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Optimize your sourcing and merchandizing needs with centralized supplier master data management

Improve transparency and efficiency with a comprehensive system for managing and governing supplier data. Quickly onboard new suppliers and gain a single, transparent view of all supplier information for informed decision-making and streamlined processes.

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Aggregate all suppliers and their products to create unique offerings with fastest go to market

Unlock the full potential of your supply chain with a comprehensive system for managing and governing supplier data. Explore common challenges and solutions for optimizing efficiency, transparency, and risk management.

Lack of standardized processes Implement standardized processes for data collection, organization, & updating
Limited visibility into supplier information Implement a centralized system for managing supplier data with a single, transparent view
Inaccurate or outdated supplier data Implement processes for regularly reviewing and updating data to ensure accuracy
Difficulty in onboarding new suppliers Implement a standardized onboarding process that includes collecting and organizing data
Difficulty in managing large volumes of supplier data Implement automation and data management tools for organization and management
Difficulty in tracking supplier performance Track & evaluate supplier performance through performance metrics or scorecards
Difficulty in integrating supplier data with
other systems
Implement data integration tools and processes to facilitate seamless data flow between systems

Get a transparent & trusted view of your suppliers

Streamline your operations for supplier master data management and product information management and make it more effective and accurate by implementing a supplier master data management solution. Create a master record of supplier information that leads to greater corporate agility and empowers your multiple processes.

With centralized, organized, and standardized supplier data, brands can address the challenges like inefficient onboarding processes for new suppliers, poor communication with suppliers, and inefficient supply chain performance and processes.

Essential features of supplier master data management portal


The ability to integrate supplier master data portal with other systems and platforms, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems or customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Supplier data governance

The process of establishing policies and procedures for managing and governing supplier data.

Catalogue management

Tools and processes for managing and organizing product or service catalogues from suppliers.

Supplier experience portal

A web-based platform that provides a single location for suppliers to access information and resources, submit requests, and communicate with the organization.

Inventory management

Tools and processes for tracking and managing inventory levels, including the ability to place and track orders with suppliers.

Supplier performance tracking

Tools and processes for tracking and evaluating supplier performance, such as performance metrics or supplier scorecards.

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