Web Application Services And Beyond

Credencys web application services incorporates a proven business process that has several stages. Our goal is to continue using this model to improve and perfect the “how” of the “what” in the consultation. We don’t just provide the services that mobilize your apps, we create, re-create and innovate. Essentially, we mold your idea into a model that works and we have the people, processes and knowledge to do it.

App Development

As the GUI interface is what makes it a web application service, our job is to provide an interface that can be translated to wireless, wearable, augmented reality. Essentially, our user interface is the human body. Since each body, interaction and thought process is completely different, our applications need to adapt to serving a variety of physical attributes. The latest in sensor innovations enable us to do that. Gathering usability variables and having employees who understand the way apps are being used today helps us build something that everyone can use and everyone will want.

App Management

-> Storage capabilities typically run through cloud technology to remove as many data limitations as possible, while maintaining the same standard of security.

-> Providing the ability to move upgrades easily through the cloud servers (instead on individual devices).

-> Functionality and data access needs to be lightning fast. Again, this is when usability and testing becomes the indicator that gets consumers the information they need when they need it.

Re-engineering and modernization

We not only ensure our clients’ systems have the upgrades that keeps them up to date, we ensure systems are ready for the influx of new activity, speed and storage needs that will come after implementation. Modernization is paramount to the success of each implementation and clients’ ability to keep ahead of the game.

Integration and migration

According to Helen Beckett’s article in ComputerWeekly.com, “Users stand to win cost cuts and efficiency gains from Web services, but only if they can manage the complex software relationships effectively.”Improved collaboration is the main pull for 68% of large organisations while 64% expect Web services to reduce business costs.” By hosting our own platform, we’re able to provide customized infrastructure that will serve as our client applications.


Credencys turn over involves a system of support that transitions clients passed the implementation stage into a support role they are prepared to tackle on their own. Once the project is successfully implemented, we provide layover maintenance and support until all parties are comfortable that the implementation (and transition) is a success.

We don’t just implement. We train, upgrade, maintain and enable.