A mobile solution to improve social collaboration at workplaces

About GoScoop


GoScoop is an Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) application owned by Astrum which is a leading science-based Reputation Management advisory in India that works as a strategic partner to the C-Suite helping them in their Reputation Management, Crisis & Issues Communication, and Corporate Affairs.


The Premise

Astrum found that rigid processes and hierarchies slow down knowledge sharing and communication inside enterprises. Employees are often busy sifting through their mailboxes, or attending numerous meetings with little outcomes. Limited communication and inefficient ways of collaboration affect growth, productivity and efficiency in such organizations. Astrum aimed to provide a way forward with an enterprise social network which would help enterprises become more connected, social and nimble.


Credencys worked on these requirements and brought to life GoScoop –¬†a ESN¬†solution which engages employees, improves knowledge sharing, quickens approval cycles and eventually makes collaboration and decision making faster, by removing barriers to communication; at the same time ensuring that there are controls on what is shared.


GoScoop improves communication at workplaces by letting employees view recent news/blogs/updates, form discussion groups, and share knowledge and updates inside an organization. Employees can also share their opinions by providing their feedback or by participating in polls. For better controls on the type of content being shared, GoScoop categorizes content into three categories viz. User Generated Content, Enterprise Generated Content and Curated Content. This categorization is helpful in preventing any intentional or unintentional leakage of critical business data by employees. At the same time, administrator/s can ensure that only relevant content is shared inside the organization.


Prominent features:

  • Employees receive news feeds based on their interest.
  • Employees can share the articles on social media.
  • Enterprises can effectively define new strategies and set goals.
  • Employees can bring their ideas to light through discussion boards.
  • Openfire protocol allows a large number of users to chat within a single chat group.
  • Customization – As a white label application, client can modify the application anytime depending on its business needs .


  • Breaks down silos and connects employees across geographically dispersed enterprises.
  • Increases employee engagement and enables better collaboration.
  • Better and quicker internal communication keeps all teams on the same page.
  • Allows employees to stay in touch with enterprise on-goings either in office or on-the-go.
  • Creation of an ecosystem which promotes innovation.
  • Allows higher management to monitor work culture and engagement levels at the workplace.