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Maximize the Potential of your Application Idea

At Credencys, we don’t jump into software development on discussing your application idea. We analyze the technical feasibility of your requirements by offering strategy consulting services. Our application consultants define the right strategy to build viable software solutions that will help you optimize operational efficiency, improve profits, and delight your customers.

Our project consultants conduct qualitative and quantitative research, learn your business model, analyze your market challenges, and understand your product positioning to develop a software solution with unique value. Under the software consulting services, we define the implementation roadmap and set up project milestones for development team.

Our App Development Consulting Services

Under technology strategy consulting, we analyze varied technical aspects for your software requirements. It helps our team to define an appropriate set of technologies to optimize the performance of your existing application and build a new software solution.

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Enterprise Mobility Strategy Consulting

We understand the specific needs of enterprise mobile solutions. We help enterprises optimize their business operations by defining enterprise mobility strategies.

Mobile Device Management

We allow organizations to control, secure, manage and monitor any company-owned & employee-owned devices that access business critical data, by defining an appropriate mobile device management strategy. Our MDM strategy involves

  • Complete and cross-platform MDM
  • Support for a wide range of mobile devices
  • Multiple ownership model
  • Cloud and on-premise deployments
  • Defining correct security policies

Mobile Information Management

To keep your sensitive business information secure and safe, we help you define the right mobile information management strategy. Our technology consultants

  • Design your information governance
  • Set encryption and password protection
  • Apply governance on company systems and all the moving devices
  • Manage user privacy

Bring Your Own Device

Allow your employees to perform their job from remote locations by accessing the required business data from their smartphones and tablets. Under the BYOD strategy, we define

  • Level and configuration of the devices
  • Authenticity of the Operating System and other software
  • Cloud integration or migration requirements
  • Security and compliance policies
  • Access levels for employees

User Persona Analysis

Through user persona analysis, we create an application with the right features and UI/UX that maximizes user interactions, leads to wide use and adoption and reduces customer churn. We define user persona based on a qualitative and quantitative research that involves analysis of users’

  • Background (Personal & Professional)
  • Demographics
  • Goals & Challenges
  • Unmet Needs
  • Buying Characteristics

Leverage strategized project progress by selecting the right app development strategy and transform your idea into wires through our Discovery Workshop.


Our Featured Work

Halo - IoT Enabled Mobile App for Smart Smoke Alarm

Credencys developed an iPhone and an Android app for Halo Smart labs, a ​​​​​​​US based​​​​​​​ smart alarm manufacturing company. The mobile app was built using Xively IoT Platform to establish connection between the alarm and the app that worked proactively to help users keep their homes safe from fire accidents. Using the app the users can:

  • Customize alarm features based on their preferences.
  • Receive threat notification via notification, alarm buzz and RGB lights.
  • Hush the system to avoid unnecessary alerts.
  • Receive notifications directly from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in case of extreme weather and other life threats.

Docket and workflow management system

Credencys developed a React mobile app that simplified key processes and workflows for the client. The solution allows coin collectors to record machine count data in the phone rather than recording it on paper slips allowing branch managers to perform reconciliation in just 2 days, instead of 60-120 days.

  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Docket Management
  • Matter Research Center
  • Effective Report Management
  • Litigation Management
  • QA Center
  • Time Account Management

PBMO Toolkit - Cloud-based Management Optimization App

Credencys has developed PBMO Tool, a cloud-based management optimization app, as the client is looking for mobile-based solution for their growing business operations and marketing. This application automates the functions involved in “Strategy Optimization” for Environmental Clean-up, Energy Production, Mining Operation, and Water Resource Evaluation. Exceptional features available in this app are:

  • Incorporates Stakeholder Input into Optimal Decision Strategy
  • Reliable Strategies built on Global Optimization Algorithms and Physics-based Models
  • Competent to Subscription Model
  • Provides Most Effective strategy to Manage and Utilize Resources and so on.

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