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Appointment Management Solution for Wellness Clinics

Digital solution providing interaction space for patients and therapists

About AsentaCare

Asenta Care Limited is a wellness services company founded in 2015 and based in Tonbridge, England. As a multispecialty clinic offering a range of therapies, Asenta Care needed a solution which would help it manage clients’ appointments, manage schedule for their therapists and create a portal which eases interaction between patients and therapists. Further it aimed to create a one-stop-shop online experience for people seeking wellness services, and bridge the gap between them and therapists.


Credencys provided its consultancy, design, engineering and DevOps to create a new healthcare portal that groups therapies into categories so customers can be matched with the appropriate therapists based on their specified symptoms. AsentaCare mobile application was also developed for customers to check appointment availability and then make bookings/payments online.


  • Easy appointment search and scheduling.
  • Therapists can manage existing patients and solicit potential patients.


  • Easy communication between patients and therapists.
  • Therapists can provide information like Discounts and Promotions instantly via push notifications on users’ mobile apps.
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