What is product information management (PIM)

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    Who needs PIM in your organization?

    • Challenges faced by CXO

      • Slower product time-to-market

      • Absence of a single source of truth for all product information

      • Scattered supplier, dealer, and customers data

      • Poor customer experiences (CX)

      • Slow turn around from quotation to delivery

    • Challenges faced by operational team

      • Unable to collect and aggregate different data from suppliers

      • Unable to send updated pricing information across the organization

      • Unable to create effective quotations to dealers and distributors due to lack of centralized systems

      • Unable to maintain the latest catalog due to high product churn rate (discontinued products)

      • Unable to maintain different variants of products

    • Challenges faced by SM team

      • A lot of manual work is required to create custom quotations

      • Unable to define pricing based on customer segments

      • Unable to provide discounts to specific customers

      • Unable to run promotions to specific customer segments

      • Unable to provide all the options/ variants to the customers in an interactive manner

      • Unable to update product quantity

      • Unable to provide information about stock quantities

    • Challenges faced by IT team

      • Need to manage multiple systems and database

      • An increasing number of duplicated data across different data silos

      • Frequently required data cleaning

      • Frequently required data merging

      • Inability to create MIS reports on time

      • Need to integrate different systems

      • Unable to provide required data to different teams in operations and sales & marketing

      • Mismanagement and scattered data across the organization

    How Credencys helps you address
    these challenges?

    Credencys has successfully deployed
    product information management solutions for


    Helped Tractmotor to reduce time-to-market by 58%

    3s Global

    3s Global has reduced the duplicate data by 82%

    Kringle Society

    Helped Kringle Society to increase revenue by 23%

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      I really appreciate the way team understood our needs and delivered the best solution. I am very happy for the suggestions you provided to find better technical or UX solutions. Dedication of the team towards delivering a better experience to our customers was commendable. Thanks for all the hard work and well done!.

      Shamindri Perera
      Senior Manager, Samsung

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      It was a pleasure working with Credencys. The dedication and attention provided is much appreciated. I am very happy with the performance of the team and thankful for delivering the project in time. We greatly value your partnership. We look forward to many more successful collaborations.

      Anwar Gani
      IT Superintendent, Kenmare

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      My experience working with Credencys was very positive. I appreciate the effort that the team was putting on explaining all the steps and information required for moving forward. It was my first experience outsourcing service from outside my country, and for sure I will do it again.

      Renato Gama
      Executive Director & Partner, LPC Latina

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      I would like to thank you for the great work provided by your team, and the flexibility to deliver this in this short timeframe; I know it required extra hours and week end work but at the end it was a success. I thank all the team members also on behalf of Lonza.

      Stephane Delatorre
      IT Director, Lonza Biologics TUAS

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      It has been a real pleasure working with Credencys. They were very professional & very clear in all communications. I also appreciate the team’s attention to detail and creative approach to bring my project live. I am delighted and happy to have found Credencys as my offshore development partner.

      Shawn Mitkowski
      Chief Information Officer, Sterne Kessler Goldstein Fox PLLC

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