Merging Physical and Virtual Realities

Widespread high speed Internet connectivity, e-commerce, digitization and automation of work processes has developed an insatiable need for uninterrupted connectivity. People are spending an increasing number of daily hours glued to some sort of “display screen” irrespective of whether they are at work or at home. However, the time is not far when you won’t have to swipe, click or type to get relevant information – it will be streamed in front of you, right when you need it. Cognitive Technology advancements are merging physical and virtual realities, creating immersive mixed-media experiences for consumers. While wearable App development is in vogue, there is a lot of room for innovation with gesture and facial recognition technologies. Are you ready to innovate!

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Illuminate Future Possibilities

  • Consumers will be able to navigate, read, respond, record and manage data without looking at their mobile phones.
  • Consumers will be able to receive notifications without access to their mobile phone.
  • Consumers will continue to be able to sync all their devices for single point of entry.
  • Consumers will have access to data faster than ever before.
  • Consumers will finally get the truly hands free experience.

Track, Stack & Wear

Wearable devices are not just a fashion statement anymore. As a leading wearable App development company, Credencys is helping entrepreneurs and established businesses in bringing their innovative ideas to life.

  • Smart Glass – Google’s Smart Glass is incorporating new gestures and facial recognition capabilities. Being a newer medium, you can gain early advantage; start now to develop Smart Glass Apps.
  • Smartwatches – Selling like hot cakes, Smartwatches are getting high on marketers’ priority list. Want to track consumers round the clock? We have a team of smartwatch developers to fit the bill.
  • Smart clothing – You can use wearable tracking devices to find things (and people), let a T-shirt monitor your temperature and GPS track your jogging route. Credencys can help you explore all these and endless other opportunities with Cognitive Technologies.


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Make Room for Smart Home

Apps that interlink smart home devices (e.g. Smart Alarms, ACs, Blinds, Lighting and Smart TVs), enable centralized monitoring, control and remote management are increasingly becoming common. Smart solutions for both residential and commercial spaces are being launched in abundance. We can help you expand your portfolio and create a differentiation for your business with such solutions. Our teams have delivered WOW solutions to enterprises in the past; get us on board.

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Track more with Fitness Trackers

Is your consumer a fitness freak? Is he/she an early riser or someone who prefers to party late? Fitness trackers can possibly help you get such consumer insights. Working with wearable technology companies, Credencys has developed numerous health and fitness apps (including Infotainment, Fitness and Healthcare) that track everything from number of steps, number of calories, heart rate, posture, sleep and even stress rates with watches and clothes; develop one for yourself.


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Engage in Gaming and Entertainment

There’s a parallel world out there for serious Gamers, with different motivations and desires. However, the distinction between serious and casual gamer is slowly diminishing. Moreover, organizations are using the concepts of Gamification for driving their marketing and also engaging employees on enterprise collaboration suits. There is a massive gaming opportunity in Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps for organizations to explore. If you think games are only for serious gamers – think again.

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