Experience Augmented Reality in True-Sense

Interact with the World around you like never before

Meta’s SpaceGlasses let you blend the virtual world with your real world in the most amazing manner! The aviator-styled Eyewear overlays interactive 3-D content in your real world. It lets you see hologram versions of tablets and smartphones right in front of you.

The hologram versions can be placed anywhere you want. You can even access the apps on your smartphone using meta glasses. The Eyewear has a system that includes a 3-D camera and 3-D glasses that help track your hand movements flawlessly.

Key features of Spaceglasses

  • Accelerometer, gyroscope and compass (known as Integrated Motion Unit) for 9-axis motion tracking
  • 3D surround sound
  • 40 degree field of view 3D HD display
  • 3D stereoscopic display
  • Support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Finger and gesture interaction
  • Projectable LCDs for both the eyes
  • Infrared depth camera standard color camera with 3D sensors
  • Best quality lenses by ZEISS

Meta AR Glasses – An inside look!

Simply put, SpaceGlasses allow you to combine the power of Smartphone and laptop in eye wear to map virtual things into the real world. You need to connect your device into a laptop/computer and start the metaPort app. Next, the app will wirelessly transmit a hologram of your device to your metaPro i.e. the glasses. You will be able to see a smartphone hovering right in front of your eyes and you can use it in a way you use the actual device. You need not hold anything; the device will come floating in front of you.

The meta augmented reality glasses are equipped with 4GB of RAM, Intel Core i5 CPU including 128GB of onboard storage. The Eyewear creates a 3D model of the world around you with the help of an algorithm Meta developed for tracking flat surfaces in real-time. There is no need to use any special physical markers here. The tracking produces some coordinates and these are relayed into your laptop which renders this digital information in the form of a 3D-model of your surrounding environment.

Experience 9 degrees of freedom with Meta’s SpaceGlasses

Hand-tracking algorithms and surface tracking are two technologies that help Meta Smartglasses stand apart in the AR computing landscape. These technologies are vital for having world class holographic computing constructs. Initially, Meta’s surface tracking technology involved seeing the edges of a plane that was being tracked in order to create a virtual display. The new technology now identifies and tracks the table and wall surfaces despite the fact that glasses cannot see the boundaries of those surfaces. This was made possible because of the 9-axis Integrated Motion Unit.

Coming to hand-tracking algorithms, the Meta Glasses Kickstarter is built on SoftKinect’s technology that easily identifies your hand in any orientation. What’s more, it can even track them with no waiting time. SpaceGlasses Kickstarter, in nutshell, promises to provide end-users with the best natural experience because all you need to do is wear the glass and you can easily interact with digital constructs with no need to adjust the system.

Amongst World’s first ten buyers of Meta SpaceGlasses developer edition

Our team has experience in using the Unity 3D Software Development Kit to churn out awe-inspiring SpaceGlasses Apps. Here’s what you can expect from us–

  • 3D Surface Tracking for features and featureless surfaces including markers
  • Hand Tracking including gestures, body and hand meshes
  • Depth mapping
  • Finger Tracking