Get a Bird's eye view on Production Planning & Operations

Take preventive measures, contain damage & improve operational efficiency by accessing real-time information from the factory floor with Credencys’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

Optimize Factory Maintenance with Enterprise Mobility for Factories

With Enterprise Mobility for Factory & Operations, you can access to various information related to workshop safety, information & undergoing operations on the go so that your business can stay incident free & you can achieve operational efficiency.

  • Access to Factory System Information on the go with a mobile app.
  • Access to Quality Management Systems on the go with a mobile app.
  • Get an access to Workshop Equipment Safety & Security with a mobile app.
  • Production Planning & Scheduling on the go
Here is How

Achieve Optimal Efficiency, Monitor Equipment Health in Real timely

With Credencys’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions, track production equipment efficiency & monitor their health from your mobile devices; to conduct preemptive maintenance checks at regular intervals

  • Access equipment related critical data in your factory & take action on it on the go from the mobile app.
  • Prevent material wastage and reduce input overheads of manufacturing costs by accessing its data from a mobile app.
  • Eliminate redundant activities and improve internal collaboration between SBUs with a mobile app.
  • Maintain the quality of your products by conducting scheduled equipment maintenance
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Reduce Time to Market for New Products

Adopt Shop Floor mobility & Supply Chain mobility solutions to overcome the issues of production planning, material tracking & dispatch with Enterprise Mobility.

  • Get a high-level view of material available to plan the uninterrupted production line.
  • High employee visibility on shop floor; enabling smarter resource management
  • Smooth flow of data & information to all the stakeholders such as customers,vendors & suppliers
  • Operational efficiency through fleet management.
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Credencys’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions make Factories a smarter workplace for your employees. They
can increase their productivity by undertaking their important day to day activities on a mobile device

Maintenance Checklist

Create & maintain checklists On the go

Inventory Management

Access Inventory Information from factory floor in real time


Generate reports for the KPIs that matter the most on the go

Production Planning

Plan production silos & improve efficiency

Quality Check

Access to Quality Mgt. System

Requisition Management

Access to spare requisition

Get a timebox product delivery with test results & release notes for a higher visibility on project status

  • 2 Weeks Time Bound Sprint Delivery guaranteed through scheduled sprints
  • See what gets developed with iterative build deliveries for a comprehensive feedback & review
  • Real time access to project management system for timely updates
  • Tested builds, test reports & release notes with detailed description delivered.
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