Simplify Complex Processes

Centralize the Distributed Activities Across Various Channels Into One Interface

Over 85% of Smartphone users prefer Mobile Apps to websites with over 80% of all Smartphone time spent on apps. Hence, today 81% manufacturers are planning effective mobile solutions for their business to grow. Manufacturing mobile apps can take the form of marketing apps to expand the reach; customer service apps to enhance their experience and custom apps to increase the efficiency of internal operations and communication. Deep understanding of manufacturing business processes and activities across the unit along with profound technical expertise empowers us to build highly intuitive and user friendly mobile app.

Make Your Manufacturing Business More Productive

Optimized Floor Level Operational Efficiency

Manage dispersed workstations all around the unit in the most cost effective and timely manner with the help of a robust mobile app. Mobile apps for manufacturing let you streamline all the processes and improve the productivity of your workforce by providing real-time information to every work station. Deliver project information, job documentation, real time data analysis, images, training videos and job instructions to facilitate operational activities of floor level executives/workers with the help of user-friendly app.

Monitor Bottom Level Activities With Precision

With the help of a custom manufacturing mobile app, graphical representation of the performance of every work station can be created with other specific details like percentage of work completion and downtime. This will allow the controller to proactively plan actions for those work-centres who are lagging behind or trending out of specifications. Real-time information availability, without any geographical boundaries, facilitates faster decision making and analysis process.

Drive Growth with Increased Productivity

Creating a role based app can boost 5-10% productivity of workforce. Custom made app for specific job/role can be created to increase the performance of the users. E.g. being a supply chain logistic company you can create an app for drivers to monitor collections, deliveries, fuel efficiency, daily mileage and locations. These highly purposeful apps having simple user interface results in success.

Effective Processes Across Varied Channels

Create a disruptive business model with the help of mobile app to drive growth. An app for various departments helps accelerate your revenues. Allow stakeholders to connect seamlessly through the app and have flawless communication. E.g. sales team can provide information about stock and profitability levels to concerned team whereas dealers and distributors get information on sales and promotions, new product update, invoice data and orders status through the app.

Leverage The Sophisticated Device Capabilities

Smartphone and tablets come equipped with in-built features like gyroscope, camera, accelerometer and much more. Creating a user-centric app using these features help your businesses minimize the cost and yield more revenue. E.g. RFID chips can be used to track inventory, users can share and report emergency incidents with the help of camera and GPS functionality. This leads to speedy response and minimize the liability and fraud.

Improved Assessment System

Managers can gain more operational visibility by having an app which allows them to identify problems on the production line in real-time. They can drill down into the problem areas and take quick actions. This leads to improved quality control and enhance communication and collaboration between floor level workforce and their superiors.