Digital Wealth Management Solution


About the Client

Anand Rathi Group is one of the leading financial advisory, investment banking and wealth management institutions in India. In the last two decades the company has achieved tremendous goodwill and now has set sails for a global expansion.


Business Challenges

Anand Rathi manages portfolio for high networth individuals (HNIs). For these accounts, a relationship manager (RM) is appointed to every client. However, an RM can handle multiple accounts. In the past, RMs had to evolve their own discrete ways for managing their leads and make first time presentations to clients. In absence of any standardized solutions, the quality of these meetings used to depend a lot on RM’s capability. These sessions used to include excel presentations for wealth strategies and investment calculations.


It was a daunting task for RMs to maintain client interest in these complicated sessions. Setting up a portfolio used to require a lot of paperwork from the client side. Further, for any changes in the portfolio, clients had to call or meet their respective RM in-person. It was also a complex task for the backend team to manually manage numerous requests every day from different clients on different schemes.

The Solution

Credencys developed “Anand Rathi Digital Wealth Management (ARDWM) Solution” which includes RM App (for iPad) and a Client App (iOS & Android smartphones).

RM Application

RM App is an iPad application that standardizes Anand Rathi’s wealth strategy sessions and provides RMs with intuitive dashboards and calculators for driving the sessions seamlessly.

Client Application

The Client App provides clients with instant alerts and hawk-eye view of their portfolio performance. They can choose to consult with their RM via this App and can also make certain changes to their portfolio.

These Apps are primarily designed to make long term wealth strategy sessions interesting and make portfolio management simpler for HNI clients. The applications reduce operating costs and enhance investing experience for clients.



Credencys converted arcane excel sheets into intuitive calculation tools and an automated advisory application. The application makes buy, sell, hold, and other strategy recommendations based on Anand Rathi’s proprietary algorithms. Hadoop platform is used for computing complex and high volume data on historical market performance and several risk parameters. These  recommendations have proven to be highly reliable in investment decisions. Further, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) integration allows clients to directly view and manage their portfolio’s performance.

RM Application

The App supports calendaring for RMs to schedule their sessions. It also keeps leads in separate silos for better lead management. Once a wealth strategy session is initiated, RMs can play a predesigned strategy presentation with videos containing expert advice and other relevant content. The sessions are more or less automated, requiring minimal inputs and explanation from the RM’s side. RMs can also record client’s feedback for future reference. After completion of a Wealth Strategy Session, the solution automatically updates the lead database.

To keep these sessions lively, several relevant yet humorous videos are made part of the application. Within months of its launch, RMs started reporting better results in terms of lead conversion. Their AUMs (Assets Under Management) have also increased significantly



  • Rapid KYC: Using the CVL api’s to achieve UIDAI Integration, the document & signature verification process can be accomplished digitally. This reduces the account opening process from 3-4 working days to just 15 minutes.
  • Mass Strategy Session: This allows RMs to deliver wealth strategy sessions to a similar interest group in one go. It radically increases the AUM for RMs.
  • Analytics: Advanced analytics and single-screen view of client-portfolio performance facilitates RMs to better plan, implement and analyse their strategy. Accordingly, RMs can personally suggest remedial actions to their clients.
  • Performance Tracking: RMs can also monitor their own performance on wealth strategy sessions. This helps them in better planning of their business and earning strategies.
  • Market Insights: RM App contains several multimedia resources, updated market information, content on wealth strategy planning and fund management. This allows RMs to stay on top of the market trends.

Client Application

It’s an easy to use digital portfolio management application. Clients can view their portfolio in detail, monitor its performance and make quick online payments or invest in SIPs through this application. The Robo advisory function empowers clients to effectively set their strategy on their own or update it whenever needed.



  • (BSE) Integration: This enables clients to monitor their fund’s performance. Clients can implement their wealth strategies, themselves. Also, they can directly request BSE to add more investments, withdraw, switch or re-balance their accounts through this mobile application.
  • Market Insights: The market experts’ or fund managers’ videos, market reviews, and other informative multimedia resources are available to keep the clients updated. This can help them to take better investment decisions on their wealth strategy planning and fund management.
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