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Bringing Efficiency to Healthcare!

Almost 72% Physicians use tablets for their day to day tasks, says Manhattan Research

Hand-held devices have become powerful medical tools that help doctors and surgeons to accomplish their tasks quickly and more efficiently!

AR involves adding a layer of digital information which improves a real-time image with the help of cloud-based data for creating a virtual view-finder.

Doctors can simply hold their tablet’s camera to a patient or body cavity, scan the image and voilà! Relevant data can be immediately downloaded in the form of a digital overlay.

See how Augmented Reality can transform Medicine & Healthcare

Tracking Skin Lesions

Medical Augmented Reality apps help you improve skin cancer detection stages. These can also be used as tools for evaluating skin cancer types like cutaneous lymphoma that have to be monitored at regular intervals. Apps can help acquire the skin surface in various spectral bands and generate 3D reconstruction. Such apps help compare results and have better idea about skin lesions. Furthermore, these apps also help physicians’ document skin lesion evolutions.

Heart Surgery

Endoscopic cardiac surgeries are extremely complex as physicians have to operate through very small incision points at a specific operating region. In these cases, physicians have to deal with a very limited field view. Augmented Reality apps can help physicians have an enlarged view of the organs in the form of 3D models overlaid when they conduct complex surgeries.

Simplifying the Field of View

When it comes to minimally invasive procedures, Physicians use surgical instruments to be inserted via a tiny cut on a patient’s skin. Some cases involve the use of endoscope cameras to record video images of operation shown on the monitor. Under such circumstances, the field of view of a surgeon is divided into multiple work spaces such as viewing the monitor, patient, seeing the medical imaging data, etc. All this complicates the control of surgical tools. As a physician, you have to collect information from multiple spaces and remember the details mentally. Augmented Reality Medical Apps can be displayed to help you have access to entire information in one field of view.