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Latest is not enough. The market today needs scalable solutions that can meet the demands of tomorrow. While the insatiable appetite for seamless connectivity is driving the mobile revolution – the next phase for innovation and growth will involve integration of device and sensor data with big data, analytics and other enterprise Apps. This integration will create a whole new economy for Internet of Things companies (IOT companies). Experts are banking big on IOT and as a business you need not wait before it becomes a phenomenon. The opportunity to gain early advantage with mobile enabled IOT solutions is here – we build advanced IOT applications with mobile.

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As a Xively Certified Systems Integration partner, Credencys delivers design, development, integration, deployment and support services for IOT solutions that leverage the Xively Connected Product Management (CPM) platform. Read More

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More than 50 billion devices will be networked into IOT by the end of this decade. Using Shodan you can probably check who is using your products, where are your customers located and who are your competitors. This means that the business of gathering consumer insights has just entered another dimension – now in addition to tracking website-usage, you can also track smart TVs, refrigerators and much more.

It is now or Never!

From offices and parking lots to refrigerators, IOT is adding up more things into the digital fold on a regular basis. If consumer space doesn’t interest you, you may explore enterprise IOT solutions that integrate with SCADA to feed real-time data from your machines and plants to data centers for processing. The best time for investing in IOT is now; it’s true that the infrastructure is still involving and there might be time before definite business models take shape. Still, IOT development has opened up new landscapes for innovation and growth. Early adopters would be better equipped to avert disruptive forces and make the most of this opportunity.

IOT vs M2M – What’s good for your Business?

There is a lot of buzz and confusion in the market with IOT & machine-to-machine (M2M) being used interchangeably in common discourse. This confusion is created because both IOT and M2M solutions have ‘remote device access’ in common. However, the difference lies in the manner IOT and M2M approach remote devices. Conventionally, M2M solutions rely on point-to-point (P2P) communications with embedded hardware modules (added cost) to communicate with remote devices. Whereas, IoT solutions are built on IP-based networks which ensure easy integration of device data to a cloud or middleware platform. As IOT by definition is reliant more on Software than Hardware, it is seen as a universal enabler and a preferred choice for enterprises.

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Credencys is a business development house which has a 200+ strong team of experienced developers. As a leading software solutions and managed services provider, we have worked with numerous businesses in retail, healthcare, hospitality, transportation & logistics, banking & finance, and more. You can also get our teams on board for developing your own mobile enabled IOT application.

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