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What sets us apart as a digital experience development company?

Modern companies need an advanced digital solution that drives innovation and fuels the business growth of the organization. Customer-centric solutions are the key elements for a successful digital strategy. It helps brands establish relationships with customers and facilitate them with personalized experiences across all touchpoints.

Credencys has proven experience in developing DXP that help organizations manage, optimize, and deliver contextualized, and digital customer experiences experiences for different target audiences across all the output channels where the shoppers interact with your brands.

Experience the power of headless content by developing a DXP that comes with a decoupled web content management system to provide companies with the benefits of both DXP as well as CMS. We build tailored solutions that help organizations achieve their business goals, address the customers’ needs, habits and preferences, and create compelling user journeys.

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    Our digital experience platform expertise

    We have a team of DXP experts who have profound knowledge of advanced tools for personalization, robust analytics, laser-focusing targeting, detailed measuring, value-driven commerce, and more. Credencys professionals have a holistic understanding of shoppers and their individual preferences that help brands convert fans into loyal customers.

    Web content management

    Implementing an avant-garde DXP, we facilitate brands with multi-lingual, multi-site, and mobile-friendly content management. Unleash the strategic power of content by managing the content effectively in one place with the help of enterprise-grade web content management systems. We develop multi-lingual sites or single websites across different devices. Offering flexible content architecture, we ensure channel-independent content management, authoring, and API-led delivery of data.

    The key features of web content management systems are WYSIWYG & usability, multi-lingual, multi-site management, personalization, content commerce, SEO & marketing toolbox, and mobile friendly.

    Headless content management

    A robust DXP is the fastest and easiest way for effective and effortless content management. Deploying the API-driven headless content management system, we help organizations publish content across a variety of output channels. Using DXP, we built a DXP that offers the perfect amalgamation of a traditional page with astonishing headless and API-driven content delivery. Headless content management is the heart of the modern marketing technology stack that allows organizations to manage content more smartly.

    The core capabilities of headless content management are content platform, agile workflows, flexible content data models, API-based content delivery, and support for unlimited content types, workflows, users, and API calls.

    Multi-channel delivery

    With the help of multi-channel delivery, we automate the publishing process across different channels and devices accurately and consistently. By developing the open-source DXP, we help companies deliver astonishing content experiences across any touchpoints and channels. Communicate your offerings to the customers seamlessly through a feature-rich content management system.

    Under the multi-channel delivery, we offer features like multi-channel publishing, mobile marketing, print publishing, marketing automation, content-as-a-service, and commerce integration.

    Personalization & analysis

    Design and deliver personalized and compelling digital experiences using analytics that create a positive brand experience and build customer loyalty. We build DXP based on KPI delivered from business intelligence infrastructure and web analytics.

    When it comes to personalization and behavioral targeting, we offer advanced features like behavioral targeting, user profiling, data collection, and analytics integration.

    Print publishing

    Transform your traditional print processes with the help of enterprise-class DXP that empowers your sales and marketing process by allowing brands to create product sheets, personalized sales and marketing collaterals, and product catalogs. For effective print publishing, we connect your content with the data of Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM), and Digital Asset Management (DAM). Integrating print publishing automates your recurring printing operations effectively.

    Workflow integration and Adobe InDesign integration are the key offerings of DXP’s print publishing feature.

    Integrated PIM module

    Credencys develops DXP that enables organizations with hyper-flexible and agile product information management capabilities with 40+ high-performance data types. You can manage all the product-related content in a single platform by harnessing the potential of integrated PIM. Implementing an open-source product information management platform, we allow brands to acquire, manage, and share any type of product content. The PIM platform can be easily integrated with your existing IT ecosystem.

    The essential features of PIM involve product data modeling, product data management, product data quality management, workflow management, digital asset management, omnichannel publishing, product experience portal, product data syndication, and more.

    Digital solutions developed by Credencys using digital experience platform


    Drive more customer engagement by facilitating shoppers with personalized experiences. Digital Experience Portal ensures brand consistency for organizations across every digital touchpoint. Check out the content performance customer profiles, user behavior, etc. through DXP. Integrate the solution with any of the external platforms that empower your mobile strategy.


    Revolutionize your intranet strategy by harnessing the potential of a DXP. Credencys excels in developing advanced intranet DXP solutions using  that help brands run the business more efficiently, address the needs of an increasing workforce, & ensure consistency in service delivery for your teams across the globe. Drive better collaboration & communication across internal users with DXP solutions that help reduce time and related costs for your teams to run your business.

    Supplier portals

    Using the DXP, we build supplier portals that allow brands to stay connected with their suppliers. Keep your suppliers updated about varied information such as purchasing values, activities, & standards, and allow them to connect with your purchasing department. Credencys builds a portal with DXP that helps you manage existing suppliers and smoother the process for the new suppliers.

    Customer portals

    Leverage the cost-effective, and intuitive solution that helps you keep customers happy. Empower your target audience by allowing them to resolve their issues on their own without the help of customer support executives. Harnessing the potential of the digital experience portal, build an intuitive self-service portal that delivers delightful experiences to the customers. A highly tailored solution that fills the gap in your customer journey.

    Partner portals

    Deliver better value to your partners by developing a partner portal. Win over your competition through modern portal solutions that empower your business and your partners’ business. Credencys develops partner portals using the capabilities of digital experience portals with unified and advanced user experience, seamless mobile experiences, and social collaboration. The solution drives transparency among you and your partners.

    B2B commerce

    Boost your revenue by implementing a feature-rich B2B commerce solution. Replace your manual commerce processes and homegrown systems with the modern DXP having an integrated approach. Deliver contextual content on your B2B platform that helps gain a competitive edge and drive new revenue opportunities. Leverage collaborative experience management for your eCommerce journey.

    Integration platforms

    Manage, enrich and update the content of your disparate systems by implementing a ground-breaking DXP. Unify the content of your disconnected systems into DXP and share them in with a high-end contextualization for your target audience. We integrate your legacy systems into DXP that help you with time and resource saving by streamlining business processes, eliminating silos, and connecting databases.

    Headless APIs

    With the help of a DXP, it becomes easier to create perfect experiences for every channel. Headless CMS allows brands to execute new ideas without spending money on a new platform implementation. Headless API-based DXP allows you to decouple presentation and content that provides you the best of both headless solution architecture and traditional content management system in a single platform.

    Leverage the potential of our MDM developers who have successfully developed and delivered a tailored master data management platform to address your precise business needs.

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    What we are really proud of is building these great products for world-class brands

    Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

    Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

    Get a 30 minutes free consultation to understand how a digital experience platform helps an organization create and deliver personalized experiences that drive better customer engagement and increase sales.

    Why businesses should consider a digital experience platform?

    Global expansion

    Expand your business across the world by managing multiple websites, brand awareness, and varied language versions under a single unified platform.

    Increased customer retention

    DXP offers a powerful combination of omnichannel content, analytics, and customer data enabling experiences that boost customer retention.

    Strong personalization

    DXP is easy to integrate with other systems from where the brands can get a 360° view of each customer that help deliver strong personalization for each persona.

    Reduced time-to-market

    Make your business more agile with DXP and accelerate time-to-market with new digital solutions & initiatives to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive era.

    Our process to build a digital experience platform


    Requirement Gathering & Analysis

    • Understanding your business
    • Comprehending requirements
    • Drafting proposal document


    Wireframes & Design

    • Screenflow strategy
    • Creating wireframes
    • Designing the UI



    • Deciding project phases
    • Coding the project
    • Client’s feedback


    Quality Assurance

    • Testing the DXP
    • Sharing test report
    • Get final approval from the client


    Deployment & Launch

    • Deploying a DXP on the client’s server
    • Launching the DXP
    • Post-launch support

    Engagement models to build digital experience platform

    We have a team of certified professionals who excel in creating the powerful and highly dynamic DXP that helps brands to skyrocket business by delivering personalized content to the shoppers. At Credencys, we build the DXP by offering different models to hire experienced professionals. Leverage the flexibility to switch from one model to another as per your changing business needs.

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    Fixed cost

    It is the right choice for projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.

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    Time & material

    The engagement model allows you to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.

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    Offshore development center

    We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

    Tools & Technologies

    Credencys builds DXP using the latest technology stack that ensures the platform will be compatible with the upcoming digital trends, tools, and technologies. We develop solutions that help brands to work with advanced features and functionality to keep pace with upcoming technologies.

    Clients who believed in us!

    FAQs: digital experience platform

    Many DXP services are available in the market. Some of them are ready-to-use where we simply need to plug and play with the platform. While others allow you to use some of the ready-to-use functionality and also leverage custom development to address your specific business needs.

    ZERO. Yes, the cost of a DXP development is zero as Credencys uses an open-source technology platform named Pimcore. You need to pay for the required tailored development and implementation that vary from project to project. Book a 30-minute consultation call to find out more about the cost.

    The time of DXP implementation depends on the number of features and functionality that you want to integrate into the solution. If you want to create a platform with varied highly advanced features then there will be a time-consuming development process. In case, you want to build a platform with basic functionality, then the development and delivery of the project are faster.

    Organizations that generate revenue through marketing channels can get massive benefits from DXP implementation. Brands from highly competitive industries such as retail, manufacturing, eCommerce, etc. need a digital solution that allows them to respond to the changing customer needs quickly.


    Do you want to drive immense customer engagement by delivering highly personalized and contextualized experiences to the target audience? Fill out the form and get 30 minutes of free consultation.


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