Reason: Why Workforce Management Needs Mobility Solution?

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By: Vishal Kulshrestha

Why Workforce Management Needs Mobility Solution?

From the past few years, the mobile revolution has led to a hurricane of transformational projects, be it in lifestyle or work style.

Enterprises all over the world have discovered the value of mobile workforce management solutions as it enables them to exceed benchmarks in productivity, increases operational efficiency and enhances management effectiveness.

Did you know?

  • 95% reported that there is a significant reduction in the job productivity without wireless access within the workplace.
  • Businesses that deploy a high-performance mobile workforce management solution experience 74% level of work utilization and increase in sales revenue.
  • 81.9% enterprise across the globe believe that BYOD is an appropriate strategy for their business
  • The global enterprise mobility market size is expected to be $140 billion by the year 2020, growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 15%.

So, why mobile has been the best practice for the business to follow?

Regardless of the industry, your workers are responsible for the sole most important aspect and that is to maintain a daily interaction with your customers. Whether it is sales, inspection or asset tracking, the efficiency of your workers can have a tremendous impact on the growth of your business.

If the workers within the organization lack access to the voice and data networks, it leads them to utilize paper forms to collect information to accomplish the variety of transactions. This leads to reducing service levels, employee productivity, cash flow and overall profitability.

Mobile workforce management is an integrated solution that has enabled utilities of all sizes to achieve operational efficiency and outstanding customer satisfaction by providing a real-time voice and data connection.

Let’s see how

Seamless Task Automation

Scheduling tasks manually demand a lot of time, efforts, and information. By using a robust mobile workforce management solution in place, the organization not only cut down the manual process but also ensures the allocation of appropriately skilled worker to a particular task.

Real-time Visibility

By leveraging wireless access, a business can enable their managers to acquire real-time visibility into their workforce and facilitates better customer service by ensuring proper labor distribution to meet production demands.

Enhanced Productivity

With the help of precise scheduling, tracking and order management, a mobile workforce management solution enables managers and supervisors to complete reports and process approvals on-the-go. This result in improved field worker efficiency, thereby reduce job around times and maintenance costs.

Alignment with the Business Objectives

Whenever inevitable changes occur in an organization, a mobile workforce management solution helps to adjust the schedule to reach the business goals. This not only reduces the efforts to produce an accurate schedule, but also ensures adherence to the defined schedules policies.

Improved Customer Service

A customer only remains loyal and provides repeat business, when receiving a complete and positive experience. By incorporating mobile computing, employees can perform with greater efficiency and feel more satisfied in their roles, which lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Provide Competitive Edge

In this dog-eat-dog marketplace, organizations need to strive consistently to cut costs and increase customer satisfaction to grow revenues. Mobile workforce serves businesses with all the tools that they need to respond to competitive pressures and to gain advantage in the industry.

Closing thoughts

In conclusion, no matter how hard you strive, there will always be an unforeseen occurrence that causes chaos, lack of current information or mismanagement. Incorporating manual methods can’t help a growing business to maintain communications and reach business objectives. Deploying a mobile workforce management solution is the ultimate way to address the growing needs of the business and ensuring success in the future.

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