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Get a Head Start with Credencys’ Managed Services

Have you ever signed a Time & Material or Fixed Price contract for hiring a team?

Then you must be aware that these models allow you to control only any two of the three constraints (viz. Time, Cost and Quality) at any given time. However, with us – you can control all three without any compromise. Hiring and working with a Credencys team is easier than you think. As an IT managed services provider, we utilize scrum to give you:

  • Granular visibility into project progress.
  • Guaranteed predefined time-boxed deliveries.
  • Assurance that you only pay when Scrum team delivers as per expectation.

We Meet Deadlines with our Elastic Team

As one of the leading managed services companies, our teams have a mixed blend of skills and experience to handle challenges effectively. To ensure that working components of the software are delivered as per the signed SLA, we maintain elastic teams – which means that if requirement arises the size of team could be increased to meet the deadline or complete the Sprint successfully.

We Provide Complete Visibility and Transparency with Scrum

Often organizations do not get any behind the scenes visibility into what’s happening in their projects; and it is difficult for them to know if they are being billed for actual work or the work hours are inflated. We address this concern with Scrum – which provides our clients with better visibility into projects. If they wish, they can access daily standup reports showing resource allocation, sprint velocity, percentage of work done and hours left to complete the work. Also, unlike other managed IT services companies, we follow Scrum, in 100% of our processes.

We Ensure Quality is Never Compromised

By including a Project Manager, Center of Excellence, Scrum Coach and DevOps team, we make sure that the project stays on track and project deliverables meet the SLA’s Acceptance Criteria. At the end of each sprint (typically 2 weeks long), you may evaluate the quality of our work. In case, the Acceptance Criteria isn’t met – you may cancel the project, without bearing any cost; having said that, it’s very unlikely. Our team of managers is committed to deliver world class Application Management Services, ensuring that you get the peace of mind which is otherwise missing in Staff Augmentation or any other model.

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