QuickScrum to strengthen Software Development

In a market driven by cutting edge technologies, Scrum framework offers a reliable way to accelerate growth by delivering exceptional quality products. QuickScrum is Credencys Agile development and project delivery framework that helps IT companies to implement scrum for software development. QuickScrum focuses on delivering high-quality products, regularly and continuously matching the clients’ requirements. It is intended to help identification of pain points and allowing the development teams to adapt.

“Scrum is like your mother-in-law, it points out ALL your faults”
– Ken Schwaber

Our team makes use of QuickScrum to improve collaboration, team communication, software quality, delivery time, and reduce the development costs. We support the clients in implementing changes in their structures and processes to achieve their strategic goals. We follow Scrum principles and practices to help our clients get the products delivered in short time frames. It also enables rapid adaptation to change, increase the quality of deliverables, and continuous improvement. Due to short sprints and continuous feedback, it becomes easier to cope up with the changes. Issues are identified in advance and hence, they can be resolved without wasting any time.

QuickScrum Process

Our team follows the Agile Scrum process to manage and track product development. Our teams reach delivery maturity with execution at speed and high quality. We conduct short daily meetings wherein the Scrum Master communicates with the team members and get a better picture of the project and trends. A group meeting is conducted every day with all the stake holders, developers, project managers to brainstorm and finalize the requirements. The team members can pick what to do and when for the given iterations and it makes them happy. Burndown and Velocity Charts give a critical insight for real-time planning and roadmapping across multiple teams and projects.

Increased ROI with QuickScrum

One of the major reasons why scrum projects enjoy a higher ROI is that the time to market is reduced. Applying Scrum allows “good enough” development that results in a saleable product even when the project is in full swing. This incremental delivery system reduces the time to market and results in higher revenues. Regular feedback through sprint reviews from stakeholders is less expensive and less time consuming. Automation and up-front testing ensures less unwanted work and faster deployments. QuickScrum decreases the cost of failure too. Scrum teams have several opportunities to control project performance and mitigate the risks of absolute project failure.

Thorough Testing

In addition, reviewing each sprint before moving to the next one ensures that testing is done throughout the development process. This allows the Scrum teams to change the direction of the project at any stage during the development. Though budget and deadlines of the project are fixed, the project requirements can be altered.

See our DevOps to see how we ensure Quick and Thorough testing of all your releases.

Advantages of Scrum from the Client Perspective

Though the clients may not care about the project management process or methodology used by the development team, Scrum provides a definite set of benefits such as faster delivery of projects, change the requirements or priorities quickly, and efficient products and services. The results can be shaped as per the clients’ requirements. The basic idea behind QuickScrum is to encourage the teams to work better and deliver higher quality products. Who couldn’t benefit from that?

QuickScrum to improve the performance

Well, the objective doesn’t just apply to the software developers who are tasked with churning out the lines of codes. All the other team members involved can leverage QuickScrum and accomplish their goals effectively and efficiently. Even the design, quality assurance (QA), entry level BD, senior-level managers, project managers and marketing teams can improve their performance and achieve a continuous level of improvement with QuickScrum.