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Increased operational productivity by 50% for a leading law firm

A web application to simplify daily tasks and activities of employees

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Client background

The client is one of the most prominent IP law firms in Washington D.C., USA. With four decades of experience in Intellectual Property (IP) law, they specialize in the protection, transfer, and enforcement of IP Rights. With a team of 130 attorneys and 220 professionals, the client serves startups to Fortune 500 companies around the world. They have helped the world’s leading brands in protecting their IP Rights.

What was the objective of the client?

The client had to deal with hundreds of matters on a daily basis. To manage docket items, tasks, and correspondences of these matters; the timekeepers used a web-based application. This application was built using Microsoft SharePoint and was integrated with core systems like Thomson IP manager and CA FileSurf™. The users have been using this system to perform 4 major activities:

  • Clearing Docket Items
  • Performing QA over the cleared Docket Items
  • Research on Matters
  • Generate Reports

Old workflow system

The existing web application took too long to load. The loading time was close to 2 minutes. Under peak loads and for users with the large docket, the user had to wait 5 min for moving from one module to another.

It had very limited features and did not fulfill a breadth of use cases.

User persona definition was missing in every module which resulted into lack of personalization.

An inadequately designed UI/UX made the system workflow more complex to administer.

The software was based on outdated technologies and was difficult to maintain, update and enhance.

There was no reliable tracking system to check case dates and process deadlines, subject matter, and case documents.

Missing pieces

There were only four main modules, i.e. Docket Center, Matter Center, QA Center, and Report Center in the earlier application and three main modules i.e. Litigation Center, Dashboard and Projects section were completely missing that affected a majority of the users and resulted into slower processing of tasks and delayed deadlines.

How Credencys helped the client in achieving the objective?​​​​​​​

To create a successful solution, it was paramount that Credencys first fully understood the client’s business domain, the different user personas, and the existing systems/application that they use to fulfill their day to day needs. To do so, we interviewed around 35-40 executives from different user groups and identified “how they use their current application to fulfill their work, what are the challenges that they face while using the applications and what things they wish the system had to improve their productivity and work”.

Based on this collaborative strategy workshop led by Credencys, the group agreed on Re-Designing and Re-Engineering the application front-end. Also, the architecture of the integration layer was transformed into a service layer which would be API driven and which would bolster the overall Input-Output performance while adhering to the high-level security.

Angular.Js and .NET were opted as the main technologies to support this transformation.


New workflow system

Key features of the application

Key results achieved through the app

50% improvement in operational productivity

Highly personalized and intuitive UI/UX flow for the web solution

Modernized and Re-engineered the core application for the future.

Simplified daily tasks and activities of employees

Business impact/benefits of the app

Improved productivity

Reducing application load time from 2 minutes to 5 seconds led to large improvements in user productivity and operational efficiency.


Personalized Dashboard and Docket Center with specific filters helped employees to narrow down search results and save time.

Simplified docket management

Users can view all their tasks on the Dashboard itself. The tasks are color-coded based on their priority.

Faster processing

Replacing long-click actions with single-click actions helped users to process tasks such as de-docketing, view trifold lookups, release dockets, and exporting docket data in PDF or XLS formats faster.

Technology stack

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