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Premium Times Services Limited, publishers of Premium Times, is a Nigerian media organization based in Abuja with a vision to strengthen Nigeria’s democracy, advance socio-economic well-being and rights of the people. Premium Times App offers news coverage on business, entertainment, investigations, sports, arts and lifestyle and editorial content grouped in clear sections to Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria.


Premium times was only available on Web till 2015. With majority of people having access to smartphones, there was an immediate need to distribute news via a mobile app and utilize the interactive and personalization opportunities that come with mobile technology. The company believed that a mobile App could double its readership in the region.



Credencys assisted Premium Times in developing its news application. Our developers ensured that the App doesn’t compromise on user experience while keeping the data usage to lower levels. The data on web was gradually optimized for the App with addition of new features, billboard charts, feeds, and links to social media for added interaction. Credencys also enabled a functionality that enables subscribers to download articles for reading offline. Articles can be stored directly onto one’s cell phone to be read later.



  • Breaking news – get alerts about current news and events as soon as they happen.
  • Offline Reading – save news stories and then read them later even when you are offline.
  • Share stories, photos and videos to various social networks or Email/SMS to friends.
  • Quick search by topic, name or interest to get latest on any issue.
  • Public discussion forum – join the conversation by viewing and commenting on articles.
  • Dynamic font size – user can adjust and change the font size as per their comfort reading


  • The app enabled Premium times to achieve omni-presence on both Mobile and Web
  • Users can seamlessly view, read and share news stories
  • Users can also add on to discussion related to trending topics
  • Users can stay updated with latest news on-the-go


Premium times publishes numerous articles on daily basis. One of the challenges with the application was to provide users easy to access information architecture and creating a UI/UX which enables single finger interaction for the end users.


The designers and engineers at Credencys successfully nailed this challenge. The result was 100,000 downloads of the app worldwide in the first month. The App has doubled Premium Times readership.


Client Testimonial.

“The App is a big success and we must appreciate the work done by developers at Credencys…we are extremely satisfied with their pace and quality of work.”

App store reviews.

  • Premium times app is my best news apps because of their real time news and information – David
  • Quality presentation, works better with tablets, notes & PCs – CHRIS

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