Refining News to your Palate


In a world where it’s increasingly becoming difficult to differentiate between what’s news and what’s an advertisement, Hotify aims to be the virtual news assistant – which updates users with what they need based on their personal, social, professional and political preferences. Hotify is different from other news aggregators and curators, as it’s conceived as a solution which leverages Machine Learning & AI, to understand what a user might be interested in reading. The founders were keen on introducing several new algorithms and innovations to make Hotify a perfect news discovery App for users.



Hotify is designed as a big data, machine learning & personalisation based news App which performs intelligent news & information selection based on user interests and online behavior. The App provides fresh news feed every time and users can choose to read news stories in detail on the original news channel. For better readability, the App provides ‘clean read’ using W-R switch. With this App, users can also easily share news with their friends and peers across social networks and other messaging Apps. In effect, Hotify is a one-stop-destination for all your reading needs.


  • Gives end users best possible reading experience on mobile
  • It helps users to get quality news in different categories at shortest interval with ability to share news across different social media channels
  • Intuitive UI/UX along with an easy to scroll interface
  • Augments users’ reading libraries
  • App plays a role of Virtual Assistance to user