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Moving household, parcels, perishables and small business consignments through advanced mobile apps


Shipping of goods inside India can be a nightmarish experience for first time shippers as there are lots of players in the market promising excellent service, and very few delivering the same. On the other hand, there’s a large community of mini-truck drivers in India who are unable to leverage the full potential of small-time shipment requirements, as there are freight brokers and dispatchers making their margins in between. Our client saw a scope for an application which removes these mediators and directly connects customers with truck drivers. Credencys offered its consulting and application development services to the client to launch – Cargoji, a first of its kind mobile application – which is helping small truck owners in India make big time changes in the industry.


With Cargoji, customers can easily transfer the shipment across a city by posting a request for load transfer with all specifications, and automatically, the request is sent to the nearest truck drivers. Whoever accepts the requests first, is allotted the deal. Once the booking is made, both the driver and the customer can track each other’s location in real-time. Payments are made once the cargo is successfully delivered to a destination.


  • Drivers are needed to provide details of the trucking services and extra amenities they offer.
  • Customers can do both current booking and advance-booking.
  • Customers can view driver’s profile and all the past shipments details.
  • Customers & drivers can chat to discuss about shipment transfer.
  • Drivers can carry multiple loads from different customers to transfer.
  • Drivers can change the service status- on/off based on the availability.


  • Easy communication between drivers and shippers.
  • Enables convenient booking and immediate shipment transfer.
  • Value addition: removes middlemen from the system.
  • Drivers get directly paid without any intervention.
  • Competitive prices with no bargaining and compromise in the quality.
  • Customized logistics services for businesses.
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