Connect different edge devices/products with each other and operate them seamlessly from a remote location with IoT solutions

Leverage IoT services to transform your business processes, create new business models, and offer distinct market differentiation through the clear value of IoT solutions. Credencys IoT solutions enable organizations to:

  • Build custom architectures that allows for real-time data exchange and integration among mobile apps and existing network infrastructure
  • Leverage quick processing, storage, and retrieval of data
  • Gain real-time data visibility through consistent, proven and reliable connectivity among devices, gateways and back end infrastructure
  • Make better decisions with augmented and accurate intelligence
  • Minimize overhead costs and improve operational efficiency through scalable synchronization between devices and the back end
Here is How

Our IoT Services

IoT Consulting & Solution Development

Intelligent Platform Configuration

Implementation of Connected Devices

End-to-end Business System Integration


Maintenance & Support

IoT Solutions Developed by Credencys

Smart IOT Air Conditioner

Improve the efficiency of your air conditioner by tracking the status of breakdowns & maintain the ambient temperature across premises in real-time, and from remote locations using IoT. Increase customer satisfaction by offering on-time maintenance services. Boost the productivity of field technicians by enabling them with detailed information about the breakdown before they reach the repair location

Automotive IOT Solutions

Deliver better customer experience by enabling users with the necessary information about their vehicles. Harness the potential of IoT solutions to gain intelligent insights about fuel efficiency, fuel consumption, total ride time, the total number of rides, usage anomalies, spikes in performance, etc. Automotive IoT sends vehicle maintenance reminders to customers as well as allows them to send an SOS in emergency situations

Smart IOT Equipment

Access information about your equipment in real-time while they are situated at varied locations through custom solutions using IoT services. Monitor equipment health on a continuous basis from a remote location & enable customers with preemptive maintenance services. Administrators will be notified whenever an equipment breakdown occurs and they can take required actionsinstantly to resolve malfunctions and prevent needless downtime

Smart IOT Smoke Detector

Help your customers stay safe, whether they are at home or in the office. With IoT based smart smoke detectors, customers receive an alert whenever there are fire-related hazards in their surroundings. When sensors detect any fire or smoke, users are notified on their smartphones. If users find the case of a false positive smoke alert, they can turn the alarm off through the wireless connection

Smart IOT Vending Machine

Get real-time updates about vending machine malfunctions, the nature of the problem, machine location, and insights about customer usage through IoT solutions. Ensure lower downtime and reduce unnecessary trips through pre-emptive or regular maintenance activities. Organizations can track revenue generated through the vending machine using IoT enabled sensors

IOT Water & Gas Meters

Accurately estimate demand and supply ratios by analyzing customers’ water and gas usage patterns. This helps in addressing the issues like delayed delivery as enterprises can plan a production schedule in advance. IoT offers better control over theft, maintenance, security and pilferage related issues as the admin will receive real-time notifications in case of any anomalies

Credencys’s Value Proposition

Agile Methodology

Iterative development, continuous delivery, continuous testing & continuous deployment


Access to the latest, best-in-class technologies, tools & technology stacks, with a transparent project management tool that offers deep visibility into software projects

End to End DevOps

Deliver business value more frequently. Achieve quick deployments, short lead times, less probability of failure, & the ability to quickly recover from any run-time issue

Quality Testing

Receive a top quality software product with unified user experiences. Reduce your time to market, save costs & get a product which is fit to use


Best in class infrastructure for optimum productivity. Collaborative work environment for precise action oriented workflow & high productivity

Proven Track Record with Relevant Projects

Experience in delivering different types of projects for enterprises and start-ups

Credencys Integrity

Dedicated Skilled Resources

Your squad includes resources from our Centres of Excellence, Sr. Technical Architects & software developers

High Quality Development

Gain access to multiple user stories, use cases & in depth analyses for a thorough development of features & functions throughout your project's progress

Confidentiality & Security

Solid Non-Disclosure Agreements and Role Based Acces to your work. We guarantee the safe keeping & confidentiality of your project

IP Protection

IP Protection is our No.1 priority. You are and will be the sole owner of your IP

On Time Delivery, Every time

Get timebox delivery through scheduled sprints & stay assured on what gets delivered.

Seamless User Experience

Get an amazing user experience for your software & apps.

Articulated Documentation

Get a packaged software delivery with well-articulated software documentation

Single Coding Standard

Single Coding Standard allows easy maintenance & extension of the code.

Test First Approach

Build tests before writing a code to steer the project as you go

Why Credencys?

  • 6 Years

    in Existence

  • 200+

    Team Members

  • 10

    Project Managers

  • 8

    Scrum Masters

  • 1000+

    No. of Projects Done

  • 100K+

    Accepted User Stories

Interact with your developers through a transparent project management tool. You can;

  • Get Iterative and continuous time box code deliveries
  • Rely on a single source of truth so that everyone shares the same vision
  • Maintain clear visibility on project progress
  • Access to visual data & reports for better sprint planning
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