Why to Use React for Web Development (With Use-Cases)

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By: Sagar Sharma

Why to Use React for Web Development and How Using React JS Can Add Value to Your Website?

With the increase in the demand of web app development, the need for developing a great frontend is also increasing. But choosing the best front-end technology is not that easy as you think, and it requires complete analysis. We could see quite a few latest technologies evolving in the web development market.

In such technologies, React is one of the best preferred by many companies. Several questions may arise in your mind: why use React for web app development and why using React JS can change your perception towards web apps. You can find answers for those questions in the following sections of this blog.

How web development has got a new look with React?

If you look at the technology changes over the past 20 years, many things have been brought into the limelight. It started providing solutions for the movement of server-side to client-side challenges step-by-step. Initially, Angular took its opportunity to bring the client-side revolution and now, we have a react web that helps in bringing back the server-side revolution.

This can be easily understood if you look at the changes in web app development based on the timeline. Websites developed in previous days were mostly static by including HTML pages in some folders and rendering them using PHP. It was so easy to develop such websites because there was no complexity involved.

Yet, the communication between the client-side and the server-side was so strong due to server-side rendering. But when react for web development with JavaScript libraries came into existence, it turned the entire process upside-down and showed a great improvement.

Why use React development-benefits of React JS?

You now know React JS makes use of JavaScript libraries to get amazing output, let us take a look at the benefits of using react development for your web app.

1. The great learning curve for developers

Developers generally struggle in choosing a library or framework to learn and implement easily. They get one such privilege through React JS because it is easy to learn and build knowledge. If you are well-versed with JavaScript, then React JS is the best suit for your web app. Even if you are not aware of JS, you can very well start working with React JS as it is simple and quick to learn.

2. Enables reusing of components

On using React, you can implement several components such as buttons, checkboxes, menus, drop-downs, etc. along with wrapper components covering these small components. Finally, you will have a single root and multiple hierarchical components in your application.

The best part is you can reuse all these components anywhere in the project again. For example, if you have used a button on the home page, the same button can be used on the product page as well. React JS gives you the flexibility of reusing the developed components.

3. Offers a unique abstraction layer

React JS allows you to design your app architecture in the way you want. Also, it creates an abstraction layer between the internal coding and the outline view of the app so that your end-users do not touch the complex parts of the internal coding. Only developers should be aware of some basics and keep away from analysing the internal functionalities.

4. Provides a perfect dynamic ecosystem of developer tools

React JS makes it easy for developers in every stage of web app development. It contains and gives instant access to abundant user-defined charts, graphics, documentation tools and several other components that allow developers to build a web app within no time.

Use-case Examples of React JS

Though ReactJs was introduced by Facebook, later it was made an open-source, and it is not only Facebook that uses React JS but several other established companies as well. In this section, you will learn where to use ReactJS across project areas.

1. Dashboard visualization tools

Using React in creating a dashboard of your choice for your web app does not happen simply. The general purpose of dashboards in a web app development is to analyse and summarise the data format quickly. Though you can find some instantly accessible dashboards on the web, it is super costly to afford.

Moreover, you cannot integrate such templates easily into the web application you develop. So it is recommended to build your dashboard using React, but it requires using some additional tools such as Ant. design or Airframe React.

  • Using React JS makes your app development more effective and fast with component reusing facilities.
  • It contains a virtual document object model (DOM), in other words, we can call a framework, which enables quick and efficient UI updates.
    It possesses isomorphic JS, which allows superfast rendering of web pages.

With isomorphic JavaScript, you can use the same code at both the client-side and server-side of the dashboard app, which, in turn, reduces the timeframe that you invest in the same.

2. Social networking apps

Another project where you can predominantly find apps using React JS is social networking apps. Social networking apps such as Facebook initially started as a dynamic website that did not contain so many options and user interface design, but it gradually transformed into a single page app.

React JS allows your code specific to the requirement. Single page application is closely associated with React JS. For example, in Facebook, you have Thumbs up for sharing likes, the heart symbol for sharing love and more. When you try clicking a button, only the respective button enables and the other buttons just appear.

Similarly, when the user clicks a web page in a single page application, only a part of the page opens without refreshing the entire page.

React JS provides you with the freedom to use the server-side rendering. Instead of using JavaScript on your browser for rendering the client and server-side, you can render the information straight from the webpage.

Once the first page is rendered, the rest of the pages automatically renders and fetches the required information.
Another best thing with React JS is search engine optimization. Now you have GoogleBot that provides you with a new approach towards SEO, giving access to a plethora of SEO tools.

React JS enables real-time data processing in social networking apps easier than you expect. With the help of WebSockets, the communication between a client and the server becomes simple and fantastic.

3. ReactJS in eCommerce retail business

It is easy to use ReactJS as a User Interface Library in the eCommerce web application. Also, the process of inheriting ReactJS in an application can be done quickly. It ensures that every single component is not dependent on each other; hence, the app functionality is not interrupted even on multiple attempts to open the same page number of times.

Reusing components provides an easier way to maintain eCommerce codes, which is only possible through React JS.
You get in-depth performance details of your web app such as data viewers, information type that your app brings, displaying the right URL to the user and list of items selected inside the page or shopping cart.

Helps develop single-page applications for any type of industry in a sophisticated manner.

4. Cross-platform mobile apps using React Native

This is a popular one in mobile app development where you can create apps on both Android and iOS simultaneously. React Native may not help you build a new app by utilizing the components of your existing app, but it can grasp the architecture and revamp your existing app completely.

Apart from these areas, you can use React JS in blogs, business websites, portfolios, forums, e-learning modules, rating websites, forums, galleries, membership sites, business directories, question-answer based websites such as Quora, auction and coupon sites, etc.


Hoping you might have got the clarity of why to use React and where to use React JS, through this blog. Using React JS is worth and an excellent inclusion to your projects that reuses components prominently. If you have any queries regarding web app development with React JS, feel free to reach out to our technical expert.

Frequently asked questions – Why to Use React

1. Can I reuse React components of one app in another app?

No, you can use only React components anywhere within the same app. Only you can make use of the architecture of your existing app in another app.

2. How much do I need to spend on developing a web app using React JS?

Generally, the cost of an app depends on the complexity involved in every stage of its development. But when it comes to using React JS, again it raises the question of complexity involved but cheaper than building traditional apps from scratch.

3. How React Native and React JS are used for web app development?

React Native is a cross-platform application used to develop mobile apps on multiple platforms, whereas React JS is a JavaScript library used for providing a better UI design to web apps.

4. Which software goes well with React JS?

Few examples of apps that use ReactJS are Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, New York Times, Yahoo Mail, WhatsApp, etc. You can choose to develop an app under any category.

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