Created a B2B platform for 3S Global | Credencys Solutions Inc.

Client background

3S Global is a renowned home furnishing enterprise and a trusted partner to the wholesale and retail trade in the home, lifestyle, and furnishings product categories. They work as a mediator between the suppliers and retailers of home furnishing products like chairs, tables, beds, lamps, etc.

The client provides direct sourcing solutions across the retail supply chain that enables its suppliers and retailers with a competitive edge by maximizing values and minimizing risks in their supplier chain.

What were the
challenges of the client?

3S Global is connected with various suppliers and retailers. They used to manage all the data related to products, suppliers, and retailers in an excel sheet manually.

It was quite a cumbersome, time-consuming, and inaccurate process to manage such huge data. They were not able to get an aggregated and consolidated view of all the data. It was challenging for them to get meaningful insights out of the data.

The client used to manage customer communication in emails. It was again not an efficient platform to manage the communication details effectively.

To address these challenges, 3S Global wanted to develop a digital platform that connects the brand with suppliers and retailers. They wanted to allow

  • 3S Global team to manage all the business information including suppliers and retailers data centrally
  • Suppliers to manage the products data in a single platform
  • Retailers to view the product details and send a request for a quote

How Credencys helped the
client in achieving the

Credencys developed a B2B platform that allows the client to run their wholesale business seamlessly. We implemented a web-based digital solution using Pimcore technology at the core.

To enable the client with streamlined business operations, we built an admin panel for the team of 3S Global, a supplier portal for the suppliers of the client, and an eCommerce website for the retailers (customers of the organization).

3S Global admin portal

The admin portal allows the 3S Global team to manage product data, supplier data, and retailer data in a centralized platform. They can have aggregated and accurate data and analytics of all the essential business entities.

Supplier portal

The supplier portal allows suppliers to manage products and media assets in a single place. The digital platform allows the suppliers to upload a single product or multiple products in bulk by importing the CSV file in the portal.

eCommerce website for retailers

The eCommerce website is designed and developed for retailers. They can view the product list, product details, add the product to the cart, and send a request for a quote to the supplier of the respective products.

Key features of the app

Admin panel features

Product Information Management (PIM)

We implemented the product information management system that allows 3S Global to manage all the product data in a single place.


Product data enrichment

The client is allowed to merge the data from external sources with the existing database to leverage the product data enrichment. It makes the product information more useful and helps the client to make more informed business decisions.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

We integrated a digital asset management system to manage the media assets like images, videos, and manuals related to products.

Along with that, the system allows the client to manage PDF files, docs, spreadsheets, and other documents centrally. It makes access to digital assets quicker and easier for the client like never before.


Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Integrating the customer data platform, we allowed the client to manage suppliers’ and retailers’ information in a structured, automated, and logical way. The solution creates suppliers’ profiles and retailers’ profiles as per their activities in the supplier portal and eCommerce website respectively.

CDP allows the client to aggregate customer (suppliers and retailers) data and user-profile, build audience segments, link social profiles, enrich data, provide personalize experiences, and more.

Digital Commerce Platform

We utilized the digital commerce capabilities of Pimcore to enable the client with product catalog, cart, and request for quote features.

The retailers can view the products available at the eCommerce store, add a product or products to the cart, and send a request for a quote to the suppliers.

On the other hand, 3S team can send the product catalogs to retailers based on their specific requirements.



Integrating analytics in web-based digital solutions, we enabled 3S Global to get an analytical view of all the internal data including products, suppliers, retailers, orders, etc.

Also, the client can perform market research by leveraging the analytical capabilities of the B2B platform. For example; they can check the image of the chair on the search engine to get an idea about which suppliers provide the same chair. We integrated third-party platforms like Google image engine to facilitate the client with this feature.


ERP system integration
3S Global used to manage its sales data in the MLM system. We integrated their MLM system with the digital solution so that the client can access the sales data along with all the other business information from a centralized platform.

Hubspot integration
The client used to manage its customer communication through Hubspot and email. It was quite difficult for the client to track the communication on the go. We integrated Hubspot with the B2B platform to allow clients to manage all the customer communication from a single platform.


Product catalog management

3S Global team can create product catalogs on the go as per the requirements of the customers. Once the customer sends a request for a quote for certain products with the required quantity, the internal team of the client creates the product catalog quickly in the B2B solution and shares it with the retailer.

Campaign management

The client is allowed to run marketing campaigns and sales offers. The digital platform allows them to create and manage templates for each campaign and send them to a specific target audience.


Supplier portal features

Bulk product upload

The suppliers are allowed to upload a single product in the supplier portal. If they want to upload the product data in bulk, they need to import the data through a CSV file.

eCommerce website features

Product listing

The eCommerce site is designed for retailers who deal with wholesale business. The retailers of home furnishing products purchase the items in bulk from the suppliers.

All the products uploaded by the suppliers are available on the eCommerce platform. Retailers can check the product and view all the details of the products they are inserted in using the online store of 3S Global.


Cart integration

The retailers can add any number of products to the cart and send requests for a quote to the suppliers. (As it's a B2B business, the retailers and suppliers deal with wholesale buying and selling. So here the cart is all about generating a request for a quote. There is no payment and checkout process.)

Request for a quote

The retailers can send the request for a quote to the suppliers of the products they added to the cart.


Business impacts/benefits of the app

Improved relations with partners

3S Global improved its relationship with suppliers by allowing them to manage all product data in a single platform. Moreover, they can take advantage of customer profiling using the capabilities of the Customer Data Platform that helps them to promote specific products to the specific audience. Targeted marketing helps suppliers to improve customer conversion and generate better revenue.

Single source of truth

The client can access all the information from a single platform. They can manage product information, suppliers’ data, retailers’ data, media assets, and more in a single interface. All this information is available in an aggregated, consolidated, and logical way so the client can get insights about the different business entities and make the right strategic decisions.

Suppliers can also get complete and accurate information about the retailers’ and product data from the supplier portal.


Earlier, the client used to manage the data into disparate platforms. It was a time-consuming process for them to collect the data from different systems, aggregate them, and analyze the information to get insights about every aspect of the business.

Using Pimcore for the B2B solution, 3S Global can access all the data from a single platform. Moreover, the solution enables them with complete, aggregated, consolidated, and accurate insights about all business aspects in one go.

Make business decisions quickly

When the client has all the data handy, they can analyze them quickly and get meaningful insights out of such massive business information. Eventually, it helps them in making the right business decisions at the right time.