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Create & Deliver Personalized Customer Experience with Pimcore Development

Lower operational cost and enhanced customer experience are the revenue drivers for businesses. Pimcore, an open-source framework, helps companies to meet their objectives by developing a wide range of digital solutions. Digitize your organizational processes by storing, managing, and processing the immense data from a single platform.

Customers can interact with your brand from many touch points. Delivering seamless experience across all the marketing channels seems challenging to the organizations. However, with Pimcore, you can offer a phenomenal user journey by maintaining a consistent user experience on different platforms and devices. We build advanced enterprise solutions with engaging front-end and robust back-end using Pimcore.

Our Pimcore Development Services


Our business consultants understand your requirements, analyze the most suitable capabilities of Pimcore and develop custom applications.

App Design

Pimcore allows to create user-centered designs with high-end customization for your websites and e-commerce portals.

App Development

Leveraging different capabilities of Pimcore, we build web and mobile applications that are specifically designed to address your business challenges.


Integrating different 3rd party software & existing systems in Pimcore, we help businesses to process the massive data in real-time and make insightful business decisions.


To deliver quality enterprise solutions, our Pimcore developers perform rigorous functional and stress testings that minimize solution downtime and boost application performance.


Get on-demand support from our Pimcore developers for bug fixing, feature enhancement, and system operations. We resolve any issue that occurs after app implementation.

Credencys has a team of 30+ Pimcore developers, who are trained and certified by Pimcore. Harnessing the potential of Pimcore, we develop digital experience platform for the businesses to accelerate their online performance.

Our Featured Work

A Web App for a Leading Apparel Manufacturing Firm

Credencys developed a B2B e-commerce application using Pimcore that manages products and allows to sell those products to the clients. It also takes care of user/employee management, rule engine and user product/cart allocation.

  • Use of Product Information Management and Digital Asset Management with E-commerce Plugin(Order Management) of Pimcore
  • Rule Engine development for dynamic User Allocations
  • Integration with the client ERP system (EasyCom) and other 3rd party services like FedEx, Authorize.net, EDI etc.
  • Product customization is possible

BJP - Website and Mobile App Development

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is one of the two major political parties in India. Credencys revamped their main website from scratch and provided navigation to other microsites from the same website. We developed iOS & Android mobile apps too. We used CMS, PIM and DAM components of Pimcore.

  • Customer management framework Implementation to manage different user types
  • Target Segmentation & Personalization for customized content delivery
  • Integration of CCAvenue, SMS & Email notification, and AMP
  • User role and rights management

A Mobile App Development for a Renowned Financial Company

The client wanted to develop a marketplace that connects service providers and customers, who deal with financial services. Credencys developed a mobile app that not only connects both the parties but also provides customized services to the end customers.

  • Centralized, flexible and Agile data model for segmentation, personalization and marketing automation
  • Aggregation of customer data from the different source and easy data management
  • Digital asset management to manage & integrate customer’s related images and document
  • Multilingual data management

Pimcore Development Capabilities of Credencys

Using Pimcore, we can develop separate web and mobile solutions for your specific business needs or combine different offerings of the technology to build an enterprise-grade application. Our Pimcore development expertise involves

Product Information Management (PIM)

Helping businesses manage their product and customer data effectively by storing them in a centralized data management system of Pimcore.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Managing digital assets of your digital solutions such as images, videos, documents, and graphics in DAM, a centralized data storage of Pimcore.

Enterprise Content Management (CMS)

Leverage flexibility of editing and updating your web & mobile content as per your changing needs through Pimcore offered Enterprise Content Management.


Developing Pimcore based e-commerce solutions, we manage your digital catalog of B2B & B2C products and helping you deliver omnichannel experiences to the customers.

Personalized Marketing

Delivering a highly personalized experience to the customers by tracking their behavior on your website, mobile app, eStore & other marketing channels using Customer Data Management.

Data Modeling

Managing your millions of products or customers with thousands of attributes and arranging your scattered digital data in a customized structure with Data Modeling.

Workflow Management

Improve your operational accuracy and productivity by defining a custom and advanced workflow for your business processes & editorial activities.


Pimcore’s web-to-print facility allows businesses to take prints of their digital content such as product catalogs, marketing collaterals, and documents.

Create Amazing Buying Experiences with our Pimcore Developers

Build robust CMS, e-commerce, web and mobile solutions with centralized data management of your products and customers by hiring certified Pimcore developers from Credencys.

Fixed Cost

It is the right choice for the projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.

Time & Material

The engagement model allows to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.

Offshore Development Center

We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

Pimcore Development Tech Stack

  • Technology


  • Framework


  • Architecture


  • API


  • Database



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Why Businesses should consider Pimcore Development?

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Pimcore is an open-source framework so you need not to pay any licensing cost. Develop highly data-driven web, mobile, CMS and e-commerce solutions at highly cost-effective rates.

Enriched User Engagement

Grab the attention of both online and offline customers by launching your marketing campaigns on different channels like web, mobile, email, print, social media, etc.

Gain Competitive Edge

Stay ahead in competition by streamlining your business processes using Pimcore. Get quick access to all important data that provides detailed insights about your every business aspect.

Increased Revenue

Reach out to the wider target audience by adopting a multi-channel strategy offered by Pimcore. It helps businesses increase their sales and achieve profitability.

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