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Credencys delivers High Speed Agile Software Development Services to leading organizations across the globe. Our team has expertise in development of enterprise applications, complex integrations and large scale software undertakings. Add our unique edge to your software development project and expedite your time to market.




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Gain complete control on Time, Quality and Cost, with our project management & support.

Under managed services, hire dedicated developers have the option to get all kind s of support from Credencys’ DevOps, Cloud, Center of Excellence (COE) and Management Teams. Further, QA Teams, Admin, Security and Process Managers ensure that the project stays on track, in terms of time, cost and quality.

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Credencys has been a real partner in the development and launch of my app. The level of professionalism exceeded my expectations. Not only did they implement all of my ideas but they also improved my app by suggesting additional features. The communication and implementation of the project has been great. We are in the final stage of development and even under pressure they have been a true partner. As I am launching with major corporations everybody is expecting a smooth launch.

Dounya Irrgang CEO, BevRage View Case Study


Most of web & software companies have huge operational cost which includes hiring, software licensing, infrastructure cost, etc. Outsourcing development can save money and reduce the risks associated with buying and supporting IT in-house. It is also a way of accessing the technological skills and experience that can drive business change without training the staff and taking the risks of doing something for the first time.

Trust can only be developed by working with each other. As a company Credencys gives risk free trials to make sure that our clients understand our process and expertise before they engage with us on a long term basis.

Our risk free trial is a period during which you work with our team, judge their communication and technical skills without paying anything. After the trial period, the client can decide to engage based on the results of the trial period.

We understand the choosing the right technology partner is not the easiest task. Also we do understand that it is a very important decision. A wrong choice can result into severe business losses. We believe that our Eco-System with Risk-Free trails completely eliminates the risk of engaging with us. The Eco-System supports the developer in areas of Development Process/Tools, DevOps, Cloud, Technical Expertise, Security, Management and Administrations guarantees successful engagements.

The first step towards delivering quality services with pre-defined timelines is defining the standards and benchmarks at the start of the engagement. This helps in casting realistic expectations from both the ends. Credencys is a religious follower of SCRUM methodology that executes the project via a series of sprints. In keeping with Agile methodology, sprints are time boxed to no more than a month long, most commonly two weeks. This incremental delivery system shortens the time to market and results in a higher success ratio.

You will always have a dedicated account manager to whom you can escalate the issue. The account manager will look into the matter and try to resolve it with the developer, but still if the issue remains the same, then the developer will be replaced on immediate basis.

You can communicate with developers via Phone call, Skype, email, etc. We usually use our project management tools to be ensured that both the client and the team are on the same page.

Our developers are trained to work with almost every type of SourceControl system. Our well-established procedure makes it easy for developer to understand your SourceControl and development process.

Our developers are trained to work in Agile Methodologies (SCRUM).

Most of the challenging tasks are successfully completed by our developers. However, there can be some complexities in which they need help. The Center of Excellence (CoE) team helps the developers to overcome any technical challenges.

Daily tracking of tasks is done on a SCRUM Board shared with you. You also get clarity on daily movement of code to SourceControl system. Additionally timesheets will be filled by the team on a daily basis

Credencys provides best working conditions for its employees. However, due to some reason, if the dedicated developer wants to leave our company, we have organized handover process. During the notice period another developer who is going to take the charge understands the current status of the project and then only takes up a new role.

We always give complete freedom to our customers to increase or decrease the team based on their requirements. However, we suggest them to provide one-month notice period to make proper arrangements to give the best from our side.