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Pimcore is an innovative and personalized open-source platform that drives agility to your business with the avant-grade digital experience platforms. It facilitates brands with lower operational costs and exciting customer experiences by developing groundbreaking digital solutions using different modules.

Being a modular platform, Pimcore offers the next level of flexibility to the organizations to build advanced digital solutions for data management and experience management by selecting the right combination or a full suite of all Pimcore frameworks.

Empower your sales, marketing, eCommerce, inventory, and many other operations by harnessing the potential of Pimcore’s powerful frameworks. Facilitate your different teams to work in sync and access up-to-date, accurate, and complete information from a single location.

Pimcore Frameworks

Pimcore Digital Experience Platform

Core capabilities of

Amplify your business with modernized and optimized workflows, data, and customer services with the help of six frameworks. Deliver a captivating customer experience across all the sales and marketing channels. Enable the target audience with a phenomenal user journey by providing a consistent user experience on different devices and platforms.

Data sources

  • ERP
  • EXL
  • DOC
  • Portals
  • Databse
  • Drive
  • DropBox
  • CRM
  • People

Data collection

Leverage assured business success by making the right amalgamation of new technologies to revamp legacy systems and processes. Effective data aggregation and centralization are vital for the brands to grow business immensely.

Data management

Manage centrally stored data in a flexible, intelligent, and structured way using Pimcore-based digital platforms to make data quickly and easily accessible. Tons of data are uniquely identified at the different stages of operations and used in real-time. Pimcore provides better business intelligence that drives favorable outcomes for your business.

Experience management

Using organized and centralized data, organizations can create and deliver a personalized, consistent, and omnichannel digital experience to customers, partners, and employees.

Data delivery

Being a highly flexible platform, Pimcore allows companies to deliver data on front-end portals like websites, eCommerce stores, marketplaces, etc. The technology can be connected with any number of APIs for smooth data transition. It also distributes data across more than 2500 sales, making, and eCommerce channels by ensuring greater uniformity.

Key Features of Pimcore

Centralized product data management

Pimcore collects, manages, and enriches the product data and related media assets available in disparate systems to a centralized platform. Share accurate, updated, and complete information with your teams and distribute the correct data across all the devices and channels.

Eliminate data silos

Manage all the products, customers, and vendor related data in a single location for quick access. Leverage automated notifications and alerts. Pimcore development streamlines cross-departmental commutations for the organizations and helps create a more cooperative and efficient company culture.

Behavioral targeting

Create highly personalized customer experiences for the targeted user personas by tracking the user activities in your website or eCommerce store. Identify and understand those personas to deliver contextualized content and custom journey with Pimcore’s behavioral targeting.

Media asset library

Manage all the media files such as images, videos, audios, documents, etc. in a single digital repository using Pimcore. It allows companies to deliver highly personalized content & supports all types of media files. Aggregate, consolidate & manage any number of digital assets in a structured way.

eCommerce process management

Manage multiple customer reviews, personalized checkouts, complex pricing structures, and other eCommerce-related activities by implementing Pimcore’s digital commerce platform. It assures full interoperability amongst all connected systems and helps organizations increase business potential.

Centralized master data management

Pimcore handles all the critical business data for you including products, customers, vendors, partners, inventory, etc. Using Pimcore’s Master Data Management, brands can gather the master data in a single place, manage everything through hierarchy, and create a workflow for validation and version control.

Pimcore transforms data into experiences

Pimcore technology stack


Application Server

Core Technology

How does service-driven architecture of Pimcore benefit businesses?

Open-source platform

Pimcore is an open-source technology platform that is capable of meeting any specific business requirements. The platform leverages ideas and designs to innovate, evolve and execute successfully and provides the clients with lucrative benefits.


Pimcore supports comprehensive and extensive APIs that make integration of the platform with complex enterprise systems and third-party applications such as ERP, BI, CRM, and more. Leverage the futuristic features of the technology that can be adapted and modified as per your precise business requirements. The high-level flexibility of the platform reduces deployment risk and time-to-market.

Faster innovation

The flexible architecture of the Pimcore platform allows for a multitude of open-source innovations like machine learning libraries and open AI that helps brands scale rapidly. The platform allows organizations to design minimum viable products. Companies can expand digital innovation as capital and demand increase.

Superior connectivity

Pimcore is an extremely flexible framework that allows us to build almost any solution. The platform is based on the latest technologies such as PHP/Symphony, Elastic Search, Varnish, MySQL, and Redis. It allows companies to develop complex web solutions rapidly. Connect your solution with any device, technology, and channel impeccably.

Marketing automation

Harness the potential of Pimcore’s CDP to manage and aggregate any type and amount of customer data in a centralized repository. Provides the target audience with real-time and personalized journeys through a built-in behavioral targeting engine and advanced automated marketing solutions.

Cloud-based or on-premise deployment

Pimcore supports both cloud-based and on-premise deployment of digital solutions. As per the brand’s preference and requirements, Credencys hosts the data on local servers protected by security firewalls. We also deploy the solution on the cloud and synchronize the data between public and private cloud infrastructures.

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Hi I'm Sagar Sharma.

Hi I'm Sagar Sharma.

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Credencys has a team of certified Pimcore developers and consultants who help organizations manage complex data seamlessly and solve experience management related challenges effectively.

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We have a team of Pimcore experts who have proven experience in developing state-of-the-art digital solutions using PIM, DAM, DXP, eCommerce, MDM, and CDP to meet the tailored needs of any business.

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Credencys has become Pimcore Gold Certified Partner as we have successfully delivered 50+ Pimcore projects using all six powerful frameworks. We have earned this position due to our expertise with the platform.

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