Why Pimcore Is Essential For Modern eCommerce Business in 2023?

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By: Sagar Sharma

Why Pimcore Is Essential For Modern eCommerce Business in 2023?

In this growing competitive world, any enterprise needs to stay ahead of all and improve their business. The different data like the product data, enterprise data is essential for the business and needs to be updated and shared securely with the different teams involved in product supply chain management.

It is necessary to have all the data in place as this data plays a crucial role in encouraging the customers to shop for their product.

Pimcore – What You Need to Know?

It is important to efficiently handle all the product and enterprise-related details. This data is very important and needs to be handled carefully. It is essential that true and accurate details of the product reach the end-users and then members involved in the supply chain. Different platforms allow in handling the digital data like aggregation, enrichment, management of data. This helps in providing updated and consistent data seamlessly to all the users.

Pimcore is one of the best open-source platforms that provide a centralized solution for handling the data using different tools like PIM, DAM, DMD, DXP/CMS, CDP, digital commerce, etc. This is a consolidated single platform that allows in managing the product asset information, customer details, eliminates the bad or duplicate data, optimizes the operational efficiency, minimizes IT costing, etc.

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Pimcore implementation is the best alternative for providing the best digital experience as it includes:

  • Ensures product data consistency across the different channels due to centralized source,
  • Improved control over the master data and eliminate the headache caused by handling extensive spreadsheets,
  • Maintains the centralized digital asset library for handling brand stories,
  • Provides improved and best personalized digital experience,
  • Attract more customers by segmental analysis and behavioral targeting,
  • Provide the best customer experience

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Key Frameworks of Pimcore

Pimcore is a product information management platform that includes various tools for DAM, MDM, CPD, commerce, etc. It has different built-in features that simplify the complexity of data and easier data handling. The different products and features of the Pimcore include:

1. Product information management (PIM)

The Product Information Management feature of the Pimcore allows in data modeling, data management, data integration, delivery, data quality and completeness, and workflow management. The Pimcore allows collecting the data from the different sources and can be inherited into the various subordinate groups.

This helps in allocating the editorial actions. It makes use of real-time updates, product attributes, and relations for generating a scalable data model.

2. Interface

The Pimcore interface has around 20 languages and this allows translation and provides the details in any required language for the different geographical market locations. Pimcore is enabled with the standard classification store that can work with the different classification stores.

PIM makes the management of the data easier. It allows in bulk editing, providing user rights for accessing a particular section of the data to be assessed by authorized users. PIM ensures that the data is validated.

The audio, video and other digital assets are of good quality. PIM integration ensures adequate and true product details reaching out to the potential customers thus enhancing the sales.

3. Master Data Management (MDM)

This feature is checking and maintains the high quality of data. It allows in designating the data stewardship for modeling the complex hierarchies of the data. It ensures that the business system and the applications are connected with Pimcore’s unparalleled and superior connectivity.

4. Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Pimcore enables searching the digital assets using the highly configurable metadata model. It allows for the transformation of the data based on the required output essential for the different channels. It helps in processing the images for improving the quality and integrating based on the requirements.

5. Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Pimcore enables integrating the customer data and including the features for mapping the details. It allows for the unification of the profile based on the records of the customers. Pimcore provides real-time personalization by connecting the users based on behavioral targeting.

Why You Should Consider Pimcore for your eCommerce Business?

PIMCORE plays an important role in enhancing the eCommerce capabilities of the enterprise. It is important to understand what is PIM in eCommerce? PIM system allows in keeping all the product-related data and details updated and shared with the different teams involved in eCommerce.

The PIM allows the enterprise to keep a check on the inventory stock and reduce the time to market. This plays an important role in defining the eCommerce of the product.

The different PIM eCommerce advantages of implementing Pimcore include:

1. eCommerce framework for supporting the B2B and B2C

Pimcore features provide benefits for both B2B and B2C eCommerce platforms.

Framework-driven approach: This is the main thing that separates Pimcore from the traditional eCommerce platform. It is a unique combination of data management with experience management. It works extensively based on the framework. It is flexible and can allow in building the capabilities for B2B or B2c or both using a single platform.

Pimcore has different features for product search, price calculation, product filter shopping cart handling, checkout processing, etc.

Responsive digital storefront

The Pimcore eCommerce framework enables in solving the omnichannel and multichannel challenges for providing a great digital experience to their customers. The added advantage of using Pimcore includes easy integration of multiple customer touchpoints for reaching out to potential buyers.

Easy product search and filter

Advanced tools in the Pimcore allow in indexing, searing, listing, filtering of the product based on the product details. This makes the product handling manageable and easy and easy searching of the required product.

It makes use of different adapters like elastic search, find logic, fact finder, etc. for searching products and filtering. It enables customizing and integrating based on the business needs.

Cost calculating engine

Pimcore enables the enterprise in handling the complicated pricing details for the product. It makes use of the elastic price calculation engine that manages the complex pricing structure using pre-calculated pricing matrices. It can also help the enterprise in building a customized pricing solution.

Real-time product promotion

Pimcore allows promoting the product most effectively. It provides different functionalities that can have a time-based or have scheduled promotions based on the conditions like weather, inventory, etc.

2. Headless API-driven framework for commerce-as-a-service

Headless content capability is one of the features that make use of content-as-a-service. Using this feature the enterprise can provide their product to potential customers using several touchpoints like mobile applications, online marketplace, web applications, social platforms, native applications, IoT devices, etc.

Using these features, the enterprise can provide a unified experience to their customers without affecting the infrastructure costs.

In-built PIM solution for eCommerce

While using the Pimcore platform, the enterprise does not have to spend extra money on PIM and DAM solutions. Using the PIM eCommerce platform has many advantages for handling the complex product details for numerous products with many attributes.

Handling these details becomes challenging and in-built PIM software capabilities can help in organizing these details for effortless and faster data collection, aggregation, classification, and translation of rich product content. This gives an enhanced product experience.

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3. Use of Nextgen open-source technology for omnichannel marketing strategy

Making use of omnichannel capabilities has become a prerequisite for succeeding in the digital eCommerce space. This platform provides the capabilities for delivering the product details to various multiple output channels in different formats, standards, quality, etc. based on different product attributes.

It also keeps the customers engaged using different channels like mobile, applications, websites, marketplaces, social media, etc.

Content commerce platform using DXP

Providing the right content to the customers is very important to maintain customer confidence and brand imaging. For gathering the real-time contextual data, enriching the profiles with customer insights, optimizing the process, etc. is simplified by using the Pimcore digital commerce platform (DXP).

A personalized experience for eCommerce touchpoints in real-time

Personalization is the key to improved customer satisfaction. Personalization should be relevant to the customers and can be tailored based on the experience. Personalization in digital commerce provides a better experience for targeting, attracting, and engaging customers.

Pimcore platform provides the behavioral targeting engine for personalization and improved customer experience. This platform can also provide offers, wish lists, and gift registries for their customers.

Low license cost

Pimcore eCommerce platform has the enterprise and the community edition. Considering these editions, The community edition is free of cost while the enterprise edition includes the cost for the licensing. The Pimcore ecosystem is vast and it includes more than 120 partners, thousands of developers, and hundreds of code contributors.

Pimcore is known for its flexibility and innovation and thus helps the enterprise to achieve its goals efficiently with lesser restrictions. More numbers enthusiasts work with Pimcore enabling the different enterprises to achieve their goals.

It provides the community and enterprise editions, being economic, all the enterprises can easily implement the Pimcore platform in their business for their growth and development.

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Pimcore – Implementation & Integration

Pimcore provides an efficient system for creating exceptional digital experiences. The different Pimcore implementation and integration services include:

1. Development

Pimcore is the best platform for all types of data to be made available across different channels. It splits the development life cycle into numerous sprints making it easy to achieve and increase innovation. This reduces the time to market and the cost. This makes the weekly review, progress, and status check convenient.

  • Pimcore allows the identification of the functionalities and the right approach that will help the development team to achieve their desired goals.
  • Splitting the life cycle will help in keeping the check-in the pace of innovation and save time, effort, and money.

2. Integration

Pimcore integration allows for easy collaboration with the existing work ecosystem to generate better details for the team development. It provides all the details related to the products, contents, digital assets, etc that are essential for marketing, sales, customer services, product development, etc.

  • The integrations supported by the PIMCORE platform include application-to-application integration, API-based integration, business-to-business or
  • Ecosystem-based integration, cloud or multi-cloud service integration, IoT integration, Artificial intelligence / smart machine and software integrations, mobile application integration, event-stream-oriented message integration, functionality embedded in software applications or tools, etc.

3. Testing

Pimcore makes sure that the different functionalities work seamlessly by undergoing stress testing. It checks that the Pimcore implementation complies with all the standards and delivers the best business outcomes.

  • It checks how the integration and inter-dependencies of the systems work.
  • It checks the data migration to test the real-life events taking place in production.
  • Testing on the production-like environment helps in validating the functional and non-functional items.

4. Training

Pimcore customer experience includes providing the Pimcore training as a vital part of this experience. They have a team dedicated to providing guidance and support to the business teams to achieve their goals faster.

  • They provide support at the different steps of the product journey making it easy while working with the Pimcore platform.
  • Pimcore provides an onsite as well as a remote training facility to their users for the handling of the system and the software.
  • They also provide the training material and the user manuals that are handy for use as reference.

5. Product launch

Pimcore provides the best solutions for transforming the business and creating or enhancing the value of the business. They also help the enterprise with infrastructure server readiness data migration and code deployment.

  • Pimcore offers a systemic approach and careful consideration of all the parameters involved in business success.
  • Pimcore provides continuous support and help during the product launch phase and ensures making it a hassle-free start of the product journey.

Bottom Line

Pimcore is the best platform that supports the clients, developers, and partners for making their business successful. This makes handling the product assets and customers details easier and improves the organization’s functioning. This allows expanding and developing the business across the different channels globally.

It enables handling the different data and providing the right quality data to the different users. Pimcore implementation is beneficial to the business as it helps in building brand confidence and reaching out to potential customers using the different channels.

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