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Get Agile, Embrace DevOps

Continuous Integration, Deployment, Delivery


Improve Business Agility with DevOps

Is your business struggling to meet ever changing customer demands? Are you concerned about the pace of development, code quality or testing of your Apps? DevOps solutions will help you remove bottlenecks in your software development, delivering quality results on continuous and timely basis. Leading enterprises are achieving more frequent deploys, stable operations and reduced costs with DevOps best practices. That’s why Credencys has embraced DevOps methodology, making it a part of its core business ethics. It augments our software development, making it more agile and responsive; you can also adopt DevOps to achieve higher efficiency and weave amazing customer experiences.

How it Works

DevOps is a natural choice for those who feel the need to align their development and operations teams to improve code quality, integrate continuously, and deliver faster. DevOps breaks the wall between development and operations, enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery, and will allow you to build high quality products, in less time.

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Operational Benefits

Credencys offers DevOps as a service with proven tools, flows, and environment for small and large enterprises to spin up DevOps environment. You can develop, build, test, and deploy software across a variety of cloud environments including Amazon AWS, Openstack, Microsoft Azure, and others. Our DevOps team emphasizes on collaboration and integration of the automation tools to leverage a highly dynamic infrastructure from a lifecycle perspective. Automating code and version control are the two important and common tools in addition to configuration management and monitoring.

Business Returns


Nothing can be more hurtful to a brand than a mobile App with a one star rating. DevOps will ensure that you get builds with higher success rates and Apps with five star user ratings.


If your business demands you to race against time, DevOps will give you the requisite Agility, bringing significant reduction in time to deploy your MVP.


As DevOps automation increases time to market, this means you can try out all options with timely improvements, newer features and eventually reduce your opportunity costs.