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Boost productivity through automated content translation and localization

Brands are constantly producing an ever-increasing amount of content each day to promote their products and services globally. Moreover, they need to distribute the produced content across different output channels in a growing number of languages to connect with their target audience effectively. 

Credencys excels in developing and deploying the best enterprise translation management systems that allow for automated content translation and enable organizations with the benefits of localization. 

By implementing translation management, we help companies to deliver a consistent brand voice for each content they distribute across a variety of sales and marketing channels in different languages. Eventually, organizations can experience better customer engagement, conversions, and ROI. 

We build Translation Management Systems (TMS) that work as a localization hub and connect different resources and stakeholders under a single roof. By implementing TMS, we empower the brands by facilitating their multiple resources from different countries from a variety of timezones with content production and processing capabilities. To ensure a high-quality content release on time and on budget, real-time communication is crucial to achieve.

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    Our enterprise translation management expertise

    Credencys has a team of skilled professionals who help brands to automate the content translation process by implementing the feature-rich TMS solution. We help organizations connect with the target audience of different regions by sharing the content in their preferred language without compromising on your brand voice across every channel.

    Real-time TMS Integration

    Integrating Global Link, the world’s leading translation memory system in the PIM, we ensure the accuracy and consistency of product information using intelligence, centralization, dictionaries, and terminology. Improve collaboration amongst connected systems, translators, translation vendors, and departments to increase the efficiency of the translation process.

    Integrating Translation.com

    At Credencys, we harness the potential of Translation.com., a leading provider of services and technologies that streamline the process of creating and implementing multilingual content. Our PIM experts build a product information management system with Translations.com to allow brands to scale beyond regional boundaries and expand business globally. 

    Memory management

    Deploying a translation management system with translation memory, we maintain a database of previously translated phrases and words. Instead of using the new words every time, TMS allows you to reuse phrases and words from the existing repositories. It minimizes the time spent on each translation. 

    Zero manual translation

    Stop sharing excel sheets and other documents with language information back and forth between marketing teams, product departments, and translation agencies. To meet the specific demands of the growing number of marketing channels, product data, and marketplaces, we implement the automated translation process to streamline the varied processes. Shorten your time to market and increase your translation throughput with TMS.

    Workflow management

    Implementing an advanced TMS, Credencys set up a highly efficient workflow management process that requires less time in managing files due to automated processes and improves communication across intern and external stakeholders of the organization. With the help of TMS, companies can publish CMS content on mobile apps or websites with the least human intervention.  

    Terminology management

    Credencys builds a TMS that allows to create and publish brand-related content at scale. Create localized content faster, accurately, and efficiently. Through the terminology database, we manage a grocery of branding, associated, and translations terms. Ensure the consistency of translated content across different languages, regions, & languages, especially while penetrating and expanding into a new market. 

    Report Management

    We enable companies with strong reporting capabilities. All the translation-related tasks are performed in a single system so it becomes easier for stakeholders to track how many tasks are completed, how much it costs, and more. Brands can collect relevant data and extract essential insights to make strategic business decisions. Credencys develops a TMS that provides clarity on the impact of localization in terms of customer engagement and ROI.  

    Localization process automation

    TMS automates the localization process for all the stakeholders including the project managers, content editors, vendors, in-country reviewers, linguistics, and more by automating the translation management workflow. Integrating a cutting-edge TMS, we help companies eliminate tedious manual tasks and accelerate their localization journey. 

    Third-party integration

    Integrate TMS seamlessly with any of your existing enterprise systems or third-party applications or software such as product information management solutions, content management systems, digital experience platforms, digital commerce platforms, knowledge information systems, and more. Translate any of your content pieces for international customers and partners or vendors with TMS. 

    Services offered by Credencys for enterprise translation management

    Credencys excels in providing end-to-end services to build an advanced translation management system. We help brands to reach target customers, engage them and connect with them effectively by taking benefit of the multilingual support of TMS. We help them to transform a tedious and time-consuming translation process into an automated and streamlined one by offering a full range of services for TMS development. 


    During the consultation, we understand and analyze the requirements or challenges of the client. We have a team of business analysts who collect project information, learn about your business objectives, analyze the technical aspects of the project, and suggest the best-in-class translation management system to meet the specific business needs of your brand. 

    Discovery workshop

    Once the high-level analysis of the project gets completed in the consultation phase, businesses perform a detailed analysis of the requirements to get clarity on how the enterprise translation system will work and how it helps in making the translation process automated. Credencys determines a complete roadmap for developing and deploying a translation management system.


    We have a team of PIM developers who have proven expertise in developing a tailored TMS. Integrating an advanced set of features and functionality, Credencys builds a system with a user-friendly front-end and highly initiative back-end to streamline the translation process. Our skilled PIM professionals build a solution with all the futuristic features and functionality that empower your translation process by streamlining or automating them. 


    At Credencys, we excel in integrating TMS into the product information management system or a digital solution of the client. We also integrate the bespoke system with your existing enterprise systems and third-party software or application to streamline varied business processes. By integrating TMS with other systems, we make sure the intended translation process takes place accurately and generates the expected output. 


    Once the development and integration part is done, at Credencys, we perform manual and automated testing to check the performance of the translation management system. By applying functional and stress testing, our QA team improves TMS performance and reduces system downtime.


    We deploy the high-quality TMS after the completion of development and testing. We implement the solution in the intended server or technical environment preferred by the client. Our PIM developers make sure the system works seamlessly and deliver the expected output.  

    Support & maintenance

    Enabling brands with the on-demand support and maintenance services for the technical development performed by Credencys. Our support and maintenance services contain system enhancement and bug fixing. By offering end-to-end system maintenance services, we ensure the TMS works effectively on an ongoing basis in an expected technical environment. 

    Industry recognition

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    What we are really proud of is building these great products for world-class brands

    Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

    Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

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    Why businesses should consider enterprise translation management systems?

    Faster time-to-market

    Leverage quicker time to market for content as the translation process takes place in a centralized and interconnected system for stakeholders.


    Seamlessly address the increasing requirements of localization for a growing volume of content by maintaining the performance through a scalable system.

    Reduced localization cost

    All the manual, repetitive, & time -consuming tasks of content translation are eliminated and inefficiencies are decreased that reducing localization costs.

    Improved quality

    Ensure producing and disturbing the high-quality content with the integrated tools that reduce tedious tasks and the risk of human errors significantly.

    Our process to build enterprise translation management


    Requirement Gathering & Analysis

    • Understanding your business
    • Comprehending requirements
    • Drafting proposal document


    Wireframes & Design

    • Screenflow strategy
    • Creating wireframes
    • Designing the UI


    Quality Assurance

    • Testing the solution
    • Sharing test report
    • Get final approval from the client


    Deployment & Launch

    • Deploying a solution on the client’s server
    • Launching the solution
    • Post-launch support

    Engagement models to develop enterprise translation management system

    To build a TMS, Credencys allows brands to select the most suitable hiring models from the below-listed ones as per the specific business needs. Leverage the flexibility of switching from one engagement model to another to meet the changing project requirements, budgetary constraints, and solution launch timeline. 

    credencys image

    Fixed cost

    It is the right choice for projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.
    credencys image

    Time & material

    The engagement model allows you to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.
    credencys image

    Offshore development center

    We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

    Tools & Technologies

    We have a team of skilled PIM developers who have hands-on experience in working with the latest technology stack to build a futuristic product information management with built-in translation management. Credencys utilizes the below-listed technologies to develop a translation management system to meet the specific business needs of the brand.

    Clients who believed in us!

    FAQs: enterprise translation management

    A translation management system manages the workflow of your content through the localization process that involves translation. It allows sharing the linguistic data and application’s reusable content by offering workflow automation based on business rules and project information. Integrating various internal and external resources, the TMS tracks the content data at every step of the translation process.

    The development time of the TMS depends on the complexity of the project. A simple project with the basic features and functionality can be developed in a short period of time. However, a project with complex requirements and a set of features needs considerable time to be developed and launched. To share your project requirements and get an exact time estimation for TMS development, connect with our expert.

    The TMS development costs vary from project to project. It depends on the project complexity and the business needs. Complex requirements with a large number of features, functionalities, and modules take time and effort to build a solution that definitely affects the cost. A small project with basic requirements can be developed on a limited budget.

    Yes, of course. We develop TMS systems using an open-source and SaaS-based technical architecture that allows for seamless integration with other enterprise systems or third-party applications. Offering effortless integration, TMS allows content distributors to work with different content resources wherever they are stored and managed.


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