally essential to consider the latest digital platform to support your sales and marketing activities.

So basically, you need a set of solutions for your online endeavor.

Where Pimcore fits in?

Pimcore is a data and experience management platform. It enables brands and startups with end-to-end and robust digital solutions to address their varied business requirements.

It allows companies to build solutions like

  • Product Information Management (PIM) – manage all the product data in a centralized repository
  • Master Data Management (MDM) – manage all the organizational data in a single platform
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) – manage the media assets centrally
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP) – manage all your customers’ data in a single location to get a 360° view of each customer
  • Customer Experience Platform (DXP) – create the contextualized content for each customer to deliver the personalized experiences
  • Digital Commerce Platform – manage all your eCommerce related data in a commerce solution and create the product catalog effortlessly

Companies utilize one or more solutions from the above list to meet the different needs of various departments. It helps your varied teams like eCommerce, sales, and marketing in managing the massive organizational data seamlessly and creates compelling experiences for the customers.

Apart from allowing companies to manage the data, Pimcore enables them with the flexibility to distribute the product information across the online and offline channels. This philosophy of Pimcore allows companies to act quickly and in an agile way.

Let’s understand the contribution of Pimcore in making your online business successful.

11 Reasons that proves Pimcore is the right fit for the growth of your online business

1. Complete elimination of data silos, manage a master record of all the data

Data is the crux of today’s business world to gain a competitive edge.

When you manage your product data, customer data, marketing and analytics data, and other business data in different systems, it becomes challenging to collect, manage, syndicate, aggregate, consolidate and distribute them as and when required.

Most of the companies ignore the potential centralized data management where the data can be reused and merged easily. Eventually, it helps you to create and deliver a consistent brand experience that is the most beneficial factor from a marketing perspective.

Through flawless and uniform communication, it is possible to influence positively on the external stakeholders such as customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, etc., and thus improve the company image.

Pimcore manages all your data in a centralized system to eliminate the problems of data silos. While considering Pimcore, it is essential to analyze your system landscape and check out which existing data you can successfully connect, automate, and publish. Also, you need to make sure how you need to use the data and where.

Along with managing the data, it is essential to improve data quality. Before implementing a digital solution, you need to ask yourself in what form and where you need to improve the data quality. Pimcore allows you to keep enriching the data quality on the go seamlessly.

2. Ensured data privacy enables brands with secured data management

When it comes to data, the privacy of essential business information is always the topmost concern.

Pimcore enables companies with next-level data security. It also makes sure that your organizational and customer data are neatly managed in a single place in an aggregated manner.

Additionally, it allows you to decide in which system and where the data gets collected.

Implementing Pimcore, you can

  • Manage all the organizational, product, and customer data in compliance with data privacy laws
  • Provide information about the stored data rapidly
  • Delete the data automatically or manually if required

3. Rapid development of digital solutions

Pimcore allows organizations to develop advanced digital platforms by offering a holistic and flexible approach.

The flexibility of Pimcore lies in the variety of solutions it offers within a single platform to enable the brands with a complete system that simplifies the business processes and operations for your varied teams.

Moreover, Pimcore allows companies to create custom and complex data models as per their different requirements. As the importance of data is recognized everywhere, the benefit of custom data model creation seems quite relevant to the companies.

Do you want to understand the practical implementation of Pimcore’s data model capabilities?

Let’s get clarity on it through an example.

In 2020, when all the major events were banned across the globe due to the COVID outbreak, we converted an event platform into a delivery service. This happened within the two weeks’ time span. To achieve this, we connected Pimcore’s available layout components to a new data model of a delivery platform.

4. Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning open up the new opportunities

Pimcore has started integrating the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by harnessing the potential of Google TensorFlow.

A general example of AI implication in Pimcore is the intelligent duplicate recognition of videos, images, and text. The recognition and search of object features in images. You can utilize the technologies for automatic product data enrichment from your online store.

5. Define a customized layout for your content for your specific target audience

Combine your marketing, customer, and business data with the behavioral data to create tailored content for your website to address the specific needs of the customers in order to enable them with a personalized experience.

Let’s get better insights into this with an example.

Provide a bunch of articles to specific target groups of your online store on different topics but relevant to your offerings. Analyze the users’ activities on your articles with the help of advanced marketing tools. Based on the analysis, you can easily define the target groups.

Then, send the offers to the respective target groups as per their interest and make sure that the targeted customers find it on the entry age.

While analyzing, you will realize that outdoor enthusiasts will explore the latest tent and hiking tools. While, on other hand, sports lovers will check out the details of sports related goods.

Apart from enabling your target audience with their expected products or services, it helps the organizations to increase conversion rates.

By delivering the right product or offer to the right customer, you can ensure the success of your online business. Also, you can increase customer engagement on your website by displaying the relevant products and offers immediately. If the customers won’t find the information they are looking for, they leave the store in a few seconds.

Personalization is the core offering of Pimcore. So, once you implement Pimcore’s Digital Experience Platform solution, practicing the DXP is not rocket science. In fact, it becomes your daily business.

6. Email marketing becomes more efficient and successful

As far as email marketing is concerned, you can send emails and high-quality newsletters by utilizing the email components of Pimcore. You do not require to integrate any other applications. Many organizations have implemented the DXP platform to automate their email marketing efforts.

MailChimp, the most popular and highly used email marketing tool across the globe. Pimcore allows you to integrate an n number of marketing tools including MailChimp.

There is a large customer base who are using MailChimp as their email software and highly admire its features. They prefer to utilize the possibilities of MailChimp or other email software that they are using explicitly.

To address such requirements, Pimcore allows brands to aggregate the data (customer segments, information about the newsletter lists, content, customer data including registration, address, and subscription) and synchronize the data continuously with MailChimp bi-directionally.

While hiring a firm like Credencys as your technology partner, we analyze and define which system is for which applications. This practice is essential so that Pimcore could deliver completely created templates or serve as a database to MailChimp.

Brands can unveil unlimited possibilities and implement Pimcore’s DXP as the customer wishes. Thus, it is no longer only about the companies who have to adopt the technology, but the technology too that needs to adapt to the business.

7. Leverage digitalization of your services

Along with accessing the newly integrated AI and ML technologies, it is recommended to consider all the solutions and features that have already proven themselves during the practices. It helps you to attain success fasters. One of such proven practices is the digitization of your most important services.

Let me clear this point to you through an example.

You need to implement an online pool planner that your customers use directly to compile their desired pool online or inspire themselves. For your business, this will work as a marketing instrument. But, for your customers, it also supports their decisions by providing partial automation of project planning and simplifying preliminary clarifications.

Pimcore enables you with a set of components that helps you to build an online pool planner. In such use cases, extensive use of the web-to-print component of Pimcore becomes quite essential. And, in case, your requirements are not satisfied with the standard components of Pimcore, you can use the freely available plugins that are developed and provided by the large tech community out there or you can build your own plugin.

8. Automate your most important media processes

Pimcore plays a vital role in automating your various business processes. When it comes to marketing automation, either you can use your familiar environment if you are using any or you can automate all the marketing processes by implementing the workflow of Pimcore.

Most importantly, Pimcore automates multi-channel publishing for organizations. Leveraging Pimcore’s capabilities, you can automatically use the product data to create the online and print catalog and send it to the right customer at the right time in the right format.

All your media and content are available in various quality, formats, sizes, and levels based on rules and then distribute or publish on social media.

Whenever you need to perform the same process again and again, then you should consider the automation for sure.

9. Your website can handle the mass rush efficiently

Marketing and other activities on a website is a constantly going process. These activities are continuously increasing at the regional or national level. It is a very common scenario for digital solutions that they have to perform excellently while they need to handle tens of thousands of users at the same time.

Using any random platform, your website won’t be able to respond to thousands of user requests efficiently.

Pimcore helps you deal with this probably by addressing the concept and modern development frameworks like MVC. In layman languages, implementing Pimcore, you can use data, media, function, and information in a resource-saving way.

Moreover, the platform also offers a backup of content delivery networks to outsource a large amount of information, especially the media assets. When it comes to hosting, Pimcore allows you to outsource the solutions to infrastructures of the leading internet service providers such as Google or Amazon or web services.

10. Manage your website in multiple languages

Localization is essential to growing your online business. It enables organizations with a lot of opportunities from a commercial perspective.

It may happen to you many times that you won’t be able to connect and engage the customers from other regions just because your website supports a single language. And, of course, customers from other regions won’t be able to understand your website languages.

But, language is no more a barrier to the growth of your business as Pimcore is here to help you.

Pimcore allows you to expand your business regardless of geographical boundaries. It helps you achieve internationalization or localization by offering multiple solutions for the translation of content or other data.

For instance, if you want to convert a website page into a different language, it is quite easy with Pimcore. You can simply copy and rearrange the content in another language in terms of content and appearance.

11. Website maintenance becomes easier like never before

Pimcore allows you to build the website using blocks so that website maintenance becomes easier and flexible. You can design the website as per your wish like you can arrange the text, functions, or graphic elements.

As the Pimcore allows to build the website in “Bricks”, it simplifies the implementation of complex use cases and adherence to structural or graphical concepts.

All set for your digital success story

Pimcore is an en source platform that allows you to develop and implement varied solutions using the different frameworks or create one solution using one or more or all the frameworks. The value that the platform delivers is incredible that is why the industry experts have started adopting and admiring the modern digital platform.

Credencys helps you pave the path of digital success faster

Credencys is a Silver Partner of Pimcore who has helped businesses for different industry domains by developing end-to-end digital solutions by offering a variety of digital platform development services.

We have proven expertise in utilizing all frameworks and capabilities of Pimcore to enable the companies with a complete software solution.

Harnessing the potential of Pimcore, we have helped the brands like IronLists and Kenmare by using PIM, DAM, MDM, DXP, digital commerce, and CDP of Pimcore.

We coordinate with the organizations, understand their business objectives or challenges, and suggest to them the right mixture of different frameworks of Pimcore. It helps them to achieve expected business growth through a single digital solution in a cost-effective way.


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