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Improved customer experience by redefining user experience​​​​​​​

Redesigned the website of Reliance digital that helped their customers to find the right product they have been looking for

Client’s Industry

Consumer Durables



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Client background

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Reliance Digital is a consumer durables and IT concept from Reliance Retail. It is a subsidiary of Reliance Retail, which is a fully-owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries. The first retail store of Reliance Digital was opened on April 24, 2007, in Delhi. They also have stores in a smaller format, known as Digital Xpress Mini across India.

What was the objective of the client?

Earlier, was an informative website. It contained information about all the products that the Reliance Digital sells. The client had the vision to provide a hassle-free omnichannel commerce experience to their customers. They wanted to build a website that should help their customers starting from choosing the right product to delivering the product at their doorstep.

The client wanted to create an e-commerce enabled website.

They wanted features on the website, which would help their customers to make an informed purchase decision.

They wanted to promote various offers and services such as resQ (maintenance and repair service by Reliance employees) on the website.

They wanted to leverage their established brand name to increase trustworthiness among customers.

Our UX design process​​​​​​​

Questionnaire based user persona identification process.

Interviewed stakeholders by asking them questions

Identified the target audience and asked them questions

Created a mind map and defined the user journey.

They wanted to leverage their established brand name to increase trustworthiness among customers.

Our well-structured user experience design process helped us in understanding the client's objectives and business challenges clearly and define an execution plan based on that.

How Credencys helped the client in achieving the objective ?

We provided our UI/UX consultancy services to the client. Using our UX design process, we redesigned their website, addressing all their expectations and objectives.

Honest and Accurate Product Suggestion
We offered the client a solution that would require their customers to answer a few questions related to various products. These questions would help the client to identify customers’ requirements more accurately and provide product suggestions based on them. Leveraging these questionnaires, we designed a form, which by filling, would help customers to find the right product in just 2 mins.

Better Customer Experience
After identifying the user personas of several clients, we found that in every product category page, i.e., television, mobile phones, air conditioners, etc. the filters were placed inappropriately. Therefore we rearranged and redefined the filters according to customers' requirements such as RAM, camera, battery, screen resolution, etc. It helped them to search for products faster.


Key features of the ​​​​​​​application

Buying Guides

Customers can now search and buy the perfect product in just 2 mins. The new user interface helped them to get the recommendations of relevant products by choosing a product category and answering the questions asked.

E-commerce Website

Following the latest website design trends and analyzing competitors' websites, Credencys gave an entirely new look-and-feel to the client’s website. Since the site is now e-commerce enabled, customers can purchase items directly from it.

Omnichannel Commerce Experience

After making the online payment, customers will have to choose whether they want to get the product delivered or pickup by themselves from the nearest store. This feature will enhance the freedom of shoppers by allowing them to shop from anywhere, at any time, and get the product delivered the same day.


Business impact/benefits of the app

Increased Sales

The client saw a jump in monthly, quarterly, and annual sales by adding features such as Buying Guides and delivering the true omnichannel commerce experience. Moreover, the website also helped them to gain a competitive advantage over other retailers.

Achieved Higher Customer Loyalty

The new website helped them to highlight offers and special services such as resQ, which enabled them to gain credibility and hence, customer loyalty.

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