Credencys has a highly skilled cross platform app development team working on frameworks like React Native. Our developers are self-managed and accountable; who understand the importance of quality and meeting a delivery timeline, everytime. Credencys is known for delivering a seamless and consistent, month after month software release experience to their clients.

Offering variety of flexible engagement models for hiring React Native developers, Credencys has catered to the development needs of all sizes of companies from startups to enterprises.

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React Mobile Development Activity Scope

React Native Mobile Development

Get cross-platform mobile app development solution for iOS and Android. Achieve velocity and efficient services at lower costs

Proof Of Concept

Our core expertise in Open Source React Native will help you to build your concept rapidly with code reusability

End to End Solution Development

Our react native developer will helps you to build React Native mobile apps in JavaScript while still offering a real native user interface

Support, Maintenance and Upgrade

Our immense care skills can help you with Proactive Maintenance and Support with early issue identification and quicker solutions

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Our core focus on prioritized items based on your current needs and Modular and intuitive architecture will help you to build and use minimum viable product faster by saving upto 50% of development time

Integration with external systems

Our skilled React Native Developer will help you to integrate react native mobile app with existing system with consulting approach

Center of Excellence supported dedicated and skilled React Native developer team

  • Empowered React Native team
  • Continuous Skills Upgradation
  • Passionate and pro workforce with innovative minds and specialized skills
  • Experience in developing creative, unique, user friendly React Native application
  • Excellent communication skills for client interaction
  • Skilled in all areas of React Native development
  • Skilled in React JavaScript framework and library to develop native Android and iOS apps
  • Our React Native mobile app development team has in-depth knowledge of developing React
  • Native mobile products across domains like eCommerce,
  • Gamification, and Social Media
  • Expertise in rewrite legacy iOS apps and Android mobile apps into
  • React Native, in order to reduce ongoing overheads, maintenance, and risk

No Compromise on Quality / High-quality React Mobile development

  • We keep Quality as values in first and foremost position
  • Total Quality Management in design, development & delivery

Confidentiality & Security

  • 100% confidential consultation and project privacy maintained for lifetime
  • Aligned with worldwide Intellectual Property expectations

On time, continuous delivery and in budget

  • 95% of projects are delivered on time and within the estimated budget
  • Scrum Methodology helps you to improvise your React Native
  • Application during development phase
  • Cross-Platform, Fast Development for Android & iOS in React Native

Complemented User Experience

  • We work with human-centric design policy delivering a smooth and polished flow
  • Your application design derived based on upmost usability and end customer behavior analysis

Custom React Mobile Development

  • Deliver results in accordance with the real purpose of individual businesses
  • Develops responsive mobile apps that fits all screen sizes

Adaptive to new versions and technologies

  • All-tuned with the latest React Native versions, updates and releases
  • We believe in continuously improving our skills and capabilities in accordance with your project envision

Credencys's Development Approach

App Prototype

App Development

App Support

Industries we have worked with

Financial Services




Consumer Goods




Health Care



Real Estate

Public Transport

Consumer Services



Credencys’s Value Proposition

Agile Methodology

Iterative development, continuous delivery, continuous testing & continuous deployment


Access to latest technologies, tools & technology stacks with a transparent project management tool

End to End DevOps

Deliver business value more frequently. Achieve Quick deployments, shorter lead times, less probability of failure & ability to quickly recover

Quality Testing

Receive a top quality software product with unified user experiences. Reduce your time to market, save costs & get a product which is fit to use


Best in class infrastructure for optimum productivity. Collaborative work environment for precise action oriented workflow & high productivity

Experience in Relevant Projects

Experience in delivering different types of projects for Start-ups to Enterprises

Why Credencys?

  • 6 Years

    in Existence

  • 200+

    Team Members

  • 10

    Project Managers

  • 8

    Scrum Masters

  • 1000+

    No. of Projects Done

  • 100K+

    Accepted User Stories

Credencys's Integrity

Dedicated Skilled Resources

Your squad includes Centre of excellence, Sr. Technical Architects & software developers

High Quality Development

Get an access to multiple user stories, use cases & in depth analysis for a thorough development of features & functionalities throughout the project development

Confidentiality & Security

Solid Non-Disclosure Agreements. We guarantee the safe keeping & confidentiality of your project

IP Protection

IP Protection is our No.1 priority. You are and will be the sole owner of your IP

On Time Delivery, Every time

Get timebox delivery through scheduled sprints & stay assured on what gets delivered

Seamless User Experience

Get an amazing user experience for your software & apps

Articulated Documentation

Get a packaged software delivery with well-articulated software documentation

Single Coding Standard

Single Coding Standard allows easy maintenance & extension of the code

Test First Approach

Build tests before writing a code to steer the project as you go

Interact with your developers through a transparent project management tool. You can;

  • Get Iterative and continuous time box code deliveries
  • Get a single source of truth so that everyone shares the same vision
  • Get a clear visibility on the project development status
  • Access to visual data & reports for a better sprint planning
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