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By 2015, there will be 7.4 billion wireless devices in the market and 1.2 billion smartphones will enter the market over the next five years.
(Source: ABI Research)

90% of CIOs expect to deploy more than 25 mobile apps in 2014. .
(Source: Forbes Research)

Position your company for Success with Enterprise Mobility

With the rise in mobile computing, enterprise apps are no longer limited to just desktops. The ability to switch between desktop, smartphone and tablet on-the-fly has now become inevitable for organizations.Embracing the mobile paradigm has now become an absolute necessity for organizations to boost productivity levels, improve sales, and remove critical bottlenecks in their processes.However, the road to enterprise mobility is full of challenges. Some of the common concerns faced by enterprises include

Your Enterprise Mobility Project is handled Seamlessly

Building enterprise apps which involve handling multiple back-end systems, protecting & shifting sensitive data from online to offline is more complex than it seems.

With extensive experience on enterprise projects, our team helps industry-wide businesses in implementing the power of mobility into their existing systems.

Agile/Scrum Methodology allows us to speed up the entire development process considerably. You receive tangible builds every 3-4 weeks depending on the complexity of a project.

A Dedicated Key Account Manager is assigned, who looks after everything right from communication, your project’s progress to its final delivery.

Create your Robust Enterprise Mobility Project with a Proficient Team

Architecture/System Design

Your enterprise app is designed and built with a robust, secure architecture considering various factors such as multiple carrier networks, different devices and access modes. Database implementation is done in a manner so as to facilitate easy data interaction. Right from mobile strategy formulation to building a comprehensive mobile infrastructure, our team helps you with everything in Enterprise Mobility.

Assessing Existing Systems & Data Securely

Before building an enterprise solution, it’s critical to understand & analyze the existing systems of an organization. Our experts create, use and implement Enterprise Service BUS (ESB) to access sensitive data from your internal systems. This ESB has a layer on top of an implementation of an enterprise messaging system. Enterprises can easily monitor and control the routing of message exchange between services. Our team ensures that the enterprise mobility solution developed exactly fits into your existing systems and seamlessly integrated with it.

Addressing Security

VPN technology is used to access data through your organization’s networks. This facilitates faster access to information in a secured and reliable way. Apart from this, our team also uses Token based Authentication (RSA Tokens) to remotely access your systems for creating a powerful enterprise mobility solution. Your data is in safe hands.

Testing & Deployment

Our deep knowledge of enterprise operations, expertise in mobile technologies and in-depth end-to-end testing practices allow us to deploy your app on time and within budget. Our quality assurance team covers all the aspects including functionality testing, performance & reliability, security & integrity, application protocol confirmation and device compatibility. You get complete support for App Launch & Deployment.