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Gain early advantage in IoT

Latest is never enough. The next phase for innovation and growth has started with integration of device and sensor data with big data analytics tools. This Internet of Things is recognized as the biggest disruption since industrial revolution. It is right time to enter and gain early advantage.

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Leverage IOT Quickly & Securely

Investing your time in core R&D and analysis might not be prudent - both financially and technically. On the other hand, adopting best practices and leveraging mature IOT platforms can help you make most of the opportunities in IOT. Achieve your business goals in less time with a definite roadmap by partnering with Credencys. As a Xively Certified Systems Integration partner, Credencys delivers design, development, integration, deployment and support services for IOT solutions that leverage the Xively Connected Product Management (CPM) platform.

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KRYO Sleep Performance System

Kryo is a water-based, app-controlled cooling mattress topper that actively cools down to 60℉ improving REM and deep sleep by as much as 20%. It includes a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone platform, which allows users to control their mattress directly from their smartphone. One can set a weekly schedule to ensure their mattress stays comfortable and also program temperature changes throughout the night. Credencys is associated with this crowd-funded project as an App Development Partner.

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Make Room for Smart Home

Apps that interlink smart home devices (e.g. Smart Alarms, ACs, Blinds, Lighting and Smart TVs), enable centralized monitoring, control and remote management are increasingly becoming common. Smart solutions for both residential and commercial spaces are being launched in abundance. We can help you expand your portfolio and create a differentiation for your business with such solutions. Our teams have delivered WOW solutions to enterprises in the past; get us on board.

Don’t miss out on IOT

From offices and parking lots to refrigerators, IOT is adding up more things into the digital fold on a regular basis. More than 50 billion devices will be networked into IOT by the end of this decade. Early adopters would be better equipped to avert disruptive forces and make the most of this opportunity.


Using Shodan you can probably check who is using your products, where your customers are located and who are your competitors. This means that the business of gathering consumer insights has just entered another dimension – now in addition to tracking

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Credencys is a business development house which has a 200+ strong team of experienced developers. As a leading software solutions and managed services provider, we have worked with numerous businesses in retail, healthcare, hospitality, transportation & logistics, banking & finance, and more. You can also get our teams on board for developing your own mobile enabled IOT application.


Industry's first IOT based smart Alarm System