Why You Should Consider Pimcore's Digital Asset Management for Your Business?

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By: Sagar Sharma

Why You Should Consider Pimcore's Digital Asset Management for Your Business?

Digital Asset Management is a strategy to maintain understructure digital assets in central, systematic, and searchable storage. It helps remove data silos and increase productivity by empowering you to make your customer experience personalized and content-driven.

Pimcore is a single open-source platform that connects all touchpoints in your business. The best choice for Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution can be a comprehensive method. You can easily select vendors that fulfill your needs after recognizing your core needs and pain points.

Features of Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management

  • Facilitates all media assets such as images, videos, documents, graphics, and other content
  • Optimizes data distribution, digital asset reuse, and search for content
  • Offers high efficiency and scalability
  • Performance of operating aid, automated workflows, multi-channel marketing
  • You can handle metadata effectively
  • Easily integrated with PIM, CMS, and software for desktop publication
  • Provides content and media assets available 24/7
  • Ease workflows of Google TensorFlow’s AI/ML image tagging

Reason for choosing Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management

Many businesses have thousands of digital assets today. All these properties are in several cases distributed in many locations. This makes it much more challenging to handle these properties.

Pimcore’s DAM system resolves organizations’ over-abundance issues. All assets are held in one location so that all departments and customers can reach quickly if necessary. It enables employees to avoid lengthy searches for requests.

Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management is the only solution that integrates all your product information with your DAM, CMS, and multi-channel user experience. Also, it is the first platform to incorporate all your data.

In essence, this means that you can also provide your customers with all the data through any channel. The data collected from DAM is mostly used in the commercial viability, IT, product managers, developers, and excellent feedback.

As you can see, it is not necessary to use Pimcore with advanced technical expertise. An open-source Pimcore’s DAM system includes APIs which provide excellent compatibility with any software from a third party. It also offers a single repository for pictures, animations, images, logos, audiovisual material, and hordes of other digital media present in different formats and metadata.

Automation Asset Management Processes

Approximately 90% of organizations depend on their working on open source components. Whether it makes scalability, versatility, transformation easier, costs less, and creativity easier, open-source DAM is essential. This is because of only other proprietary Applications from the same provider and not other software solutions.

Pimcore’s DAM removes the media asset management manual process. It is automatically recognized for face, features VR images, edit images, versioning, tag, etc.

It allows you more time to concentrate on managing these workflows and developing your overall plan.

What do you get from Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management Solution?

1. Ingesting Media Assets

By using Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management you can easily add complex folders into your hierarchies with a simple drag & drop operation right from your desktop. Besides, you can make use of the relevant tag module including Google Tensor flow & Amazon Recognition for finding appropriate data assets.

2. Security of Media Assets

PIM’s DAM gives you an intuitive dashboard by which you can easily track and access all those digital assets. With this feature, admin or enterprises can empower members with access rights, defining user roles, and all other vital business metrics.

3. Storing Media Assets

All sorts of business data are collected by the enterprise-ready platform PIM’s DAM. And the collected information is stored in a centralized repository. Also, accessing and retrieving those stored data from the repository is so easy.

4. Transformation of Media Assets

The DAM solution offered by PIM comes with advanced transformation pipelines by using which enterprises can transform media assets suitable to several output channels.

5. Enriching Media Assets

PIM’s DAM solution comes with a multi-tab interface and conceptual navigation which makes it an extremely user-friendly interface. By using this, users can easily navigate and quickly access the enriched business information. Since DAM from Pimcore, powered by leading web analytics software company Matomo, users can gain 100% data ownership along with data privacy protection for their business data.

6. Related Media Assets

Unlike other DAM solutions, PIM offers a unique DAM solution by using which users can create as much metadata for their media assets.

7. Process Media Assets

With the aid of a structured process, Pimcore’s DAM solution offers pre-defined transformation templates. Enterprises can make use of those templates for working on their media assets. Besides, it delivers assets in multiple formats. This can be useful for getting the same file in different formats, and to send through various content delivery networks.

8. Find Media Assets

With the presence of a flexible and highly configured meta-data management module, the content searching process in Pimcore’s DAM solution is extremely easy. Moreover, the searching process is highly streamlined with the enhanced tagging modules.

9. Preview Media Assets

Previewing media assets is considered the most substantial aspect because it gives the real convenience for the users to engage. Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management offers more than 220 file formats by using those enterprises can create a rich preview of their assets attractively.

10. Publish Media Assets

The automated digital asset pipelines offered by Pimcore’s DAM solution make the publishing process of media assets extremely easy. Moreover, the centrally managed digital assets of Pimcore’s DAM solution use a single-source publishing feature that makes the process highly efficient and scalable.

Improve business consistency with Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management

Implementing your digital content with a software framework ensures the identity of your brand.

You can share all of your content from one location with Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management software. As a result, branding has full control. Brand recognition is the most critical and simplest advantage of brand consistency.

Companies should generally strive to get their target audience instantly recognizable. It is a precious advantage in today’s dynamic and saturated markets. It builds a significant connection between core messages, values, and visual elements of the companies and distinguishes the companies from their competitors.

Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management contains all the things you have to sell, such as logos, pictures, and brochures. The PIM module allows integration of asset data into product data simple, thus ensuring brand consistency.

Factors that make Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management solution the best

1. Alignment of the Organization

The performance of DAM implementation depends heavily on those who use it, much like any other technology investment. DAM implementation requires a wide variety of teams and workflows to be organized

2. Usage Is Simple

After the performance, users would need to spend a lot of time exploring how to use and benefit from the new solution. Pimcore’s DAM solution allows users to control the processes they need to build without IT.

3. Integration of Typical Applications

Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management plays a critical role in the cost-effective integration of various business processes that adds value to the brand. You must have advanced pre-constructed integration and extensibility capabilities for the DAM solution. This facilitates interoperation and results in a smooth asset management experience with existing systems.

4. System Management

DAM solution offers the upper hand on managing business workflow along with providing full visibility to the on-going business processes, owing to that reason most modern-day business owners prefer DAM.

Besides, it helps them to achieve the control they need for a competitive advantage in their business operations.

Go for Pimcore’s DAM solution that combines low-code workflows and integrated asset-tracking from ideation to distribution.

5. Cloud-Based Environment

A cloud-based environment allows you to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of standard cloud computing. It helps to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

It offers an innovative plug-in that carries the collaboration operation with external partners. This collaboration allows you to access a cloud-based digital asset management solution.

6. Database Management

Pimcore’s DAM solution is different from a general file storage feature because it provides a complete view of an organization’s digital assets. Investing in a DAM solution supporting any media format is incredibly scalable and can handle a growing number of assets and users seamlessly.

The digital solution must ensure that your business demands are fulfilled, preserved, retrieved, connected, and shared. Wherever your assets are kept, your DAM solution requires advanced search and indexing to help you locate them quickly.

7. Security Checking

Pimcore’s Cloud-based DAM systems increase significant security concerns regarding access and exchange of digital assets. Investing in new asset management provides strict security features such as multiple-factor authentication, variable user permissions, periodic script authentication auditing, user access control, and logging. These functions help protect the assets and substantially mitigate security risks.

The uniqueness of Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management solution

When it comes to organizational workflow, Pimcore shows outstanding results. It is user-friendly, and its intuitive interface enables platform management.

  • All your digital data are easily accessible
  • Builds the Brand Consistency
  • Easy data export process
  • Intuitional interface

Why is Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management your best choice?

Though Pimcore’s Digital Data Asset Management is truly an open-source platform, yet, it comes with advanced technology. When compared with all other existing Data Asset Management, PIM’s DAM provides a convenient way of integrating with other systems.

Besides, unlike other DAM solutions, Pimcore’s Data Asset Management comes as a pre-bundled package of PIM, CMS, and eCommerce Platform. Owing to that, the DAM solution provided by Pimcore is considered the most suitable and superior content hub for enterprises.

With the proper implementation and handling of PIM’s DAM solution, enterprises can witness fast-track growth and it gives great opportunity to make business as robust and future-ready.

Bottom line

In addition to being open-source, Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management is just one of that industry software that is fully open to real business transformation. Pimcore does this by integrating and managing all digital media assets for every sector and any data.

Say goodbye to data chaos and embrace the power of PIM/MDM to supercharge your business growth!