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In the Automotive industry, managing various part numbers, naming conventions, and vehicle configurations can be challenging. The automotive business is also embracing the digital transformation through standardized parts, fitment and vehicle data adopting various industry standards.

A tailored Product Information Management (PIM) solution can help your business adapt to these changes efficiently. It helps in keeping up with new, advanced vehicle parts, ensuring availability, and predicting demand;

  • Centralized platform to store, manage, and organize product data
  • Enforce data standardization and validation rules, making it easier to comply with industry-specific data formats and standards like ACES and PIES
  • Offer cross-referencing features, which are critical for matching parts across different catalogs
  • Streamline the workflow for data validation, approval, and distribution of product data across multiple suppliers, internal stakeholders and channels.

Tired of data silos in your automotive business?

PIM consolidates all product-related data into a single repository, making it easy to manage, update, and access consistent information across the organization. Connect with our experts to learn how PIM for Automotive eliminates data silos and streamlines your processes!

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Business Outcomes & Impact

Valuable features tailored to the automotive business' specific needs.

Introducing DRIVE

The Most Comprehensive PIM Solution for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

Developed by Credencys and powered by Syndigo, DRIVE is a comprehensive PIM solution designed specifically for the automotive aftermarket industry. DRIVE helps manage complex parts, fitment, and reference data, ensuring compliance with industry standards like ACES and PIES. It also facilitates data syndication to various platforms, enhancing reach and sales.

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AI-Based Product Description Generator

We integrate OpenAI GPT with the solution to automatically generate high-quality and engaging product description for different auto parts. Let the machines handle the mundane tasks while you concentrate on what really counts.

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Tractmotor Partners with Credencys to Simplify Complex Product Information Management Operations

Founded in 1975, Tractmotor Parts (M) Sdn Bhd is a prominent supplier of machinery, equipment, and spare parts for agriculture, light construction, and manufacturing sectors. Tractmotor was facing major challenges with dispersed automobile spare parts data, causing operational hurdles. Addressing challenges in product information and media management, they aimed to synchronize account and inventory systems.

Credencys addressed Tractmotor’s challenges by developing a web-based platform using Pimcore, seamlessly integrating Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Digital Commerce capabilities.

The platform enables centralized management of product data, media assets, and commerce activities. Tractmotor gains insights from a consolidated dashboard, optimizes catalog creation, and efficiently serves diverse customer needs with accurate pricing structures. The system integrates with their existing accounting and inventory systems, ensuring bi-directional data synchronization.


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Connect with our experts to explore how PIM solution for automotive industry can streamline your auto parts data management.

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