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What sets us apart as a top digital commerce platform company?

Deliver exceptional shopping experience to the shoppers throughout their buying journey by developing a feature-rich commerce platform. Share all the product and commerce-related data seamlessly across varied sales channels, marketing platforms, physical stores, online stores, and marketplaces.

Credencys has proven experience in developing robust eCommerce platforms that help brands meet their organizational goals by designing personalized and omnichannel experiences. Leveraging the potential of digital commerce capabilities, we develop varied online solutions that help clients to drive better customer engagement, increase sales, and boost the bottom line.

We excel in creating transactional customer experiences with outstanding capabilities by developing high-performing and sophisticated B2B bad B2C commerce solutions. B2C eCommerce solution helps increase sales and create contextualized experiences in a real-time omnichannel environment. We build B2B portals by embracing the headless commerce framework of digital commerce.

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    Our digital commerce platform expertise

    Credencys builds enterprise-ready eCommerce solutions that improve the customer experiences incredibly. Using advanced tools and technologies, we build eCommerce solutions in an agile way. Offering the next-generation platform, we help brands to manage end-to-end eCommerce operations from a single digital platform that directly impacts organizational productivity.

    Component-based commerce framework

    Credencys uses open-source, flexible, and scalable eCommerce frameworks to develop customized and complex business to business, B2C, and omnichannel eCommerce scenarios. We build commerce solutions with API-driven and composable development frameworks.

    Excellent storefront

    Using composable eCommerce components, we build fully responsive, out-of-the-box, and pre-configured storefronts. Design excellent brand-new commerce experiences in less time by designing a storefront following industry best practices. Before building the storefront, we create a blueprint for configuring and utilizing the component-based and composable digital commerce framework.

    Filters & Sorting

    Credencys offers intelligent filtering and sorting of products that create great customer experiences. By integrating configurable product filtering components, we allow brands to create product-category-specific filtering criteria, improved search engine optimization performance, and precise product selection for landing pages. The filter and sorting functionality work as a starting point for a CPQ process or product configurator.

    Product Pages

    Product pages play a key role in creating great customer experiences. We develop a digital commerce solution that provides the required components to search, filter, product data, and cross-selling data to the digital experience platform. We create rich visual user friendly experiences across all the different devices, using multi-lingual content management, rich layout option, and more to create high converting content commerce.

    Price management

    By integrating price management components, we help companies to manage prices correctly to deliver rich B2B and B2C customer experiences. Price management allows organizations to manage tier pricing, complex customer-specific pricing, real-time pricing, and generic topics including discount vouchers, multi-currency pricing, personalized pricing rules, and pricing discounts.

    Shopping cart

    By implementing the shopping cart, we help organizations to facilitate the customers to create personalized product lists that they are planning to purchase. We excel in deploying shopping carts on both B2C and B2B platforms where product and price aggregation can be done seamlessly. It creates orders and performs the checkout process. The shopping cart contains product configurators and complex CPQ.


    Enable the shoppers with the simple yet secure checkout process. We offer a checkout process for B2C solutions that contains customer registration, single-step checkout, delivery definition, and more. While B2B checkout process involves real-time communication with backend Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.


    We integrate the payment processing gateway for faster and more secure transactions. Credencys develops eCommerce platforms that manage recurring payments and digital payments through out-of-the-box integration of varied payment gateways. We have successfully integrated PayPal, Hobex, MPay 24, Klarna, Datatrans, and Unzer/Heidelpay. We have a team of experts who can integrate other payment gateways using new adapters.

    Customer management

    We develop commerce platforms that manage customer data such as account information, personal information, delivery information, and other information effectively. If required, we integrate the Customer Data Platform for powerful data aggregation, modeling, management, and segmentation of customer activities and records. It helps improve personalization and delivers an enriched commerce experience.

    Order management

    Credencys offers efficient order management for both B2B and B2C eCommerce platforms. Once the customer places an order, the eCommerce platform manages these details in the commerce platform. Credencys builds digital commerce solutions that ensure the effective delivery of the order by following all the required guidelines. Improve customer satisfaction by providing accurate order delivery.

    B2C commerce experiences

    Credencys builds eCommerce platforms that connect and commerce to deliver astonishing buying experiences. The commerce platform offers required building blocks and provides innovation and flexibility of open-source platforms to support B2C eCommerce solutions. We develop eCommerce platforms with component-based and composable architecture to help brands to build customer-centric and high-converting eCommerce solutions.

    2500+ sales channels

    Credencys has proven expertise in developing an eCommerce solution that centrally syndicates all the product data and shares it across different sales channels such as social media platforms, traditional online channels, marketplaces, POS, and more. Create, transform, and list your products in every channel that matched your target groups. Credencys helps brands promote and sell products on different channels that have different requirements for attributes, pricing, and assortments.

    Marketing automation

    Marketing automation is one of the key disciplines of digital commerce. We build eCommerce solutions that manage transactional emails along with automation on any channel. By integrating the customer data platform, we allow access to aggregate customer data. Offering marketing automation, we facilitate brands with insights into customer segmentation, triggers, actions, personalized rules, and customized and personalized messages that can be sent automatically through different communication channels.

    CPQ & configurator

    Having proven expertise in developing advanced digital commerce solutions, Credencys builds product configurators that allow configuring any number of products. Using a rule engine and intelligent relations amongst products, parts, accessories, components, and other data, Credencys builds the product configurators and CQP processes with the appropriate business logic. We develop the frontend of the solution through a fully headless approach by consuming the data through Datahub APIs and the Digital Experience Platform.

    Content commerce

    The right amalgamation of content and commerce is essential for entrepreneurs of online businesses. Credencys helps you join the megatrend of content commerce by creating highly connected, emotional, and conversion-driven digital experiences. We revolutionized content commerce by offering a solution that contains award-winning capabilities of the Digital Commerce Platform and Digital Experience Platform.

    Direct to Customer

    We integrate Direct to Customer (D2C) features in eCommerce solutions that allow selling and marketing the product directly from the manufacturer to the customers. Thus, it is also known as direct sales. D2C allows for strategic use of data. Credencys creates storefronts for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C selling models. Companies can define the buyers’ groups and which groups can see what prices & discounts by determining flexible rules for B2B and B2C target audiences.

    B2B commerce experiences

    Credencys develops innovative and flexible B2B platforms by harnessing the potential of an open-source platform. We build blocks that support highly individualized B2B commerce. We build the B2B eCommerce platform rapidly using component-based and composable frameworks. The digital commerce solutions are the advanced alternative to your existing legacy eCommerce platform.

    Built-in PIM

    B2B eCommerce platform needs to manage millions of multi-lingual products along with its thousands of category-specific relations and attributes. Offering Product Information Management at the core of commerce and features world-class products master data management and data modeling capabilities.

    Complex pricing rules

    Customer-specific assortments, personalized, and real-time stock keeping, and pricing are critical for B2B commerce solutions. Digital commerce addresses all your pricing needs including tier pricing, real-time price calculations, personalized pricing, and pricing for highly configurable products. Also, it allows brands to manage channels and time-specific pricing.

    Order workflows

    Credencys understands the essence of the approval process and better management for specific product categories and shopping cart values. We integrate an advanced order management workflow that contains the order approval process feature in the B2B eCommerce solution. In B2B orders, multiple people are involved so we integrate the process of the manager’s approval for checkout. Implementing commerce workflow engine, but creating the most appropriate B2B commerce experiences.

    CPQ & Configurators

    We excel in creating and integrating product configurators and implementing the CPQ process in B2B eCommerce solutions by using a rule engine and intelligent relations between accessories, component parts, and products. We build the consumer-facing frontend of the eCommerce platform using the headless approach and consuming data through Datahub APIs and the Digital Experience Platform.

    B2B punchout

    The punchout and integration with the external e-procurement process and ERP are the essential factors for the success of your online B2B business models. Implementing an appropriate punchout process, we help 2B brands manage their product data and orders effectively like never before.

    Individual checkouts

    In B2B purchase processes, the checkout process needs to interact accurately with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Offering composable building blocks, we develop commerce checkouts that seamlessly integrated address the individual requirements of the organization and its procurement processes.

    Complex interfaces

    We develop and integrate complex interfaces to the existing IT infrastructure of your organization such as ERP, BI, CRM, and other middleware integration layers for the B2B eCommerce platform. By implementing API first architecture and Datahub, we make the complex integration simple and faster. We also seamlessly connect any third-party applications or software with the B2B commerce solution.

    Industry recognition

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    What we are really proud of is building these great products for world-class brands

    Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

    Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

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    Why businesses should consider a digital commerce platform?

    Lower business cost

    Eliminate the cost of a physical storefront and effectively manage the online business solely through a digital storefront until you gain remarkable success.

    Global expansion

    With an eCommerce platform, brands can market and sell their products across every corner of the earth and expand their business globally.

    Faster time to market

    Keep your business up and running all the time by selling the products through your branded eCommerce platform which won’t be possible in traditional retail.

    Better customer engagement

    Create personalized customer experiences through commerce platforms. Drive better business opportunities with increased customer engagement.

    Our process to build a digital commerce platform


    Requirement Gathering & Analysis

    • Understanding your business
    • Comprehending requirements
    • Drafting proposal document


    Wireframes & Design

    • Screenflow strategy
    • Creating wireframes
    • Designing the UI


    Quality Assurance

    • Testing the digital commerce solution
    • Sharing test report
    • Get final approval from the client


    Deployment & Launch

    • Deploying a digital commerce solution on the client’s server
    • Launching the digital commerce platform
    • Post-launch support

    Engagement models to build digital commerce platform

    We have a team of experienced digital commerce experts who have proven expertise to work with different sizes of companies and deliver the best-in-class B2C, B2B, and B2B2C eCommerce solutions for organizations. Develop robust eCommerce platforms from Credencys by selecting the most suitable hiring models provided below. Leverage the flexibility to switch from one engagement model to another to meet the changing needs of your project.

    credencys image

    Fixed cost

    It is the right choice for projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.

    credencys image

    Time & material

    The engagement model allows you to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.

    credencys image

    Offshore development center

    We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

    Tools & Technologies

    At Credencys, we build digital solutions using advanced technologies to make them compatible with upcoming technologies. To enable organizations with avant-garde eCommerce solutions, we build the platform using the advanced tools and technologies that ensure smooth commerce processes and empowered results to meet your organizational goals.

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    FAQs: digital commerce platform

    Digital commerce is a buying and selling process for goods and services through varied online platforms such as commerce infrastructure, internet, mobile devices networks, and more.

    eCommerce is a proven practice of selling products online. On the other hand, digital commerce is a strategy that allows shoppers to buy products and services online by facilitating them with an interactive and engaging experience.

    ZERO. Yes, the cost of a digital commerce development solution is zero as we are using an open-source technology platform, Pimcore. You need to pay for the required customization and implementation you want for your eCommerce project. The customization and implementation requirements vary from project to project. Book a 30-minute consultation call to find out more about the cost.

    Implementation of a digital commerce solution depends on the features and functionality that you want to develop and integrate into the solution. If you want to build an eCommerce solution with many highly advanced and customized features then there will be a time-consuming development process. In case you want to build a platform with basic functionality, then the development and delivery of the project can be faster.


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