8 Reasons To Hire Android App Development Company in 2020

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Android App development
By: Sagar Sharma

Why you Must Hire Android App Development Company (and Not a Freelancer): 8 Good Reasons

Mobile apps are the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience in this digital economy. There are over 2 billion Android users in the world.

With over 3.3 million Android apps in the Play Store, it takes around 77% of the total mobile app market share. It is often seen that businesses who ignore building apps lose a majority of their customers to their competitors.

The market share of Android apps is growing, and so are the business opportunities for an Android app development company. Today, there is a cut-throat competition between Android apps that are similar.

There is a pressure on the heads of businesses to create the best app in their business domain. To build the best app, a business must find the right Android app development services provider.

8 Reasons to Hire Android App Development Company

1. Necessary Skillset

If you hire Android app development company, you’ll get a team of developers having a precise skillset to build Android apps.

The team that you’ll hire will have the appropriate knowledge and experience to carry out the Android app development project.

If you hire Android app developer from a development firm, you’ll receive full-stack app development services. It includes designers, developers, and testers.

2. Dedicated Effort

Unlike freelancers, mobile app development companies provide you dedicated resources, who work only on your project. It increases the chances of project success.

You’ll also be able to finish the project on-time or in some cases before time. A mobile app development services provider plans the entire development into small cycles or milestones.

3. Flexible Engagement

Creating a dedicated in-house team will probably increase your budget developing an Android app. On the contrary, if you hire Android app development company, you can get free service for a certain period.

Development firms also offer multiple hiring models. It means that you can decide how much engagement do you want from developers in your project.

You might have to pay more to your in-house team if it takes more time to finish the project. Since mobile app development companies take care of the cost, you’ll get cost-optimized app development.

4. Well-managed Project Development

Android app development is a tedious task and requires a lot of effort to manage costs, resources, and more. App development companies offer you a project manager whose job is to keep track of project progress.

Project managers manage resources, project timeline, project anomalies, testing, and deployment. He/she also does daily meetings with the team to ensure everything is in place.

5. Higher Commitment Levels

You’ll receive better commitments on the project deadlines if you hire Android app development company. On the other hand, if you hire freelancers, the chances of project incompletion are higher.

Since Android app development companies have a sufficient pool of resources, your project will not get delayed due to a lack of resource. Whereas, for some reason, if a freelancer is not able to finish the task on time, there is no other way you can meet deadlines.

If you hire Android app development company, you’ll be able to reduce the risk associated with the project. Moreover, a company can provide you ample support and maintenance to the application whenever necessary.

6. Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

The mobile app ecosystem is changing every day. The features or trends that we see is today might not stand valid tomorrow. Development companies are capable of adapting to new technologies quickly.

Freelancers, on the other hand, might not be aware of the latest advancements. Even if they are aware, they might not have enough time or resources to catch up.

Development companies can fill the technology gap by hiring new talents, whereas freelancers can not hire other freelancers to fulfill the technology gap.

Android app development companies can provide you with the latest tech and build your applications that last for years. Moreover, development companies have ways to reduce the overall cost of the app development using the latest in tech.

7. Value-added Services

A development company has access to a large pool of talent 24/7. Hence, they can pick anyone to build an app in a way that adds value to it.

Whether we talk about adding more aesthetics, intuitive designs, or future enhancements, the development company has got you covered.

While with freelancers, you might get limited support for your applications. Hence, limited opportunities for releasing an update or upgrade.

8. Non-Disclosure Agreement

Your idea is precious. And development companies know that which is why they have a well-structured non-disclosure agreement in place that helps you to protect your app idea.

If you share your app idea with a freelancer, you might put it into high risk. Freelancers don’t have a well-structured NDA in place similar to app development companies.


It is crystal clear that your only way towards successful app development is to hire Android app development company.

If you are a business owner who is on his way to grow the business, you’re recommended not to go with a freelancer because of the above reasons.

You’re badly mistaken if you think that hiring freelancers will save you money. Freelancers will cost you more in the long-term compared to an Android app development company.

Hire Android App Development Company – General FAQs:

1) When should I hire a freelancer rather than a company?

You must hire a freelancer only when you have an application ready and live, and you want to make a few necessary changes in the application. However, if you ever want to build an application from scratch, you must always hire Android app development company.

2) How do I hire Android app development company?

You can search for an app development company in multiple ways. First, you can search for one in popular business catalogs like Clutch, ThinkMobiles, G2Crowd, and more. Second, you can also perform an organic search on search engines like Google or Bing.

3) What are the criteria to hire an Android application development company?

Before hiring a development company, you must check what methodology do they follow to carry out projects. Then you can check the stability of the teams and knowledge of the team members.

4) Which is the best Android app development company in USA?

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Credencys Solutions Inc. is one of the leading Android app development companies out there. They have demonstrative experience in developing Android applications since 2008.

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